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NVIDIA AI, Darktrace & IBM at next week's 5th HVM New Materials & Graphene 2019 Cambridge

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NVIDIA AI, Darktrace & IBM will be joined by Polychord in an exciting Industry 4 session at HVM New Materials & Graphene 2019 Cambridge next week. NVIDIA will explain how AI applies to all industrials, while Darktrace will explain the importance of CyberAI and cybersecurity. IBM's fellow will give a masterclass on digital twins.

This conference also includes a total of 30 excellent talks from Versarien, Darktrace, William Blythe, NVIDIA AI, Pragmatic, BitBio, Astra Zeneca, Graphene@Manchester, Cambridge Graphene Centre, Cranfield, Imperial Grantham, UKBIC, Airbus Space, Space Catapult and many more:

Session 3 - 15.45 - 16.55 Data, ML & security technology for industry 15.45 – 16.00 Dr Erwin Frank Schultz, IBM Energy “Briefing on Digital Twins: what are they and why should we care” 16.00 - 16.20 Jonny Hancox, Deep Learning Soln Architect, NVIDIA AI "Why every industry should be thinking about AI" 16.20 – 16.40 Eleanor Weaver, Technical Director, Darktrace Industrial, “Using AI for Real-Time Threat Detection” 16.40 -17.00 Session Q&A led by Moderators Dr Andrea Lorenz & Mike Handley, CEO, PolyChord

NVIDIA AI speaker Jonny Hancox will give a talk entitled: Why every industry should be thinking about AI today
Artificial intelligence may be an overloaded term and there is undoubtedly a lot of hype surrounding it, but there is little doubt that the advent of AI techniques such as Deep learning have had a huge impact in both research and, increasingly, industry.
As well as spawning new technologies, AI can make efficiencies in almost any line of business because it excels at ingesting large amounts of data and learning how to derive insights from it. In this talk Jonny will explain how NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform has provided one of the cornerstones of the AI revolution and showcase AI’s usage in several key verticals such as Health & Life Sciences.

In this talk Jonny will outline some of the challenges faced by AI when it comes to adoption and how, with the right technology, processes and partnerships, we hope that the chasm between research and widespread adoption can be bridged.

IBM's senior fellow Erwin Frank Schultz will cover Digital Twinning.

Darktrace's speaker will cover Cyber AI: A New Era of Defence
We are entering a new era of sophisticated, powerful attacks. How do businesses keep up? Self-learning cyber AI is able to learn a pattern of life for each user, device and system of any digital environment, including cloud, industrial, IoT and email. Find out how Cyber AI puts the advantage back in the hands of the defenders.

All in all a session at the 5th HVM New Materials Conference not to be missed and we hope you'll join us!

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