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9 Skills All JavaScript Developers Must Have on Their CV

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9 Skills All JavaScript Developers Must Have on Their CV

With the boom in jobs for developers in Cambridge, I thought a post on what skills JavaScript devs should have on their CV would be quite apt.

Why Is There Such A High-Demand In Jobs For Javascript Devs?

It’s no secret that JavaScript is an important language for web development. After all, browsers are one of the most extensively utilised software applications on mobile devices and computers. JavaScript developers implement the front end logic, which defines the way the visual elements of web applications behave. They also connect this with the services which reside on the back end. Back end web developers who are responsible for server side application logic support JavaScript developers. JavaScript developers usually work along with other front end developers who focus on styling and markup. Here are 9 of the top skills that all JavaScript developers must have on their CV.

1/ HTML and CSS

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the basic building blocks of web coding. It is not possible to create a web page without these two languages. Prior to getting started on a web development career path, one of the first things you would have done is master coding with CSS and HTML. Front end developers are required to know these languages well.

2/ CSS and JavaScript Frameworks

CSS and JavaScript play a major role in front end development, and many other skills you need are built off of them. CSS and JavaScript frameworks are a collection of JS or CSS files which do some of the work for web developers by providing common functionality. You will be using JS and CSS often in your web development and since most projects begin with similar code and style elements, being skilled in these frameworks will enable you to be an efficient developer and will also form the foundation for skills development in other areas.

3/ CSS Preprocessing

This skill is related to CSS. Although CSS is essential on its own, it can be limiting at times. An example of a limitation is the inability to define functions, variables or carry out arithmetic operations. Using a CSS preprocessor enables developers to write code in the language of the processor. This will allow you to do things that can be difficult with CSS alone.

4/ Version Control/Git

After hard work styling with CSS, making up with HTML and programming with JS, you will have gone through several divisions in your development. If anything goes wrong along the way, you will not want to start over from the beginning. Version control is the procedure for tracking and controlling changes in your source code. By using version control software such as open source stalwart Git, you can track the changes in order to go back to a previous version of your work and determine what went wrong without having to tear down the whole thing.

5/ JavaScript/ jQuery

JavaScript is a genuine programming language. While CSS and HTML determine the way a page is presented, JS determines its function. You can use HTML and CSS to create simple web pages or websites. However, in a situation where you need interactive features such as videos, audio, games or page animations, you will use JavaScript to implement them. One of the things to bear in mind is the existence of libraries such as jQuery, which is a collection of extensions and plugins. JQuery makes it easier and faster to use JS on a website.

6/ Front End Frameworks

CSS and front end frameworks do for Cascading Style Sheets what JavaScript Frameworks do for JavaScript. Since a lot of CSS begins with the same elements from one project to another, a framework which defines all these for you up front is valuable. Many job listings for front end developers expect applicants to know how these frameworks work and how they should be used.

7/ Debugging/ Testing

Bugs occur during the development process of any website. In order to ensure that things keep moving, you must test your code for bugs during the development process. Therefore, the capability to test and debug is an essential skill to have as a front end developer.

8/ Automation and Building Tools/ Web performance

JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are the three main tools for front end development. Many of the other skills help make these tools more efficient or assist you to test a website and rectify mistakes. This is what automation and building tools, as well as web performance, will help you to achieve.

9/ Command line

The rapid increase of Graphic User Interfaces in computing is a great thing. It is much easier to point and click on an interactive, lively menu. GUIs are also alluring when it comes to coding and web development. However, an all purpose GUI can have limitations for various applications. There will be a time when you will find it necessary to open a terminal on your computer in order to enter typed commands (the command line) so that you can get what you need. Even though you can do most of your work through a graphic user interface, you will add significant credibility to your front end skills if you have mastered the command line.

For anyone who is looking to get started on their career path as a JavaScript developer, hopefully, you will have found some useful guidance in this post about what skills to develop; for those seasoned JavaScript Developers, this would merely just serve as a reminder to make sure you are listing all of your assets on your CV.  With the uprise of automated pre-screening checks that are being performed by computers and not actual people; making sure you have the right skills on your CV is now more important than ever before.

Having worked with devs across a wide range of niches and technologies for quite some time now, I am hopeful I have included all those which are relevant, if there are any you feel are missing that are worthy of a mention, please get in touch. 

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