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This blog is contributed by Derek Long, Chair of the CW International Conference Committee and Head of Telecoms & Mobile, Wireless & Digital Services at Cambridge Consultants.

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The CW International Conference (CWIC) 2019 has opened its doors to the technology community with a call for speakers. We are particularly looking for technology innovators who have developed or launched products, services, or underlying technologies that are set to transform their individual industries. And we’re not only looking for established firms – we’re very interested to hear from entrepreneurial start-ups who would like to make the technology community aware of their business’ potential.

In CWIC 2018, I chaired the Blockchain track where IBM, the Robert Bosch Group, BT and presented real life applications of this complex and yet powerful technology. Peter Busch from Bosch, for example, outlined the firm’s use of distributed ledger technology in vehicle to vehicle communications to validate components and prevent fraud. BT and IBM presented their blockchain based platforms which can be leveraged by the financial and media industries respectively. These presentations were put in context by the highly visionary business model of, a scale-up whose smart ledger platform offers an entirely new approach to data management and economic decision making. has secured a further $15M investment in a private round of funding to further technical development, corporate partnerships and academic relationships.

Each year CWIC serves as the gateway to Cambridge’s world-leading technology community. We are approaching this year’s CWIC from a market “pull” perspective, placing the needs of our end customers at the forefront of the day’s conversations and building off that to the enabling technologies. Supported by two universally relevant plenaries on connectivity solutions and cybersecurity, tracks will cover agriculture, retail & consumer electronics, automotive & mobility solutions, manufacturing, utilities and intelligent cities.

In each of these vertical markets, companies are deploying the latest digital technologies to improve productivity and deliver an ever more exceptional customer experience. The increasing commoditisation of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions means companies across the board can benefit from enhanced insights into the activities of customers and operational resources.  Advanced sensor and communication solutions are delivering more data, faster and more reliably from an exponentially increasing number of sources to feed these intelligence machines.

Such game-changing solutions are coming none-too-soon. Growing international populations combined with increased use of the earth’s limited natural resources has been leading the world to economic, social and environmental crisis. Generating enough food to nourish the population, transporting goods and people in an increasingly connected and commercialised world, and supplying homes and businesses with the necessary water, electricity, oil and gas to survive feels like an almost impossible task. Yet, with the 21st century’s digital revolution, it may yet be possible to meet the world’s supply needs in a sustainable manner.

The technology sector has developed platforms which can be used to transform other industries and dramatically improve their competitiveness. Vertical markets have been quick to adopt the implications of the digital world and are pulling it forwards at pace, investing in development projects to find their next competitive edge and to secure better margins.  For the technology community, the main question is how can we continue to support this digitisation of industry? What do the vertical industries need out of the technological foundations from which they are building a new world?

There are too few events that unite different vertical markets with the technology community to openly explore collaboration and cross-pollination opportunities. At CWIC 2019 we want to help ensure that the digital foundations being laid by the technology community are aligned with the direction that vertical markets are driving, and they can inspire a new industry to trial emerging technologies or adopt a solution that another market has recently found to be valuable.

Join us for what promises to be a brilliant day of cross industry insight and innovation and present how your company has developed new, compelling customer services.

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