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The First Cohort Enters CW’s 5G Private Testbed

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After huge levels of interest, Camnexus, Extend Robotics and Ubisense have been selected as the first cohort of innovative companies to trial their pioneering applications on CW’s 5G Private Network.  Following today’s official testbed opening ceremony, this diverse group will be trialling applications ranging from industrial IoT and location services to robotics and medtech on cutting-edge wireless technology.

Introducing the Cohort

Camnexus develop end-to-end IoT solutions for the industrial sector, with a particular focus on the water industry. For them, 5G offers the opportunity to support massive machine-to-machine deployments, as well as augment their existing services with live video streaming and real-time remote monitoring.

"Camnexus has developed IoT solutions, based on wireless long range IoT network, for urban, rural and underground scenarios, which includes IoT nodes and gateways, enabling scalability of thousands of  connected devices. Our nodes, with functionalities that replace legacy data loggers traditionally used in the water utility and environmental sector, have the versatility of multiparameter measurement. With the emergence of 5G and the advantages it offers for massive M2M deployments, low latency and private data network, Camnexus’ participation in this 5G testbed will allow us to research and gain valuable insight of this new technology and how this can be implemented in industrial IoT. By adapting our Camnexus Node and gateways to 5G technology we will test the low latency data transmission functionality of our devices, assess data collection and integration with Camnexus platform, visualisation and alarm."

Dr Jessica Ocampos, CEO Camnexus & Mr Juan Carlos Ocampos, CTO Camnexus

Extend Robotics build remote-control arms that are used in many industries, including nuclear decommissioning, utility inspections, maintenance and healthcare. For them, 5G’s low latency and high bandwidth are crucial for achieving more precise cloud rendering and real-time control.

"Extend Robotics develop highly scalable teleoperation robot arms that allow anyone to intuitively operate remotely, from anywhere. Our core technology is an affordable Human-Robot Interface, utilising virtual reality software to provide immersive 3D perception and intuitive gesture control. The large bandwidth and low latency nature of our system has a clear need to leverage the power of 5G to provide the user with the ultimate operational experience. We believe together with 5G, our system will make remote handling safer, faster, and cheaper, by eliminating the need for human presence in dangerous industrial maintenance tasks, as well as healthcare assistance that direct contact to infectious virus."

Chang Liu, CEO, Extend Robotics

Ubisense specialise in using location-based data to discover relationships between products, processes and people within a manufacturing facility. They are interested in deploying 5G to enhance the reliability, security and flexibility of their solution.

“Ubisense uses location tracking data to support and streamline operations for global manufacturers. To track items within factories we deploy IoT sensor networks with many thousands of nodes, and we’re looking to 5G to deliver ultra-reliable, high-bandwidth wireless communications to reduce the cabling infrastructure required to support those sensors. This will reduce the cost of deploying location-aware solutions and make it easier to reconfigure our sensor systems as factory processes change over time.”

Dr Andy Ward, Chief Technology Officer, Ubisense

About the Testbed

The CW 5G Private Network allows Cambridge’s world-renowned technology community to undertake cutting-edge digital research using 5G. All participating companies have access to an indoor 5G private network, the latest 5G-enabled devices, technology masterclasses and coaching in hardware and software development and project management. It is housed in the TusPark building on the Cambridge Science Park.

“Cambridge has a rich tradition of technological innovation, from the discovery of DNA to the development of low-power microprocessors. CW is providing local inventors with access to the latest wireless technology to ensure that our city maintains its place at the forefront of creativity and that our engineering community continues to thrive.”

Simon Mead, CEO, CW

Later this Spring the second cohort will be finalised. If your company believes that 5G could benefit its product or service, contact Abhi Naha to discuss access to the testbed.

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