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Support Letters needed: 5G EMPIR proposal (submit 8/10/14)

Published by National Physical Laboratory

Letters/emails of support needed for Euramet EMPIR bid (To be submitted on 8th Oct) NPL, SP, CMI, Univ. Surrey and Chalmers Univ. Work areas SNIR, Massive MIMO, Nonlinearity. Contact David Humphreys or Tian Loh

We are seeking letters or emails of support for our EMPIR bid Euramet SRT-i13 MET5G “Metrology for 5G Communications”

This proposal “Metrology for 5G Communications” is being prepared in response to the ITT SRT-i13 from Euramet. The objective of this project is to help European NMIs and industry to develop competitive lower-cost solutions to 5G metrological problems. It will enable European NMIs to enhance existing facilities, to develop the required capabilities for 5G antenna, device and system measurement and to support instrument and wireless system manufacturers.

The specific objectives of the JRP are to:

  • Define and develop traceable methods to measure Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio (SINR) over a wide frequency range – working with industry standardisation bodies such as COTIS and 3GPP to define the language, terminology and definition of SINR; developing traceable and practical methods of measuring system performance with respect to the parameters defined in the definitions activity.
  • Improve metrology for traceable MIMO antenna systems – through extending current traceable measurements to accommodate higher areal density of interference signals and operation at mm wave frequencies over the spectrum from a few hundred MHz to mm-wavelengths; through developing new measurement approaches and definitions to address the lack of recognised standards for traceable calibration of the spatial field in a complex electromagnetic environment.
  • Develop traceable metrology for 5G mobile communication devices to facilitate balancing spectral efficiency with cost and energy efficiency, focussing in particular on developing metrology at the component and sub-system level where hardware impairments affect capacity. Traceability should be established for nonlinear measurements (X-parameters and S-functions), supporting uncertainty relationships and model extraction parameters (e.g. for nonlinear behavioural models) over a wide frequency range at the design stage. The techniques developed should enable design validation to be performed using signals with the correct waveform and statistics, rather than traditional CW testing.
  • Engage with industries that manufacture 5G mobile communication technology and exploits it in order to facilitate the take up of the technology and measurement infrastructure developed by the project, to support the development of new, innovative products, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of EU industry.”

JRP Proposal Coordinator Dr Tian Hong Loh NPL  

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