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Advanced Mobility Research And Development (AMRD) Ltd secure a grant from the Appleyard Lees Growth Fund

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We are excited to announce that Advanced Mobility Research And Development (AMRD) Ltd, a pioneering aerospace start-up, have been awarded an Appleyard Lees Growth Fund grant. AMRD’s aircraft product line, equipped with proprietary hybrid and all-electric powertrains, offers unmatched efficiencies and green credentials.

AMRD is pioneering research to minimise and eliminate aircraft CO2 emissions. AMRD’s aircraft product line, equipped with proprietary hybrid and all-electric powertrains, offers unmatched efficiencies and green credentials.

There is currently a huge drive to reduce CO2 emissions, and the airline industry is playing its part in this. Whilst the airline industry has of course noted and to some extent realised the benefits of electrical power sources, the thinking and implementation has been somewhat localised and focussed. AMRD have realised that a more holistic approach to the entire design and manufacture of aircraft, with electrical power sources at the heart, can bring about significant benefits to aircraft manufacturers and users.

Kamran Iqbal, CEO and Founder of AMRD, has significant experience in the aerospace industry through his multiple appointments in Airbus (13 years) and Bombardier (one year). Kamran brings along a very strong core and advisory team with hundreds of years of combined practical experience with a proven track record in launching, executing, implementing and commercialising several aircraft development programmes. Dr Norman Wood is AMRD’s CTO, and joined AMRD after a long and illustrious career in the aerospace industry and academia spanning over four decades

Working closely with partner Richard Bray, and Tom Gregory, AMRD is now working with Appleyard Lees to establish a large, wide-ranging, patent portfolio, spanning all areas of research and development output. This has already resulted in very specific filings for certain features, through to wide-ranging filings for more conceptual developments. A thorough invention spotting and harvesting has been established, resulting in an effective and efficient patent filing strategy.

Kamran Iqbal, of AMRD, said ”AMRD has been developing differentiating and disruptive technologies that will enable the design and manufacture of hybrid and all-electric aircraft. Our work with Appleyard Lees, and in particular with Richard and Tom, has enabled us to not only protect our individual inventions but to assess the interconnectivity of those technologies within integrated environments thereby enabling their synergistic development. We are privileged to work with Appleyard Lees and their advice on our IP protection is continuously adding significant value to our business”.   

Dr Norman Wood, of AMRD, added: “The paradigm shift in aviation enabled by electric propulsion has been recognised by AMRD as an open and fertile arena for innovation and opportunity. Our work with Appleyard Lees, and in particular Richard and Tom, enabled us to not only establish robust protection of our inventions, but to also expand the concepts to ensure future value as the contributing technologies and integrated products evolve. As with our aircraft design and integration activities at AMRD, working in the IP space has been greatly enhanced by the synergy we established with Appleyard Lees. 

Speaking on the relationship with AMRD, Richard said: "It is quite special to be able to work with a client like AMRD, and at this very early stage. We are able to work together with Kamran, Norman, and AMRD in general, to really have a significant impact on the IP strategy of the company, now and in future, and to ensure that a very significant patent portfolio is established, very quickly, with cost-effectiveness and impact always kept in mind. Indeed, this is something that we are seeing increasingly more of; high-growth start-ups realising that protection of IP is absolutely crucial, and those start-ups carefully investing in large-scale patent filing programmes very early on in their life, to create a highly valuable patent thicket in order to attract the interest of investors and collaborators, and to really put the company on the map. The Appleyard Lees Growth Fund allows us to really help companies like AMRD at these crucial early stages, and in return we get to help the business grow and develop, and build strong, long term relationships with the company and its key members”

Tom Gregory commented: “The aerospace industry is rapidly changing. Hybrid-electric regional aircraft will be of utmost importance to our lives and the economy in the very near future. It’s clear that AMRD fully appreciate this, and it has been their prime focus to develop and innovate for the future of aerospace. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside their passionate team to protect their innovation. I’m delighted that AMRD have secured a grant from the Appleyard Lees Growth Fund, and I look forward to continuing to support AMRD in the years to come.”

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