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Keima Limited announce the release of version 2.0 of the Overture product line. Overture 2.0 expands support for next generation technologies and introduces the productivity enhancing Data Manager module.

Keima Limited announce the release of version 2.0 of the Overture product line. Overture 2.0 expands support for next generation technologies and introduces the productivity enhancing Data Manager module. Keima Director Dr Rupert Rawnsley said: "The initial release of the Overture solution and its web portal [] changed the way software is sold in our sector. Overture 2.0 continues in that same spirit, and goes further than ever before in delivering on our promise of better, faster, and cheaper.

This is a planning solution for the next step in wireless network deployment." Overture 2.0 has increased capabilities for technology-specific planning problems. For LTE it is now possible to plan site locations, physical antenna parameters (height, azimuth, mechanical tilt, antenna type), electrical tilt, channels, and cell ID’s. WCDMA support has been extended to support multi-carrier deployment and scrambling code planning. Overture 2.0 also supports GSM frequency hopping including mixed-mode deployments.

Keima Director Dr Stephen Margetts pointed out: "Overture 2.0 continues the trend of competitive and public pricing that has proved so popular with customers. This industry-first has put pressure on our competitors who must explain why their pricing is so complicated and secretive." Overture 2.0 improves parameter planning for all technologies with a flexible new layer model that can simulate hierarchical relationships (such as segmentation in the WiMAX air interface) and complex adjacencies between parameters.

This allows for simulation of inter-parameter interference and analysis of resource reuse distances. The result is a faster, more accurate, diagnosis of network problems and a clear route to resolving them. Increasing network traffic is often being addressed with multi-carrier deployments and Overture 2.0 has an enhanced network model and simulation engine to consider these scenarios in both simulation and planning. Overture 2.0 has usability and productivity enhancements including simpler statistical modelling, an improved antenna model editor, a streamlined prediction comparison process, a faster installation experience, and greater discoverability.

Overture’s modules have also been updated. The new Data Manager module comes with worldwide 30m terrain data and a full set of GIS data for the US including states, counties, MSA, ZIP, and high-resolution residential population boundaries. Also included are commercial tower provider portfolios for rapid candidate site discovery. The Data Manager uses a scalable cloud-based server to ensure high bandwidth and global availability.

Keima Director Dr Simon Chapman had this to say about the new Data Manager module: "This makes Overture the perfect solution for US network planning tasks such as BTOP / BIP stimulus submissions. It has already been used for more than 100 submitted proposals and we are able to produce designs of the highest accuracy in a fraction of the time it would take in any other planning solution." The Site Selection and Parameter Optimization modules have been better integrated into the Overture user interface - optimizing a site, cluster, or a whole city is now done with a single click. Optimization can be started and stopped easily for manual inspection and modification.

This integrated and interactive approach to RF planning means a faster and more seamless planning experience. Overture’s "Objective" system means that the KPI’s customers care about actually drive the optimization process. This can be critical when considering complex and sometimes contradictory design goals such as border coordination and spectrum restrictions. Through partnership with market leading data supplier Applied Geographic Solutions, Keima is now able to offer high-resolution US business data through their AGS Data Module.

As with Overture’s own Data Manager module, the business data is downloaded directly through the tool itself with no need for tedious file management or complex import procedures. One click of the mouse and the data is available for visualization and statistical analysis. Overture 2.0 is immediately availabile from and prices start from £300 per month.

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