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Real-life use cases behind the bonded internet hype

Member News published by Comms365

You’ve heard about bonded internet and its benefits, so check out these real-life use cases that prove how essential it is for your customers. This article gives some examples of how bonded internet has been successfully utilised across different sectors, making it easier for you as a Reseller, Value-Added Reseller (VAR) or Channel Partner to understand the wide range of bonded internet use cases and the benefits you could bring to your clients.

Bonded internet is the effective combining of two or more internet connections to form a single, virtual connection which has increased reliability as well as faster upload and download speeds. Here are some examples of using this solution in practice:

Creating Solutions for Construction & Infrastructure

As construction and infrastructure services companies often work in locations where there is no fixed line connectivity, they need a way for their site workers to connect to the internet for communications and to access key information for their projects.  Portable bonded internet solutions are perfect in these situations, as multiple 4G connections can be bonded, meaning there is no need to wait for a fixed line connection.

Morrison Utility Services, a part of MGroup Services, are an infrastructure services company who use Comms365’s portable, temporary bonded internet solution Continuum for this reason. Graeme Cross, Business Systems Director at MGroup Services, said:

Not only did we need a solution that would work effectively in different environments, but a team who fully understood our requirements. Comms365 ticked all the boxes.

Offering Solutions for Offices

Most offices rely on fixed line connectivity for their day to day operations, including access to Cloud Services, VoIP and UC. However, for new site offices waiting for fixed line installation, or businesses who have poor broadband connectivity, internet performance can be a problem and impact on their day to day operations.

Comms365’s bonded internet solutions have been used in these cases as a pre-ethernet solution for offices waiting for fixed line installation. Through our partner, GB Technologies, DJ Alexander was able to make use of a bonded internet solution when their fixed line installation was delayed by six months. Robert Binnie from DJ Alexander comments:

We would not have been able to open our new office in time, which would have resulted in a lot of expensive overheads and us letting down our customers and staff.

It’s not just fixed line delays that impact businesses. Some businesses are in locations that have poor internet access or marginal connectivity. One of our partner’s customers was suffering from slow internet speeds and required a faster, more reliable internet connection. In this use case, Comms365’s permanent SD-ONE bonded internet solution was deployed to two office sites with poor connectivity. Bonding two fixed lines enhanced the existing infrastructure producing faster internet speeds and the resilience required, without the need for further investment in more expensive fixed line connectivity.

Delivering Solutions for Distribution, Warehouses & Retail

Warehouses and distribution can also suffer from delayed fixed line installation. Opious, a Comms365 partner, have achieved success with their customer who is rapidly expanding into new warehouse sites across Europe. In this use case, the Continuum solution was deployed as a pre-ethernet solution to provide bonded 4G internet so these sites could begin operating immediately. Darren Smith, Managing Director at Opious, says:

…providers of leased line services will give a timescale of 60-90 days, and if you need to launch a site, that’s just not good enough.  We started looking at alternative technologies and Continuum allowed us to get those sites up and running in practically a day…it really did save our customers hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Bonded internet solutions can also provide additional resilience and bandwidth to support use cases for seasonal demand. For example, a Continuum bonded internet solution was deployed to an online florist who needed improved performance at peak times of year such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. This is also relevant for retail, where a bonded internet solution can support seasonal demand or permanently provide additional resilience for back office activities and to ensure that EPOS systems can be used reliably.

Effecting Solutions for Events

Bonded internet solutions can also be used for temporary events. For their European H.O.G. rally, Harley-Davidson Motor Company used Comms365’s bonded internet solution Continuum to support communication services for the rally administrative staff. Tim Hodgson, Technical Services Manager for EMEA at Harley-Davidson said:

The overall feedback I’ve received from the team has been great. One of our Group Managers, who has been going to rallies for decades, recently commented this year was the first time she could turn her laptop on without struggling for connectivity and achieve everything she needed to without any issues. She was amazed by what had been achieved.

Continuum has also been used to live stream in HD for events such as the WCF World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2014. 

As you can see, bonded internet has applications in a range of sectors and use cases, and isn’t limited to these. We’ve also provided bonded internet solutions to a local authority so a school could open on time, and to renewable energy sites. The common theme in all of these scenarios is that without bonded internet these customers would have struggled with delayed access or poor performance internet connectivity.

How Comms365 can help

Think that your customers could benefit from bonded internet solutions? If you’re a Reseller, Value-Added Reseller (VAR) or Channel Partner interested in adding bonded internet to your product portfolio, we can help.

As you can see from the above use cases, Comms365 has extensive experience in providing class-leading bonded internet access solutions direct to customers and via our partner programme for all types of requirements. For sites requiring a permanent solution, we offer our managed service, SD-ONE, which can bond up to three connections. Continuum, our awarding-winning, fully portable bonded internet access solution can bond up to six connections.

We have won several industry awards and commendations, including Best Innovative Technology at the Bright Sparc Awards, inclusion on the Leading Edge platform for innovatory solutions, and Best Innovation and Technology at the MK Business Achievement Awards.

Contact our Sales Team on 01234 865880, or email to discuss further or book a demo.

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