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Blog launched covering mobile broadband, LTE and femtocells

Published by Unwired Insight

CAMBRIDGE, UK - 13 October 2010 - Dr Alastair Brydon and Dr Mark Heath of Unwired Insight have launched a new wireless blog at The blog gets to grips with the real capabilities and opportunities from wireless technologies and services, including LTE, femtocells, mobile broadband, smartphones and spectrum.

"People in the wireless industry are increasingly bombarded with claims and counter-claims from equipment vendors, mobile network operators and news providers. It's hardly surprising that there is a lot of confusion out there about the real capabilities of technology and the commercial opportunities and threats that these present", says Dr Alastair Brydon. "Our blog allows us to share some of the insight and findings arising from our extensive research, modelling and analysis with a broader range of people within the industry."

Articles already on the Unwired Insight blog include:

  • 'Two speed Europe for mobile broadband penetration'. Alastair Brydon discusses the substantial differences between European countries that exist in the penetration of mobile broadband dongles and data cards. As a possible sign of things to come in many countries, the penetration of mobile dongles and data cards has reached 17% in Finland, up nearly 8 percentage points in a year, which has caused fixed broadband penetration to fall.
  • 'LTE is good, but it's not that good'. With LTE networks starting to be deployed worldwide, Mark Heath discusses the results from early deployments, and draws conclusions on the true average throughputs and capacities that can be realistically achieved with LTE compared with HSPA. For a given amount of spectrum, LTE delivers a triping in average throughputs, meaning that mobile network operators won't be able to escape from careful management of future network traffic.
  • '3G offloading becoming a necessity'. Mark Heath shows that offloading of traffic from 3G networks, through the use of femtocells and WLAN, will become essential to avoid a 3G capacity crisis within the next two years. He forecasts that 3G offloading will account for nearly half (42.7%) of total service traffic by 2014.

About Unwired Insight
Unwired Insight provides research and consultancy in wireless technology and services to companies around the world. Its customers range from leading multinational network operators, equipment vendors, investors and lawyers, to emerging start-up companies. Alastair Brydon and Mark Heath have authored over 40 major research reports on the opportunities and threats from wireless technologies and services, which have been sold to more than 250 companies worldwide.  

For more information visit:


Dr Alastair Brydon, Co-founder of Unwired Insight

Dr Mark Heath, Co-founder of Unwired Insight

The Unwired Insight blog can be found at the address

The blog is regularly updated with the results of Unwired Insight research programmes and the authors provide insightful comments on breaking news stories. You can follow Unwired Insight on Twitter (@unwiredinsight), and Twitter followers will be immediately updated on new posts on the Unwired Insight blog.

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