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  • Five in five for Cambridge-based Communications Company, Cofinitive

    What a way to start our 5th year, being named one of Business Weekly’s Top Image Makers 2019 in their New Year Honours, for the second year running.

    added by Cofinitive 1 min Read
  • CommAgility and Aricent Collaborate to Create LTE Macro eNodeB Solutions for Network Equipment Providers

    CommAgility’s LTE PHY software licensed for pre-integration with Aricent LTE Layer 3, Layer 2 Software and BBU design

    added by CommAgility 3 min Read
  • Chronos becomes a Member of Power Networks Demonstration Centre

    Chronos Technology, a leading international authority on resilient sync and timing solutions, has become a member of the Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC), a venture founded by government, industrial and academic partners with the aim of accelerating the adoption of innovative research and technologies from early stage research into business as usual adoption by the electricity industry.

    added by Chronos Technology 1 min Read
  • Green Custard become Select Partner for AWS

    The Green Custard team are at the next stage of their AWS Partner Network journey as they achieve Select Partner accreditation.

    added by Green Custard 1 min Read
  • Newcomers are shaking up traditional insurance and banking practices

    New players are disrupting key assumptions about how a sector works, and offering something a bit novel to customers.

    added by KISS 4 min Read
  • New at CES: Antenova’s design for a small On-Board Device integrates LTE CatM1 in a Blade Antenna for OBDII units

    8th January 2019, Hatfield, UK:- Antenova, manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M and the Internet of Things, has chosen CES 2019 to reveal a new blade antenna and its latest reference design for a small but high performing On Board Device (OBDII). Antenova has developed the blade antenna for LTE Cat M1. LTE Cat M1 is an IoT-friendly version of LTE that provides enough bandwidth for data communication whilst maintaining a long battery life.

    added by Antenova Ltd 2 min Read
  • Antenova responds to demand for wireless lighting with a 1.6mm high REFLECTOR antenna for metal surfaces

    8th January 2019 2018, Hatfield, UK:- Antenova Ltd, manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M and the Internet of Things, has created a new version of its award-winning REFLECTOR antenna that operates on and close to metal surfaces. The new antenna which is only 1.6mm thick is named Magna, part number SR4I051, and operates in the ISM 868/915 bands. This new antenna is designed for industrial IoT markets and in particular lighting.

    added by Antenova Ltd 2 min Read
  • Toby Young rejoins Bailey Fisher to lead the Technology Practice

    Bailey Fisher Executive Search is pleased to welcome Toby Young back to the business as Head of the Technology Practice, following 18 months in an operational role with a growth technology company. Toby previously led Bailey Fisher’s Technology practice from 2012 – 2017, building leadership teams for disruptive technology companies in Cambridge and the UK market, before joining CUBE, a growing fintech company, to support the business across their talent and partnership strategy.

    added by Bailey Fisher Executive Search 1 min Read
  • How research can help brands reconnect with their customers

    Surveys can provide some thought-provoking statistics and focus groups can really draw out some interesting opinions from different types of customers or user groups.

    added by KISS 4 min Read
  • Dyslexia and me: how being ‘wired’ differently has made me more creative

    KISS’s Senior Digital Designer Shaun Ramsey explains how dyslexia has made him more creative

    added by KISS 4 min Read
  • Antenova’s latest SMD antenna ‘Raptor’ can pinpoint a location to within centimetres

    3rd January 2019, Hatfield, UK:- Antenova Ltd, manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M and the Internet of Things, has developed a new SMD positioning antenna that achieves an extraordinary level of accuracy in the GNSS bands – it can pinpoint a location to within centimetres.

    added by Antenova Ltd 2 min Read
  • Antenova to show a Diversity Kit using the new Cat4 LTE standard, at CES

    3rd January 2019, Hatfield, UK:- Antenova, manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M and the Internet of Things, is to show a development kit for a certified Cat4/LTE design at CES2019.

    added by Antenova Ltd 2 min Read
  • Humanise your tech: UX specialist to talk killer design strategy

    St John’s Innovation Centre is hosting the fifth in a series of Merlin ICT interactive workshops aimed at researchers, post-docs, early-stage founders and SMEs to accelerate the growth of their ventures on their way to successful commercialization.

    added by St John's Innovation Centre 1 min Read
  • Blogging to boost business: don’t be last to join the party

    Having a blog is a great way to drive new traffic to your company website, as well as positioning your staff as experts in their field.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Taymount Clinic media campaign nets KISS a CIPR PRide Award

    KISS has won the Silver Award in the Consumer Relations Campaign category of the Anglia Thames and Chiltern CIPR PRide Awards 2018. The awards recognise outstanding PR campaigns across the UK by agencies and in-house teams.

    added by KISS 1 min Read
  • Distilling human truths: why marketing benefits from high-quality research

    When KISS’s Senior Planner Matt Higgs went off to Lancaster University as a teenager to study law, he didn’t expect to end up with a PhD in geography and a career in marketing.

    added by KISS 5 min Read
  • Disrupting the energy market

    Are you an innovator or a disruptor? Or are you pissing in the wind? The simple fact is, with the world’s markets as they are today, you have to be one of these. Once a goal is defined, innovators improve the route that already exists, while disruptors have a clear goal, but get there in a new way.

    added by KISS 5 min Read
  • KISS creative team grows in strength with the appointment of new designers

    KISS has appointed a designer and an illustrator, as demand for its creative services continues to increase.

    added by KISS 1 min Read
  • Ten ways to increase SEO and drive traffic to your website

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) has become such an important focus in PR and marketing that everyone from hobbyist website owners to web teams for the largest media groups spend a lot of time focusing on how Google will view their content.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Blurring the lines: PR and social trends for 2019

    While no one can predict what the big stories of 2019 will be, there are a few emerging trends that give a few clues as to what to look out for over the next 12 months.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Establishing the foundation for 5G: a 2018 retrospective report

    2018 saw new advances in technology, new merger & acquisition activity, and new pilots in 5G deployment. Though this past year saw a lot of progress, there’s much more to come in 2019. In order to make 5G a reality in 2019 and beyond, 2018 laid the groundwork in fiber, small cells, and determined the standards for other 5G technologies. This past year has provided the foundation for 5G organizational and industry standardization, through physical, regulatory, and operational infrastructure groundwork. To succeed in the future, carriers and their service providers will need to build new infrastructure to make 5G a reality. This report from Sitetracker outlines what infrastructure is necessary, how to build it efficiently, and what tools are needed. The bottom line: network densification requires operational excellence to succeed, so companies must innovate or be left behind.

    added by Sitetracker 1 min Read
  • Green Custard supports Fortune 500 company with 1st UK Hackathon

    Cambridge-based software consultancy, Green Custard, has supported JLL’s employees through their first UK hackathon, resulting in real-world solutions for this global organisation.

    added by Green Custard 1 min Read
  • Best-kept secret Kynesim has a top 2018

    What a year 2018 has been! After a decade of working ‘under the radar’ on ground-breaking projects, this year Kynesim have certainly elevated their position in the field of technology and product development.

    added by Kynesim 1 min Read
  • The Next Frontier: From Communications Service Provider to Digital Service

    The Next Frontier: From Communications Service Provider to Digital Service Provider research report in association with Ovum, observes how digital transformation has become a core priority for communications services providers (CSPs), underpinning an increasing proportion of their investment decisions as they seek to shift to more digitally focused operating models.

    added by CGI 1 min Read
  • New workshop to help entrepreneurs create experiences turning users into customers

    Building on the success of the MERLIN ICT Cambridge workshop ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’ with David Gill as a guest speaker exploring principles of effectuation as an approach to entrepreneurship, the team at St John’s Innovation Centre is inviting researchers, post-docs, SMEs and start-ups to the fifth event in a series, ‘Interpreting the Customer and UX’ on 22nd January 2019.

    added by St John's Innovation Centre 1 min Read
  • Comms365 Blog - In the News

    As Christmas approaches and the end of 2018 is in sight we thought it would be a perfect time to share some highlights from what has been another eventful few months here at Comms365!

    added by Comms365 2 min Read
  • ’Tis the season to be discussing Christmas ads

    The build-up to Christmas starts earlier every year… Who hasn’t been guilty of saying that when Christmas displays start appearing in supermarket isles in October?

    added by KISS 4 min Read
  • Swap shop: visiting another agency to share best practice

    KISS’s Senior Web Developer Barrie Calver has just visited Jackson Spalding, an agency in Atlanta similar to KISS. Find out about the similarities, and the differences, to doing PR stateside.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Recipe for success: how New Covent Garden disrupted the soup market

    All of a sudden it’s soup weather!

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Recruitment event holds promise for jobseekers and employers alike

    Cambridge Network's highly successful run of recruitment events, where potential candidates have the opportunity to meet leading local employers, continues on the evening of Tuesday 27th November 2018.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Spend Friday 14 December learning about and discussing drug-free antibacterial technology for medical applications with Lucideon

    Infection has become one of the toughest problems in the medical world, with bacteria increasingly resistant to drugs. Can infection be controlled and managed using materials and surfaces instead? This question will be explored at a one-day Cambridge Network event next month.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Breakthrough for treatment of fibrotic diseases

    Drug combination has potential to halt a process responsible for large numbers of deaths.

    added by Anglia Ruskin University 2 min Read
  • No company owner is an island: talking business with other MDs

    Being a business owner can be a lonely existence. Sharing ideas and experiences with other business leaders can bring a fresh perspective to your most pressing problems.

    added by KISS 4 min Read
  • Celebrating dedicated teachers around the world

    There are an estimated 264 million children and young people out of education in developing countries. This month has seen a number of events held and initiatives launched in recognition of World Teachers' Day.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Recruitment event holds promise for jobseekers and employers alike

    Cambridge Network's highly successful run of recruitment events, where potential candidates have the opportunity to meet leading local employers, continues on the evening of Tuesday 27 November 2018.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Cofinitive achieves status as one of Cambridge’s 130 Most Influential Businesses

    In less than four years of trading, Corporate Communications Company Cofinitive has been recognised as one of the Cambridge News ‘130 Most Influential Businesses’.

    added by Cofinitive 1 min Read
  • Learn how to break down silos in your business

    On Thursday 1 November join an interactive mini-workshop, over breakfast with Turning Factor to learn more about behavioural barriers and explores how silos can prevent people working together hashtag

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read

    The XR Industry Survey 2018, based on a survey of 595 AR/VR professionals, reveals some interesting trends for the industry, some of them expected, others more surprising.

    added by Marks & Clerk 3 min Read
  • Why not wearables? Insight from entrepreneur Shamus Husheer

    What does it take to start tech companies, raise funds and make them successful? Come along to hear from entrepreneur Shamus Husheer, technologist and inventor turned CEO/CTO, at Cambridge Network's Open Talk tomorrow (Wednesday 24 October).

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Launch party for the first Invested Investor Book

    Want a short cut to becoming a successful entrepreneur or angel investor? A new and groundbreaking book distils decades of experience, both good and bad, into an easy to read guide. Founded by Peter and Alan Cowley, The Invested Investor is designed to increase the success rate for entrepreneurs and early investors by detailing the big do’s and don’ts.

    added by Invested Investor 2 min Read
  • Green GB Week sees businesses focus on their carbon footprint

    It’s day two of Green GB Week. Find out what’s been going on and why it presents a good comms opportunity.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Supply chain kills the e-commerce star

    In the last few months, we at Intergroup Partners have been working on innovation in virtual distribution; here is the distillation of the theory that we are putting into practice for our partners.

    added by Intergroup Partners AG 5 min Read
  • Event focuses on corporate wellbeing: mental health in the workplace

    The heavy cost of mental health issues – to individuals, employers and the wider UK economy – cannot be ignored, and there is no quick fix, a Cambridge Network audience was told yesterday (Weds), World Mental Health Day.

    added by Cambridge Network 3 min Read
  • Holiday? What holiday? Refocusing on work after a spell in the sun

    Getting back into 'work mode' after a holiday can be tough. Why not invest in a workshop to help your team refocus? KISS Managing Director Sarah Reakes explains.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • How will Nike’s Kaepernick ad impact brand perception?

    Anthea Hughes, KISS's Head of Account Services, considers what the long-term implications of the controversial Colin Kaepernick ad might be for the Nike brand.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Why proofreading is like goalkeeping

    KISS Communications Copywriter Katie Silvester believes that proofreaders don't always get enough credit for the near disasters they prevent – a bit like goalkeepers.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • 11 things I’ve learnt in 11 years of running an agency

    KISS CEO Simon Fryer shares some of the secrets of KISS Communications' success.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Can the humble press release keep up with the digital world?

    KISS Account Director Jane Kroese considers whether the press release is dead in the face of more targeted digital marketing tools

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • KISS sponsors major Cambridge healthcare conference

    KISS is sponsoring a Cambridge-based international health conference hosted by the Innovation Forum and the Milner Therapeutics Institute

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • The age of co-innovation: IFA insights

    IFA Show is broadly considered Europe’s largest Technology show. It is certainly the most consumer-friendly, with low ticket prices designed to encourage public attendance. With 1,814 exhibitors and 161,200 square metres of sold-out show floor, IFA again confirmed its role as the leading showcase for the global technology industry. Our immersion into the show revealed some key trends – some expected, some less so.

    added by Intergroup Partners AG 5 min Read
  • 17 million people think they use their smartphones too much: will measurement be the answer?

    Deloitte research of 4,150 reveals UK smartphone owners’ device usage habits; 39% of respondents believe they use their phone too much. Of these, 83% would like to do something about it – representative of 14 million people in the UK; Of the 42.5m people who own or have access to a smartphone, 7.6m (18%) feel the need to constantly check their device; 32% of phones in the UK are on a SIM-only contract, up from 19% in 2015; 55-75-year-olds are among the fastest-growing adopters of voice-assisted speakers. Thirty-nine percent of smartphone users in the UK - the equivalent of 17 million people - believe they use their smartphone too much, according to the latest research from Deloitte. Generation Z smartphone users (16-24 years-old) are particularly concerned about their usage habits, with 61% (4.3m young people) believing they use their device too much.

    added by Deloitte LLP 4 min Read
  • Intellegens to deliver speaker paper on using AI to design advanced materials at Engineering Materials Live

    Using artificial intelligence (AI) and harnessing the power of deep learning to guide the design of new advanced materials, is the topic of a speaker paper that will be delivered at Engineering Materials Live later this week, by Cambridge-based company Intellegens.

    added by Intellegens Limited 2 min Read
  • Peer learning will benefit new managers

    Are you new to a management role or about to take on management responsibilities? Boost your confidence through collaboration with like-minded people in Cambridge Network's New Managers peer learning group - the newest cohort begins on Wednesday 3rd October.

    added by Cambridge Network 2 min Read
  • James Cotton joins prestigious list of UK’s top business developers

    Onespacemedia’s founder and MD, James Cotton, has been voted one of the UK’s most influential people in business development by the BD100.

    added by Onespacemedia 1 min Read
  • Covnetics Limited becomes a Member of the Xilinx Alliance program

    Covnetics Limited becomes a Member of the Xilinx Alliance program

    added by Covnetics 1 min Read
  • UX strategist to share how to find customers for innovative technologies

    St John’s Innovation Centre is delighted to welcome Dr Anna Mieczakowski as a guest speaker to their Customer Discovery event and a networking lunch taking place at the Centre on 24th September 2018.

    added by St John's Innovation Centre 1 min Read
  • Antenova is shipping its ultra-small GNSS active antenna module with LNA and SAW for better positioning from difficult locations

    Hatfield, UK – 5 September 2018 - Antenova Ltd, manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for connected devices and the Internet of Things, is now shipping its latest module for tiny positioning devices – the RADIONOVA M20047-1. This is an active antenna module for GNSS applications in the 1559-1609 MHz satellite bands using GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO or BeiDou. The M20047-1 antenna module comprises an SMD antenna with built-in active components: an LNA filter and SAW to boost antenna performance - so designers will not need to add these - all contained in a compact FR4 part with low power consumption, measuring just 7.0mm x 7.0mm x 0.9mm, and weighing less than 2g.

    added by Antenova Ltd 1 min Read
  • We’re looking for our next proven Account Manager!

    As 2018 goes on, we are going from strength to strength and now find ourselves with buckets of work (those pesky clients as our Founder cheekily says)! Which means we are looking for the right person to join us as our company expands. People who know us know that we are an articulate chameleon, with its “pants on fire”. We are a feisty corporate communications consultancy that packs a punch.

    added by Cofinitive 2 min Read
  • Will you be a Top 21 #OnetoWatch?

    The Top 21 #OnetoWatch will be announced at an invitation-only event in March 2019, where each winner will get a bespoke accolade to mark their recognition

    added by Cofinitive 1 min Read
  • 3D printing: a world of possibilities

    The technology behind 3D printing has a huge range of applications, from enthusiasts printing small plastic objects at home to industrial engineering projects creating parts for aeroplanes. At KISS, we have dabbled in offering 3D printing as a service for clients to produce mock-ups of new products.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Mood boards: a picture tells 1,000 words

    Cutting and pasting: using mood boards to help crack that key

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Let’s take a look into the future at IFA Berlin 2018

    What happens to us and our data if smart devices occupy our homes and lives? Increasingly, traditional functional objects such as vehicles or homes are becoming adaptable enough to mould themselves to the preferences and tastes of their users.

    added by Intergroup Partners AG 1 min Read
  • Style guides: if content is king, consistency must be queen

    Your organisation could benefit from having a style guide to ensure consistency across all your content. If content is king, consistency must be queen.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Micro-targeting: the good, the bad and the unethical

    Micro-targeting can be a legitimate next-generation marketing tool or a deeply unethical practice, depending on who’s using it.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Arkessa, the leading IoT managed services provider, backed by ECI Partners

    London, 24 July 2018: Arkessa, the leading Internet-of-Things (“IoT”) managed services provider announced today that it has completed a management buyout backed by ECI Partners. Arkessa enables Enterprises to develop and optimise their businesses by helping them adopt, integrate and scale IoT enabled services.

    added by Arkessa 2 min Read
  • All in the mind: using psychology in sport and business

    2 months on and there's still a lot we can learn from England's World Cup campaign. KISS CEO discusses how a psychological approach to reaching your goal can help pave the way for success.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Print vs digital: print textbooks hold their own in the digital world

    Print vs digital: print textbooks are holding their own in a digital world, thanks to younger readers

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Phones in schools – distraction or learning aid?

    James, 15, has been doing a work experience placement with KISS. He shares his thoughts on mobile phones in schools.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • We are ruled by our basic emotional needs

    CannesLions 2018 shows that our basic emotional needs are ruling us more than we think, says KISS Senior Planner Matt Higgs

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Collaborate or Die: Advice to Investors

    Founded by Peter and Alan Cowley, The Invested Investor is aiming to increase the success rate of start-ups by learning from the experience of entrepreneurs, investors and start-up specialists. They recently interviewed two leading investors: David Gammon, CEO of a successful family investment company called Rockspring and Bridget Connell, the CEO of Thinking Partnerships who is also a serial and dedicated angel investor and mentor.

    added by Invested Investor 3 min Read

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