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CELLMetric Launches RF Channel Fading Options

Published by CellMetric

Cambridge based 4G cellular & digital broadcast company CELLMetric announces the launch of its new Long Term Evolution (LTE) RF channel fading option for Modus 6 LTE Composer at Telecom 2009 Geneva.

CELLMetric’s LTE Composer tester provides a highly sophisticated RF and protocol sequence generation environment in which LTE RF and baseband chipset companies and cellular handset developers can quickly test their solutions against a repeatable and deterministic test stimulus over the air.
LTE Composer now offers the option to provide industry standard fading channel modeling for RF transmission as defined in TR36.803.This includes full Doppler capability and Multiple-input Multiple-output (MIMO) modelling including spatial correlation.  A user defined 10 tap fading model is also provided.
Standard channel fading models included in the Composer option include Extended Pedestrian A Model (EPA), Extended Vehicular A Model (EVA) and Extended Typical Urban Model (ETU).
CELLMetric’s Modus 6 LTE test solution is compliant with Release 8 of the Third Generation Partnership Project standard (3GPP) and supports both Time Domain Duplex (TDD) and Frequency Domain Duplex (FDD) modes.
CELLMetric’s Modus 6 LTE base station test signal generator consists of one or more Modus 6 air interface units providing the RF transmission and LTE Composer, a PC based application which generates the protocol and RF transmission scenarios to emulate eNodeB base station transmissions. The combination of the two tools provide a highly flexible, comprehensive and cost effective solution for LTE User Equipment (UE) and handset baseband and RF development and testing.
This capability includes RF channel emulation allowing the signal generator to generate a RF signal as seen either at the output of the base station transmit antennas or at the input of the user equipment’s receive antennas. Both transmit and receive MIMO antenna configurations can be emulated by using two synchronised Modus 6 air interfaces.
Modus 6 supports LTE RF channel bandwidths of 1.4, 3, 5 and 10 MHz in the band 824 MHz to 2155 MHz that is FDD bands I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VIII, IX and X and TDD bands a, b and c.
The user has complete control over the Physical Downlink Control Channel (PDCCH) with respect to Downlink Control Information (DCI) format types and search space locations. The following physical transport channels, synch signals and reference signal are supported:
  • PCFICH      Physical Control Format Indicator Channel
  • PHICH        Physical Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request Indicator Channel
  • PDCCH      Physical Downlink Control Channel
  • PDSCH      Physical Downlink Shared Channel
  • PBCH         Physical Broadcast Channel
  • P-SCH        Primary Synchronization Channel
  • S-SCH        Secondary Synchronization Channel
  • CRS           Cell Specific Reference Symbols
CELLMetric’s LTE base station test signal generator, comprising the LTE Composer Base Station Emulator software and Modus 6 air interface units, is available now from CELLMetric. CELLMetric will be showcasing its LTE products at Telecom 2009 Geneva, 5th – 9th October 2009. To arrange a meeting please email    About CELLMetric CELLMetric – (Cell - Macro Cellular broadcast systems) (Metric – application of measurement algorithms to provide intelligence to broadcast systems)
Founded in 2005, CELLMetric was formed with a goal to develop innovative, intelligent and cost effective solutions to meet the challenges of digital switchover and the mobile video infrastructure market. Drawing on the expertise of a highly experienced team of systems, software, RF and VLSI engineers with extensive experience in digital TV and mobile communications, CELLMetric is developing a range of modular solutions, including: repeater systems, micro base stations and the Modus 3 I/Q RF signal sources for network emulation. Key to these systems is CELLMetric’s Software Defined Digital Radio architecture and “Application Specific I/Q™” modules which allow efficient customisation of this architecture using plug and play channel coders.
All CELLMetric’s products blend a mix of fast processors, FPGAs, and broadband RF digital radio to provide intelligent, self-measuring transmission systems.
CELLMetric is currently working in the areas of:
  • DVB-T
  • DVB-H
  • DAB
  • DAB+
  • T-DMB
  • DVB-S
  • DVB-S2
  • DVB-T2

CELLMetric’s patented architectures are highly modular, allowing the efficiencies of engineering reuse to be gained.  CELLMetric =
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  •  Easy to maintain

Cell Metric was formed in 2005 by Graham Norgett, one of the founders of Symbionics Instruments, later Adherent Systems, which developed a significant market share in the DECT and DVB MPEG test systems market. Adherent, where Norgett was Marketing Director, was sold in 2001 to a major US based T&M multinational.
CELLMetric is a privately held limited company.
Contacts: Graham Norgett
+44 (0)1223 265 571  

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