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The Content Production & Delivery SIG brings state-of-the-art volumetric video to the CW community

CW News published by CW (Cambridge Wireless), under Mobile Entertainment & Digital Media

The upcoming session “Volumetric Video – A Study in Depth” will present a comprehensive picture of the cutting-edge technology behind the creation, processing, transmission and display of volumetric video content.

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CW spoke to Content Production & Delivery SIG Champion Nadia Aziz, Founder of Unbounded Future Ltd, before the session to understand more about the significance of the technology on display at this session.

What is driving the development of new 3D video techniques?

“Ultra realistic and immersive experiences are becoming a very much expected outcome for consumers and businesses alike,” said Nadia.  “Some of the clients I work with - mainly in enterprise and healthcare - are seeking practical use cases. Indeed, volumetric capture and many other techniques of content production are available today, some which have been around for years; but when it comes to ROI, enterprises need scalable and fast solutions to distribute experiences and needs that reflect reality through meaningful real-time data. At the same time, these solutions must integrate with enterprise systems.”

How is volumetric video technology being used in industry?”

“The use of volumetric capture with extended reality in training settings is proving to be more engaging than powerpoint-led training for upskilling the workforce.  Digital twins, of course, is an extremely hot topic and is a great example of the convergence of immersive content, internet of things and data science. Such initiatives are typically large and require a collaboration between experts in their respective areas.”

Why should people attend this session?

“You have to keep up with the buzzwords - the latest being the metaverse - and its own variations of definitions. Recently, SK Telecoms launched an alliance of the metaverse which will work towards a shared virtual space where users will engage with their virtual avatars. It includes industry partners like Hyundai, which probably will have some sort of digital twin factory (like BMW in Nvidia’s omniverse) or simple branding, just like fashion shows in the metaverse by luxury brands today.”

Who is speaking at the event?

Speakers include Yush Kalia, Director of Sales and Marketing at Dimension Studio, a revolutionary volumetric production studio that creates next generation digital humans, XR content and virtual production.

“Volumetric video performances are powering some of the most immersive and effective experiences in entertainment, healthcare and beyond. From the recent Balenciaga video game Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow to Health Education England's Covid-19 training, volumetric, digital humans are central to the future of how we consume and engage with content. This session gives a primer for volumetric video production, using some of the most innovative use cases to date, and touches on the future of the technology.” Yush Kalia

Yates Buckley, CTO of UNIT9 (Campaign’s 2020 Tech Company of the Year and AdAge’s 2019 Production Company of the Year), will discuss techniques behind the alignment of the digital space and the real world. One of their latest projects, HYPER, helps designers and architects work corroboratively on complex visualisations and 3D models. Click on the link of the embedded tweet to see a video of their work in progress.

#wip alignment testing of our automotive demo.

Creating virtual reality experiences you can touch.#hyper

— Hyper (@hyper_future) April 19, 2021

He’ll be joined by James Marks, the Co-Founder of PlayLa.bZ, an Innovate UK backed venture that is behind GenieMo Alpha, a DIY spatial social-cast communication and 4D storytelling software platform.

“I have been working on the production and transmission of 3D audio and video content for many years. Most lately this work has been within the academic portals of Ravensbourne Research Department, and in particular with the Community Interest Company, PlayLa.bZ – a multi-dimensional arts and mixed reality social experience company. The limiting factors in my work have usually been the technology and financial requirements to produce high quality 3D content. But the science of multi-dimensional imagery is really moving forward now and is benefiting from many of the technology developments driven by the demands of the gaming industry. So, the ‘content creator in the street’ is now able to produce real volumetric audio and video solutions for all sorts of applications in industry, communications, health and education. We are seeing the democratisation of volumetric video content creation and dissemination.” David Crawford, CW Content Production & Delivery SIG Champion

This event will link into a future “hands-on-line” workshop/sandpit event, at which delegates will not only learn how to create and manipulate volumetric AV content, but will be able to discuss new applications and potential partnership projects with relevant players in the sector.

Many thanks to the CW Content Production & Delivery SIG Champions Nadia Aziz (Unbounded Future Ltd), David Crawford (University of Essex / Ravensbourne), Tony Lavender (Plum Consulting) and Chris Nokes (BBC R&D) for bringing together some of the leading exponents of this field and introducing the CW community to a high-demand technology area.


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