Anglia Live enhancements make purchasing faster and easier

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One of the biggest challenges facing purchasing teams can be the turn-around time on material quotes, whether this is for an order to place or a costing for a new project. “Time is money” as they say. In a competitive world, a quick response is crucial.

Anglia recognises this challenge for customers and is constantly evolving and adapting its business model, streamlining its processes and its customer interface to give the quickest responses possible. Specifically, it is continually enhancing its market leading online e-commerce platform Anglia Live, to make the quoting and ordering as simple and smooth as possible.

A costed BOM in under 2 minutes

Anglia has now introduced a brand-new feature to Anglia Live which makes quote turn-around quicker than ever. With the new BOM+ service, available free exclusively to registered Anglia Live users, customers can now upload a Bill of Materials (BOM) and get a quote in under two minutes. The tool doesn’t just give budgetary costings, it provides a competitive market level quote based on the quantities entered and takes into account any negotiated pricing the customer may already have in place with Anglia for each line item.

The tool gives full visibility of the various price breaks available for each part thus flagging up where there are opportunities to reduce the unit price on specified line items. This feature allows customers to maximise cost savings by using more competitive pricing that may be available in the next quantity break, for example if the quantity on the customers BOM is 950 pcs and the next price break is 1000 pcs there is leverage in adjusting the volume up by 50 pcs to take advantage of the lower pricing at the next quantity break. At the same time the tool gives customer’s visibility of any negotiated contract pricing available for each part, it intelligently applies pricing based on the customer’s contract price or the appropriate price break, whichever is more economical.

BOM+ works YOUR way

Anglia BOM+ works with Excel and other common file formats, the tool accepts input of data as the customer has entered it into their original file, providing an immediate volume quote. Anglia BOM+ can typically fulfil 90% of line items on a BOM.

In a global first, cross referencing to manufacturer and industry recognised part numbers is also fully integrated into the tool, a feature that this is unique to Anglia BOM+. This feature saves customers significant amounts of time, the tool can identify industry part numbers and then cross refers them on the fly providing the manufacturer part number on the quote, meaning there is now no need for customers to spend valuable time adding additional manufacturer part numbers into their upload file.

BOM+ is a world leading product, it offers more flexibility and more information more quickly than any similar tool available in the industry today. Customers can get an instant quote from Anglia that fully reflects the volume that they are sourcing and any discount structure or negotiated pricing they have in place. The tool has been made extremely user friendly, BOM+ accepts most popular file formats using the customer’s preferred layout. In short, BOM+ removes the fuss in getting a Bill of Materials fully and competitively costed. To find out more and to try BOM+ for yourself visit

ERP integration with Anglia API

At the same time, Anglia has launched an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows customers to integrate the information and functionality offered by Anglia Live into their own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment. The free of charge Anglia API allows customers to access inventory, pricing, and availability data in real-time directly from Anglia Live in their own business system, and then place orders directly with Anglia within that system for speed and simplicity.



The API also offers additional features not typically seen in other products available on the market. The Anglia API integrates the parametric search engine functionality from Anglia Live allowing customers to perform a keyword search for parts based on a products parameter as well as the part number and includes cross-references to millions of manufacturer and industry recognised part numbers, again all from within the customers own business systems once the API is implemented. To find out more about Anglia API and to register your interest visit


Anglia Live has always been one of the most complete and transparent ecommerce platforms in the industry. Our customers can place and progress orders, at the relevant price-break or their agreed contract price as appropriate, and obtain live up to date and comprehensive information on pricing, current inventory levels, lead times, long term availability and product life cycle status in real-time 24/7.  . BOM+ and the API add a new level of convenience and speed for many customers. We won’t stop there though – watch out for further new features and enhancements to

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