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Your opportunity to meet and collaborate with Canadian companies

Press Release published by Cambridge Network, under Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality, Automation / Robotics

Canadian companies visiting Cambridge in November - part of a cross-European matchmaking mission to find collaborative partners - would like to hear from potential industrial partners from several sectors.

Thirteen innovative Canadian SMEs from Alberta will participate in the symposium on Wednesday 28 November to meet potential R&D partners based in the UK. The German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research (GCCIR), as well as Innovate UK, will present the funding programmes available for UK and Albertan partners to fund the joint technology development projects.

Cambridge Network is helping to arrange the half-day matchmaking symposium, which will be held at the Møller Centre in Cambridge.  It will include presentations on the workings of the Alberta-Europe Technology Collaboration Fund, presentations on doing business in the various jurisdictions, as well as a keynote speech or presentation on a relevant innovation-related topic. The symposia generally last for half a day (including morning coffee and a networking lunch), after which participants are free to continue with negotiations and discussions with the prospective partners that they have met.

Cambridge Network has detailed profiles of the visiting Canadian companies, which include information about each company and what they are looking for in terms of a collaboration partner. If you would like to explore the possibility of meeting one or more of the companies please get in touch with Louise Rushworth who will send you the relevant company profile(s) and a pro-forma to complete to express your interest in a meeting.

Selected UK companies will then be invited to attend the symposium on November 28 in Cambridge.

The Canadian companies are in the following sector areas and are looking for:


  • Baseband Technologies Inc. (development of elegant blockchain architecture)
  • BOREAL Laser Inc. (gas sensing applications)
  • MRF Geosystems (building connections with companies in geospatial or related areas)
  • ZeroKey Inc. (build strategic partnerships in three areas of AR/VR technology)


  • Innovative Trauma Care (needs expertise in hemostasis; IP, regulatory clearance and materials manufacturing with regard to a hemostatic product)
  • 48Hour Discovery (companies that have drug discovery related technologies such as protein scaffolds, macrocycle technologies or research institutes conducting trials focussing on precision medicine)
  • Applied Quantum Materials Inc. (wants a joint venture to commercialise next generation products eg Li-ion battery materials, optical displays, lighting products, nanocomposite polymers and nanofabrication facilities using electron beam lithography)
  • H3alth Technologies Inc. (to identify partners that want to participate in collaborative technology demonstration of a non-invasive 3D body imaging solution that enables health professionals to increase quality of care)
  • Keystone Labs Inc. (Looking for partners to develop real-time accuracy for the cannabis industry)


  • Evolution Engineering (looking to find a development partner that can design a 4-pole brushless DC motor)
  • MWDPlanet and Lumen Corp. (looking for a partner would be able to develop a High Temperature MEMS Accelerometer and Magnetometers and deliver a high temperature MEMS 3-axis sensor assembly)


  • Rational Robotics (looking for a partner with companies that make or heavily use CNC machines in order to create a low cost machine tending robotic system)


  • SPLICE Software Inc. (looking for a partner specifically within the wearable technology space. The technology should include the ability to monitor specific health data, including glucose levels, heart rate PLUS inbound audio recording)

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