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Kraydel's Head of Data discusses healthcare innovation

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In preparation for the Healthcare SIG's event on May 30, "Healthcare technology – a crystal ball into what is in our future", CW interviews Amer Fasihi, Head of Data at Kraydel.

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Kraydel is a TV-connected smart device that enables video calls, messaging, medication and other reminders, and non-intrusive monitoring to ensure that carers know everything is ok with their patient or loved one.

What is your background?

I am a physicist by training, and have worked at GSK, IQVia, IBM since then, so have a lot of exposure to how technology is transforming health and care.

What inspired you to design Kraydel?

Like a lot of entrepreneurs our motivation is very personal – we all have elderly parents who could be helped with better use of technology. However, once we actually started to learn more about the lives of elderly people you see how many are desperately lonely, and what a burden that becomes for them. We’re now all focussed on addressing social isolation and loneliness with our product – if we’re successful we’ll make the difference we’re all seeking.

What is the biggest challenge facing your company, and how do you think it is best overcome?

Building the technical features is hard, but we think that the bigger challenge is getting out to the consumers, and then using their feedback to create the product THEY want (rather than the launch version which will be the product WE think they want!). However, once we’re in the market there will be a duty to deliver the best possible experience to users who may become dependent on Kraydel for social engagement.

What is Kraydel most looking forward to in 2018?

We’re hoping to run a medium scale field test and see if our product can actually make a difference to people’s lives.

How do you stay up to date with the latest developments in technology and healthcare devices?

We’re a small group with diverse backgrounds so there is a lot of “did you know…”. We all subscribe to our journals of interest and receive information from various sources. Personally, I find my lifelong passion for science fiction finally being of some constructive use!

Where do you see the next big development in healthcare technology taking place?

While everyone is talking about how AI will transform healthcare by making advice and insight ubiquitous, I believe the actual revolution will be how an AI-supported front line (doctors and nurses) moves from being the brutal time-impoverished experience we see today, to a much more personal human-human experience, with medical staff becoming far more about counselling and support (as opposed to the process and information delivery we see today). As far as clinical developments go, nanotechnology will bring fundamental clinical improvements that will change the human experience at the most basic level.

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