Yellow Submarine launches CrowdAlpha™ using Deep Data analytics to forecast directional stock market movements days ahead of time.

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CrowdAlpha™ is a deep data financial risk forecasting tool from Yellow Submarine Ltd that indicates behaviour of the crowd by analysing such things as order book depth, trade dimensions and other clever stuff.

The software is unlike any other predictive analytics software as it doesn’t use past historic data to forecast the future. It uses about 2-3 hours of real time stock market data.

As the stock market is a non stationary data set using past historic data is inaccurate. Co-founder, CTO and writer of the CrowdAlpha™ software Justin Staines said

I have been involved in several predictive fintech software companies since 2014 from an engineering and sales perspective and none are as disruptive as us. Our unsupervised machine learning models don’t need training and turn non-stationary data sets like the stock market into stationary data sets using a combination of GLM and clustering algorithms.

Justin started programming when he was 12, passing his O level in Computer Science 2 years early with the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate when he was only 14 by writing a Z80 machine language program using fourier analysis to calculate Pi.

One of the problems with 8 bit processors was the lack of mathematical functions. I literally had to invent them.

He also has many granted patents including 1 being cited by Apple and Samsung in the iPad and Note, and 1 being cited by Beijing Optical. His code has been shipped in more than 1 million applications and has had two successful exits from San Jose based Synaptics and Saitama headquartered Wacom.

Yellow Submarine was founded by Justin and his business partner Nash Ramadhen, the CEO and Chairman. Nash recently exited his previous company as Managing Director, the assets being acquired by Motorola, and brings a wealth of experience in the public sector as well as experience running successful companies.

Justin added;

Also my passion is to commoditise and democratise data science. Rather than costing hundreds of thousands of pounds you can get access to our predictive email alerts from as little as £999.

With up to 95,000 securities to choose from, full U.S. market coverage and 20+ exchanges, it means CrowdAlpha will more than likely have something for your stock portfolio. Either individual stocks, currencies including crypto and exchange based ETF’s like S&P 500 or Eurostoxx 50.

Once subscribed you will receive email alerts when the clustering thresholds are triggered giving an indication of directional movement of the securities you've subscribed to (either up or down).

Unlike other expensive competitive solutions which use derivatives data such as futures, forwards, options and swaps, CrowdAlpha doesn’t rely on contracts which are essentially a way to hedge against risk. We only take raw executed trade data from the exchange.

Justin continued,

Although we offer a API to our prediction platform, the way ahead we feel is push notifications, like email alerts, or voice interface like Alex or Siri.This requires zero technical abilities for integration. You just tell us what stocks you want to predict when you place your order, and what email address you want predictions to be sent. Simples. In the future we will be doing the same thing for other types of prediction, such as crimes, fires, credit risk, all using email push notifications from our platform.

The product was named CrowdAlpha because Alpha is used in finance to measure the performance of a portfolio, and the software measures the behaviour of the crowd. Hence CrowdAlpha.

CrowdAlpha is available in a number of subscription packages, including a workshop where you get training and software for a month, and can be purchased now in their online store here 

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Yellow Submarine has filed 6 patents in multiple vertical domains to protect our ideas GB1819646.9, GB1819645.1, GB1819644.4, GB1819643.6, GB1819642.8, GB1819641.

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Justin Staines, Chief Technology Officer

Yellow Submarine Ltd, Stannard Way, Priory Business Park, Bedford MK44 3RZ.

Tel: 01234 834595

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