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Simon Thorpe of Delta2020 is a judge in this year's Discovering Start-Ups competition. Simon is Managing Partner at Delta2020 as well as a board member of CCG, Cambridge Angels and Angel Academe. His portfolio consists of over 30 companies including Cambridge-based Eagle Genomics, Healx, Myrtle, RoadMap, Spectral Edge and ViewRanger.

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Every investor has a different set of characteristics that they like to focus on when looking at start-ups.

However, the five key characteristics that I will look for when making an investment decision are:

  1. Outstanding team with complimentary skills
  2. Technology / Idea
  3. IP / defensibility
  4. Sizeable addressable market
  5. Scalable business model

The entrepreneurs I back must have passion, tenacity, resilience and self-belief. They must show a willingness to accept risk, they are not afraid to fail, and have copious amounts of integrity, determination, inspiration and perspiration!

This is not for everyone...less than 5% of the population fulfil this role!

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