GTT Wireless and Senceive partner for success

Press Release published by GTT Wireless Ltd

Collaboration delivers long-life, resilient geotechnical sensing to complex transport and construction projects in challenging conditions.

Andy Bird, Managing Director, GTT Wireless

Senceive is an industry-leading provider of remote condition monitoring technology, with a customer base that spans 40 countries worldwide. Its solutions support some of the world’s most complex and prestigious construction and transport projects – including HS2 and Crossrail.

Senceive was looking for proven, industrial-grade enclosures to house and protect the components of its solutions. Critical data generated by geotechnical sensors is captured and relayed by the Senceive FlatMesh® 3G Gateway, which provides connectivity to multiple sensor nodes often in harsh conditions. It was essential that the 3G Gateway’s electronics and battery be thoroughly protected, and Senceive selected GTT Wireless as its partner to provide the rugged enclosures and antennas to support its highly precise sensing solutions.

A proven industry partner

As an established provider of reliable enclosures to support mission-critical wireless solutions, GTT Wireless represented a strong partnership candidate. The GTT Wireless team discussed the requirements to protect Senceive’s sensor solutions available to its broad customer base, and were quickly able to relate to their issues from experience with customers in similar industries.

Senceive ultimately selected the GTT Wireless mSmart-Box® enclosure range to protect its FlatMesh® 3G Gateway solution, a product range that offers a full integration solution including customisable mounts, antennas and connectivity ports.

Toughing it out

The harsh conditions experienced by Senceive technology requires a proven enclosure solution to protect from threats such as saline spray, excessive vibration and dust, so it can be used in challenging Rail and Construction environments. The mSmart-Box® is IP67 rated, guaranteeing consistent protection against moisture and other threats to electronics, and is proven to perform in industries spanning agriculture, utilities and transport.

We’ve partnered with GTT Wireless since 2015, and the relationship has been strong since day one, says Tareq Khodabacksh, Marketing Manager at Senceive. Crucial to the relationship has been the quality and reliability of the GTT Wireless enclosures – they fit all of our specifications without requiring modification, and we can rely on their consistent protection to underpin the successful operation of our monitoring solutions.

Thinking out of the box

The mSmart-Box® series also offers a high level of customisation, ranging from multiple sizes to multiple add-on components – all of which can be designed and visualised through our new enclosure design tool.

Central to our decision to select GTT Wireless hardware was its modularity, continues Tareq Khodabacksh. We always connect extra components such as solar panels. All the connections and components need to be robust, watertight, etcetera. GTT Wireless provide an enclosure range that is capable of easily integrating with these components – without compromising on protection.

Antennas are key

For Senceive’s end-customers, where project success and safety can be impacted by the smallest of unidentified structural displacement, it is vital to ensure the geotechnical sensors can continuously transmit data back through the Senceive 3G Gateway for reporting and analysis. The antenna is key.

Senceive selected GTT Wireless rugged 3G antennas. These are produced to an equally high standard as the rugged enclosures, with full IP67 rating and weatherproof N-type plugs to ensure antenna installation does not introduce vulnerability to harsh conditions.

Tareq Khodabacksh adds:

With our customers relying on Senceive technology to monitor minute changes in some of the world’s most challenging and remote construction locations, it is absolutely vital for our sensors to have constant connectivity for frequent communications. GTT Wireless rugged antennas provide us with peace of mind that remote monitoring operations will not be threatened by adverse conditions or physical impact to traditionally vulnerable components such as antennas.

Moving into new markets – together

As we move through 2019, the GTT Wireless and Senceive partnership continues to go from strength to strength. The company recently launched a new Wireless IPI Interface alongside Soil Instruments to deliver precise measurement of lateral displacement during construction projects, also set to be housed in the GTT Wireless AC mSmart-Box®.

We look forward to further working with Senceive to help ensure the resilience of its leading monitoring technology as it continues to be deployed to support the world’s most complex construction, engineering and transport projects.

To find out more about the GTT Wireless enclosures used to protect Senceive monitoring solutions, click here to visit our Enclosures section. You can learn more about the Senceive product range by clicking here.

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