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  • Parallel Wireless is nominated for three Small Cell Forum Awards & WINS TWO 2018

    Parallel Wireless are thrilled to announce that we have won two Small Cell Forum awards! We would like to thank the judges for recognizing our innovation, our partners for believing in our vision, and our team whose work made this all possible!

    added by Parallel Wireless UK & EMEA 2 min Read
  • KISS culture: the importance of positive morale

    Our Account Executive Hannah takes a look at how KISS keeps their employees happy.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Cambridge ‘Networked for learning’ as Learning at Work Week draws to a close

    Cambridge Network, together with the National Campaign for Learning’s 'Learning at Work Week' partners, Jagex and Taylor Vinters, celebrated the end of the week with a fun ‘Bingling’ event. It brought to a close a series of events and courses to celebrate learning around this year’s theme of ‘Networked for learning’ between 14-18 May 2018.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Things Connected - Open Call for Watford

    Watford Borough Council is seeking cutting-edge startups and scaleups to help develop LPWAN-enabled solutions to solve challenges facing local authorities in the UK. Challenge winners will receive up to £20k investment to run a live trial.

    added by Digital Catapult 1 min Read
  • What can we expect from Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report

    Our PR associate takes a look at what internet trends we should expect from Mary Meeker.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Paul Beastall appointed to UK5G Advisory Board

    Cambridge Consultants' Paul Beastall has been appointed to the Advisory Board of UK5G. A UK government funded group that brings together organisations across the ecosystem in order to drive the progress of 5G.

    added by Cambridge Consultants 2 min Read
  • GDPR: How cyber liability insurance can protect your business

    Phil Thorpe, Director a S-Tech Insurance Services, explores how cyber liability insurance can help to protect your business against data breach - and how to find the right cover

    added by S-Tech Insurance Services 2 min Read
  • Action needed to sustain growth in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

    We invite interested parties to comment on the interim report. Any responses, views and supplementary evidence should be submitted to the Commission at by 1700hrs on Friday 8th June. The key questions the commission poses can be found at

    2 min Read
  • Why Jobs in the Cambridge Technology Sector are Booming

    Why Jobs in the Cambridge Technology Sector are Booming In the past, London has traditionally been the place to be for the best jobs and salaries in the technology sector. However, a new era is upon us.  Jobs in Technology in Cambridge are growing rapidly, and business in the region is booming.

    added by Amazing Prospects 3 min Read
  • Lost Words

    Inspirational campaign uses lost words to inspire children with the wonders of nature:

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Cofinitive announces campaign to shine spotlight on the Ones to Watch across Cambridgeshire

    A One to Watch could be a significant advancement in an existing field, or the start of something entirely new. In every case, they need to be full of potential that people should stand up and pay attention to - whether that be an individual, a business, a product - and just about anything you can think of that is driving innovation in our region.

    added by Cofinitive 1 min Read
  • Women 4 Technology celebrates 10 years by highlighting the impact of diversity in shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence

    Women 4 Technology, the peer-to-peer forum for commercial leaders in technology and life sciences celebrates 10 years since its launch in Cambridge, with an event exploring a highly topical issue. 

    added by Bailey Fisher Executive Search 4 min Read
  • Covnetics Limited welcomes new starter

    Covnetics Limited welcomes new starter Karapillai Muraleetharan (“Muralee”) into a successful full time FPGA design services role

    added by Covnetics 1 min Read
  • Just a few of our favourite campaigns so far in 2018

    From ‘The Plastic Ocean’ to Lacoste’s ‘Save Our Species’. Check out our favourite campaigns of 2018 so far:

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • GeoSpock launches unique location intelligence platform

    GeoSpock® – the extreme-scale, data integration company that provides analytics, builds insight, and enables predictions across space and time – today announced the launch of its Location Intelligence as a Service (LlaaS) Product Showcase.

    added by GeoSpock 2 min Read
  • Productivity drops in May in the advent of 24 days of email mayhem – hello GDPR

    At Cofinitive we believe in straight talking and saying things as they are, and there is no doubt the Regulations (GDPR) is the biggest change in data protection laws and marketing in 20 years, so here we go.

    added by Cofinitive 1 min Read
  • Sexism, racism, genderism, ageism? There’s been an emoji for everything.

    Our Executive Creative Director takes a look at the brief history of our mobile emotional crutches.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Business lecture explores 'Innovation in Education'

    The next Cambridge Network business lecture next Tuesday (1st May) explores 'Innovation in Education' - looking at how the fast-moving world of technology can provide resources and virtual environments to enable teachers and trainers to motivate and engage with their students.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Job Fair next week offers a world of opportunity

    Cambridge Network's Job Fair next week - on the afternoon of Friday 4th May - promises jobseekers a huge variety of opportunity to connect with leading local employers.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Marketing and rowing

    Rowing is a great metaphor for the work of marketing – so what can we learn from rowers?

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Mental Health Research

    Are you able to help us improve tools for assessing mental health?

    added by Dovetailed 1 min Read
  • La Playa urges Cambridge firms to bolster their Cyber Insurance against new GDPR risks

    With D-Day for GDPR enforcement less than six weeks away, La Playa's Science & Technology practice director Hanna Beaumont warns innovative and disruptive businesses that now's the time to identify your increased risks and overhaul your Cyber Liability Insurance.

    added by La Playa 1 min Read
  • Is Your Recruitment Agency Providing Good Value for Money?

    Is Your Recruitment Agency Providing Good Value for Money?

    added by Amazing Prospects 2 min Read
  • Cinema advertising: how brands can cut through the clutter

    As the old saying goes, timing is everything. This is especially true with marketing, but rarely are there opportunities for brands to have access to a consumer’s undivided attention.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Should brands ditch Facebook? Discussing the pros and cons for businesses

    With Facebook on the news radar on a weekly basis, and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it has really made me ask the question: “Can we trust Facebook with our information and relationships?”.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • ‘Networked for learning’: Cambridge prepares for Learning at Work Week

    Leading Cambridge companies are joining with Cambridge Network’s Learning Collaboration to ramp up training activities to support Learning at Work Week.

    added by Cambridge Network 2 min Read
  • Changes in the Digital Single Market creates opportunities for SMEs

    The opportunity within the digital single market is great for SMEs, particularly with GDPR coming into force.

    added by Enterprise Europe Network 2 min Read
  • New ProFIN multiband antenna VHF, UHF, 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi and Navigation bands.

    ProFin G1 & ProFin G2 Multi-Function Low Profile Vehicle Antenna, New! VHF, UHF, 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi and Navigation bands,

    added by antennaPRO 1 min Read
  • Antenova is shipping new, high performing 3G,4G/LTE antennas for the smallest PCBs

    Antenova Ltd, manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules, is now shipping its two newest antennas: Integra and Inversa. These new chip antennas are designed specifically to perform in 3G and 4G diversity applications with very small PCBs.

    added by Antenova M2M 1 min Read
  • Job Fair offers a world of opportunity

    Cambridge Network's next Job Fair on the afternoon of Friday 4th May promises jobseekers a huge variety of opportunity to connect with leading local employers.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Abducted by aliens

    You’d think that in the overall scheme of things, the threat of abduction by aliens would be towards the lower end of a CEO’s concerns. But being prepared for the possibility is always at the back of my mind. Not because I’m an obsessive X-Files fan, or have been spotting flying saucers over my garden, but because being prepared for it helps to optimise the customer experience we provide, which builds businesses and keeps clients happy.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Business lecture explores 'Innovation in Education'

    The next Cambridge Network business lecture on Tuesday 1st May explores 'Innovation in Education' - looking at how the fast-moving world of technology can provide resources and virtual environments to enable teachers and trainers to motivate and engage with their students.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • The United Kingdom to Detroit: The Global Business Accelerator Programme

    The Autonomous Vehicle (AV) industry is thriving and projected to be worth £28bn in the UK alone by 2035.

    added by Enterprise Europe Network 2 min Read
  • Navigating edu tech - why universities need to up their game

    My boss would probably prefer not to know this, but I was a bad student for most of my life. This was because I was very disengaged by the traditional, ‘teacher lectures and the student takes notes’ format. Fortunately for all concerned this changed when I attended university as it offered a more compelling learning environment.

    added by KISS 3 min Read

    INVESTED INVESTOR’S INTERVIEW WITH QUINTUS LIU, FOUNDER OF HEALTHERA - The Cambridge student who became an entrepreneur and was successful in raising investments. Liu shares his war stories with Peter Cowley, the serial entrepreneur and investor.

    added by Invested Investor 2 min Read
  • PR analytics: don’t be a dinosaur!

    I recently attended an event discussing best practice in PR measurement and evaluation and, whilst most PR professionals will (I hope) be implementing these principles already, it gave me some valuable insight on measurement that’s fit for the future, and how some of the largest institutes in the UK implement their evaluation strategy.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Networked for Learning: discover all about Learning at Work Week

    Cambridge Network is seeking your help to put Cambridge on the 'Learning at Work Week' map. The theme in 2018 for this annual event is ‘Networked for Learning’ - find out more at a lunchtime event on Tuesday 10 April.

    added by Cambridge Network 2 min Read
  • Crisis and reputation - What can Facebook and Oxfam teach your business?

    With Facebook dealing with its biggest crisis to date and with the recent Oxfam crisis, the events of the past few weeks are a timely reminder of how quickly any organisation’s reputation can go downhill, perhaps forever, with massive financial and people consequences.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • ‘Toxic masculinity’ and other opportunities

    At a Most Contagious event in London towards the end of last year, there was much talk about ‘toxic masculinity’ and the roles brands play in influencing attitudes to masculinity and gender. It’s an emotive topic, and one that some brands have latched on to in clever ways, turning contentious issues into opportunities.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Onespacemedia launches new brand and website for Cambridge Science Park

    The Onespacemedia team has launched a new branding and web design project for the Cambridge Science Park, Europe’s oldest and most successful science park.

    added by Onespacemedia 2 min Read
  • KISS sponsors this year’s TEDxCambridgeUniversity

    KISS was proud to be one of the sponsors of this year’s TEDxCambridgeUniversity, which took place on Saturday (17th March) at St John’s College.

    added by KISS 1 min Read
  • Antenova wins the Hardware Award at Embedded World 2018

    Antenova Ltd, manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules, was given the Hardware Award at the Embedded World trade show in Nuremberg. The winning hardware product is Antenova’s patent-pending Robusta antenna, part number SR4G031. This antenna uses a new design approach to operate on metal surfaces. It’s aimed at smart cities, trackers, portable devices and drones. The antenna covers the 1559-1609 frequency range and is designed for simple integration.

    added by Antenova M2M 1 min Read
  • Breed Reply invests in METRON and TAG Sensors

    Breed Reply, a leading active operational investor in early-stage Internet of Things (IoT) businesses, has today announced investments in France-based METRON and TAG Sensors, a Norwegian company.

    added by Breed Reply 4 min Read
  • What is 5G - and why is it so important?

    5G will be one of the most important enablers to the 4th Industrial Revolution - but it must be a "pull" model from these innovative business domains rather than a "push" model from the telecommunication industry. Good, clear and constistent communication and conversations will be vital.

    added by Delivery Management 1 min Read
  • Presenting your offering

    Offerings to gods have been a part of human history for as far back as you care to go. Brand offerings to consumers, not so much. But in recent years, as new technologies and shifting audience demands disrupt the standard pillars of industry, evolving and clarifying your offering to key markets has undoubtedly become more and more important.

    added by KISS 4 min Read
  • CALL FOR ICT RESEARCHERS, POST-DOCS, SMEs and START-UPS: Apply for fully funded, market-driven R&D strategy innovation programme

    Are you a researcher wanting to exploit your ICT research results and have you considered them as a spin-off, patent or licence? Are you a MERLIN project, funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme? Are you an ICT start-up looking to bring a new idea or process to market?

    added by St John's Innovation Centre 1 min Read
  • Looking to disrupt healthcare? Enter the MedImmune Digital Health Challenge

    Have you developed - or are you looking to create - a healthcare solution based on digital technology? If so, you stand the chance of winning £20,000 and mentoring opportunities from MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Taste the Future of Computing!

    We’re looking for participants to take part in research that uses 3D printed food to create Edible Interfaces with computers.

    added by Dovetailed 1 min Read
  • Unlocking the secrets of R&D in IT

    Due to the accelerated rate of change in the IT sector, it can be hard to pinpoint what qualifies for R&D Tax Credits and what doesn't. Find out if you could claim.

    added by MPA Group 3 min Read
  • GDPR and a framework for the future

    To kick things off, a confession: when I first heard of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the new rules that will change how businesses handle personal data when they come into force on the 25th May, my initial reaction was cynicism.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Recruitment Gateway team ramps up for May Jobs Fair after science event success

    Following the success of Cambridge Network's specialist Science Recruitment event last week, its team is gearing up for the next initiative – a general Jobs Fair to be held at Eddington, Cambridge, on Friday 4th May 2018.

    added by Cambridge Network 1 min Read
  • Hunkvertising

    When we talk about objectification, many people might assume that it’s a reference to women. But male objectification is just as important a subject for the gender equality debate, especially since it has increased within advertising.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Cofinitive captures the essence of #ConsultingRepurposed with CAP

    Cambridge Advisory Partners (CAP) has been taking business consulting by storm, challenging the status quo, and they needed their branding and image to match. Fuelled by the passionate “pants on fire” effect that Cofinitive looks for in its clients, it was a natural fit for these two game-changing organisations to collaborate.

    added by Cofinitive 1 min Read
  • Creating ‘one–voice’ for Camrosh

    Camrosh, the strategy consultancy enabling businesses to innovate and grow by taking informed action, has helped many companies from its position at the forefront of innovation and technology. While they recognised their need to review messaging, Camrosh knew it could turn to Cofinitive as a trusted business partner to take care of both the messaging and execution. So they could continue focussing on what they do best, supporting businesses in the face of uncertainty and allowing them to thrive.

    added by Cofinitive 2 min Read
  • Future of Financial Data - 22/01/18

    Thursday night saw a fantastically well received ‘Future of Financial Data’ event jointly hosted by Mills & Reeve and Cambridge Wireless at the Bradfield Centre on the Cambridge Science Park.

    added by Mills & Reeve LLP 2 min Read
  • The Big Picture

    It’s an overused cliché, but a picture does tell a thousand words. So for the creative industries, great images are the lifeblood of much of our work, and will often determine the success, or failure, of a project.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Challenging the Business Consultancy Status Quo

    New Cambridge-based Advisory firm brings decades of Big 4 Experience to contribute to CW membership business and strategy development

    added by Cambridge Advisory Partners 2 min Read
  • How Facebook really knows what you want

    User data is set to be one of the hottest topics of discussion among marketers in 2018, as the industry continues to utilise it for effective targeting and engages with developments like GDPR. And aside from the statistics, you can tell just how powerful user data has become from some of the anecdotes that have emerged online.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • New opportunities in the circular economy

    A hot topic with plenty to offer businesses looking for funding and businesses to partner with.

    added by Enterprise Europe Network 2 min Read
  • The Importance Of Preparation For A Job Interview

    The Importance Of Preparation For A Job Interview

    added by Amazing Prospects 3 min Read
  • Celebrating 3 years of Camrosh: Dealing with complexity so you don’t have to

    At Camrosh we’re at the forefront of innovation and technology and it’s been our role for the last three years to give businesses, in any stage of development, the insights and confidence to thrive in the face of uncertainty.

    added by Camrosh 2 min Read
  • What does Brexit mean for the media and entertainment sector?

    Much has been written regarding Brexit, and the impact this will have on some of our leading industries, including retail, farming, automotive and finance. But what does it mean for our creative sector, particularly media and entertainment? This is something I feel has received comparatively little public attention from politicians and press during the early stages of Brexit.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • The importance of the Circular Economy – why we should all be interested

    Economic growth, while desirable, tends to be linked to consumption, yet consumption cannot continue indefinitely at the expense of the earth’s resources. But there is a movement, ‘the Circular Economy’ which encourages large and small businesses, organisations and individuals to look at all their processes and habits to minimise consumption and waste.

    added by Cambridge Network 2 min Read
  • Discourse, debate and disagreement: how to work in 2018

    Perhaps one of the biggest conversations of 2017 was about conversation itself. What was allowed to be spoken and where? Who could speak about which topics? People came forward having previously felt unable to speak up, while others felt silenced and marginalised. No-platforming seemed to become the biggest platform of all.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Three reasons transparency is vital: anger, villages and tomatoes

    From Triodos Bank to Abel and Cole’s organic food, some brands have made their values clear and made transparency a priority. At KISS, we would argue it’s worked for them. I also believe it’s time for all brands to up their game or get caught out.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • We’re all Fontaholics

    Before I start droning on about the power of fonts and how they influence the way we see words, let’s get one thing clear: a font is not a typeface. A font is a family of typefaces with similar characteristics, whilst a typeface is just a single member of that family. If that helps.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Porn Star Martini or a Prosecco?

    On a recent work social, I spotted a colleague supping a delectable looking cocktail…accompanied by a shot of Prosecco. Too tempting to resist. On further investigation (to use the technical term: sampling) I discovered this delight was called a Porn Star Martini.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Why I’m not going on a diet

    We’re almost at the end of January, and I haven’t yet broken a New Year’s resolution. I’ve eaten the occasional biscuit and leftover Quality Street, and definitely enjoyed some good red wine. But I have nothing to feel guilty about.

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Sue Cartwright joins as Account Director at KISS

    KISS has continued to expand its senior management experience with the appointment of Sue Cartwright as Account Director. Sue joined the team in November to manage various new business wins.

    added by KISS 1 min Read
  • How living your brand values can turn a lead into gold

    Values. Look at any major brand from any industry, be it Google or Airbnb, Coca-Cola or Starbucks, and you’ll see that they have a set of them. The importance of these values in terms of building relationships with consumers is clear – as Howard Schultz, the Starbucks CEO, said: “If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

    added by KISS 3 min Read

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