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How to protect mission-critical infrastructure down to the last detail

Published by GTT Wireless Ltd

A simple one-stop solution to protect outdoor wireless projects

The benefits of smart infrastructure are huge. By 2025, cities that deploy smart mobility applications have the potential to cut commuting times by 15 to 20 percent on average, according to McKinsey research. Yet without high availability and reliability, these benefits are unattainable. This applies to every network component – even the enclosures which house key IoT hardware.

Whatever the weather

Whether operating in the agricultural, mining, data analytics, utilities, transportation or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sectors, outdoor wireless deployments require highly ruggedised enclosures to guarantee high levels of availability and reliability. Any downtime has the potential to significantly disrupt or halt mission-critical operations that rely on constant connectivity.

Components are increasingly pushed out into remote locations to ensure high degrees of connectivity across large areas. This has imposed further high standards on the quality of electronics protection, making robust hardware a top priority for any IoT deployment.

To minimise risk, EN 60950-22 and IP67 rated enclosure solutions are strongly recommended for challenging outdoor deployments – ensuring not just resistance, but resilience in hostile environments. Qualifying enclosures are fully waterproof, capable of resisting salt spray and submersion in water.

Market gaps emerge

GTT Wireless has been on the frontline of IoT and M2M innovation as the market has matured. We knew that the ‘smart’ market deployments needed more than simply an enclosure, but a carrier-grade, all-in-one solution – incorporating power and data interfaces, antennae and robust mounting – suitable for applications ranging from smart parking to industrial IoT sensing. We developed the mSmart-Box® to meet these rugged requirements.

Over the past month the GTT Wireless team has received a large volume of enquiries to fill a capability gap for ruggedised enclosures, due to the withdrawal of an entry-level outdoor enclosure product from the market. There is now a pressing need for fully customisable enclosure solutions with enhanced durability!

Tailored design in minutes

The high degree of customisation required led us to develop our in-house enclosure design tool, to seamlessly guide businesses through the full design process to prototype ordering.

Traditional prototype development requires a significant investment of time and money into sourcing and testing integration of multiple components and interfaces from various suppliers. This process is further complicated by the threat of discontinued items, inconsistent quality or the need to re-engineer off-the-shelf components.

We have eliminated these concerns by enabling businesses to complete the whole process using our enclosure design tool, which allows users to select custom components for installation in a modular enclosure to develop a bespoke solution. This provides a visual representation of the final product, demonstrating the composition and layout of proven interoperable components.

The design tool cuts the prototype development phase from months to days.

The mSmart-Box® – built to last

At GTT Wireless, we developed the mSmart-Box® – a highly customisable, carrier-grade enclosure designed to resist the most challenging conditions in remote locations. EN 60950-22 approved and IP67 rated, the mSmart-Box® is capable of enduring extreme temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +120 °C and adverse weather conditions such as condensation, humidity and wind.

The mSmart-Box® offers three possible sizes (AC, GLB & Formosa) to ensure a suitable fit for electronics, and incorporates Gore® vents to ensure pressure equalisation and resist any internal condensation that may pose a threat to housed electronics.

Today, it is a proven success in a wide range of industries, with deployments spanning the security, utilities, mining, data analytics, transport, agricultural and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sectors due to its highly robust, shock-resistant nature.

The GTT Wireless mSmart-Box®

Interested in tailoring the mSmart-Box® to your deployment needs? Begin developing your own Enclosure Design today. Distributors: to discuss white-labelling the GTT Wireless enclosure design tool for use on your website, please contact

- Andy Bird, Director, GTT Wireless

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