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Klickdigital has a lot of experience in creating and implementing design work. Many of our projects include the UX experience, front-end creative design as well as the implementation of the final designs whether on mobile or desktop.

Good UX design improves the experience for the user of the service/product and a good user experience increases adoption of that product.

Our process usually starts with the definition of the problem, reviewing any customer/potential user research to understand their goals and what they want from a service. If an existing website or mobile app already exists we will also review and analyse the Google Analytics reports to understand any issues with the current website.

For example, on a recent project for Mazda, there was a wealth of recent user insight into why buying a car from a dealership was not a pleasant experience. Mazda’s research team had also tested a few hypotheses with potential users to gauge their priorities in terms of functionality and features.

With a medical project that we are currently undertaking, there was no in-depth consumer research so we used interviews with various medical professionals who currently use a locum doctor portal to understand:

  • What they ideally wanted from a port for their profession
  • What they liked/disliked with various existing sites

This qualitative research plus input from the business founders was our only research resource from which to understand the goals and context-of-use of potential users and then build a list of requirements and a business analysis.

Once we have the user goals, requirements and business analysis complete we will start the design process with an initial wireframe usually drawn in a tool such as Balsamiq which allows us to show a clickable user journey and review the flow through the process with the client and potential users. Both a desktop and mobile user flow is drawn-up for testing and review.


The interactive mock-up is then refined based on the potential user feedback before more design orientated wireframes are developed usually using the Adobe XD suite of tools which allows us to design each page and link it to allow the user flow to be visually demonstrated and tested against the user objectives that were defined at the start of the project. The concepts are continually evolved with constant testing with the potential users. User input is discussed between the client and the UX team and modifications made. 

In addition to user feedback, we usually start to share the designs and user flow with the tech teams who are going to implement the application so they are fully briefed, can advise if there are design concepts that might not be achievable across all browsers and offer alternative approaches.

Once the final designs are approved, a layered Photoshop file along with a Style Guide, all images and fonts, are put into a design pack for the developers and the designer will brief the developers. The designer’s work does not stop there - they are constantly on-hand to answer questions that the development team might have and are part of the development team reviews to ensure that the designs are being replicated pixel-perfect so the end result exactly matches what the client has signed-off.

Once the site is live, we will use Google Analytics to validate the user flow, suggest any changes that will improve the user experience and conduct a user review session to gain further insight and feedback.

Why not contact us at Klickdigital to see how we can help improve your customer experience?

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