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  • What is the importance of Coderus’ Cypress Design Partnership?

    Being one of only five approved Cypress Design Partners in the U.K sets Coderus apart from competitors, it means we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality solutions possible for our clients.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Are your contracts writing cheques your insurance can't cash

    We’re always told to ‘read the contract’ before signing, but how many businesses conduct a thorough assessment of the terms? If a company is small, in its infancy, or if an order is crucial to its survival, then a contract review could be overlooked in the haste to secure a deal. But does it really matter?

    added by S-Tech Insurance Services 6 min Read
  • How to Write an ASIC specification: Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want.

    Development costs for many products are measured in millions of dollars. The consequences of being late to market can be devastating to a company. No-one expected the 1990’s band the Spice Girls to identify that one of the key issues in complex product development is the clear and unambiguous definition of the core functionality of the product, known as “Tell me what you want, what you really really want”

    added by EnSilica 1 min Read
  • Did you know that Coderus is the UK and Europe’s only Microchip Design Partner Specialist?

    This prestigious recognition is a huge achievement and really sets us apart from other software and app solution providers.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • TTP Cambridge Half Marathon launches ‘Run Everyone’

    The new virtual event takes place in March to get people together again

    added by TTP plc 2 min Read
  • How will technology continue to transform the restaurant industry in 2021?

    How is the restaurant industry changing because of technology and the pandemic and what trends can we expect for restaurant and food service owners in 2021?

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Sheds and what we can learn from them

    So if you have a shed you don’t want, you know where to find me…

    added by KISS 3 min Read
  • Customisable wireless medical sensor chip with machine learning accelerator enables mass market advanced medical and vital-sign monitors

    EnSilica’s eSi-MediSense is the market’s only single chip medical sensor with wireless capability. Significantly brings down costs of wearable medical devices

    added by EnSilica 2 min Read
  • CommAgility Demonstrates 5G End-to-End Connection Accelerating 5G RAN Development with New Software and Hardware

    CommAgility has achieved the technological milestone of establishing 5G high data rate end-to-end connections with its latest software and reference design products for 5G base stations.

    added by CommAgility 2 min Read
  • Lockdown Diary 3: Technology makes life better

    Next in our new series of conversations with friends of Cambridge Wireless, award-winning engineer Yue Wang shares her 2020 experience, including the new conference norm, winning the CW award, and the importance of 5G.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • Inquests and care providers: The case for legal representation

    Regulatory expert, Alan Millband discusses a recent Supreme Court decision, which has lowered the standard of proof for an 'unlawful killing' conclusion in coroners’ courts, and its impact on those providing care services.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 4 min Read
  • Prepare for a recovery in 2021 - Steve Rawlins CEO Anglia Components

    As 2020 draws to a close, the big markets for electronic components seem to be recovering. Automotive electronics is now at about 90% of pre-lockdown levels, 5G is ramping up and medical / healthcare related markets as you would expect are growing strongly. The new X-Box (Series X) and the Playstation 5 are also imminent and are soaking up manufacturing capacity and inventory now. At the same time, customers who have taken the cautious view and used up their inventory over the year are now being forced to replenish.

    added by Anglia 1 min Read
  • ACAS early conciliation to be a standard 6 week period

    From today, 1 December 2020, the Acas Early Conciliation process is changing. The standard period for Acas Early Conciliation will become 6 weeks in all cases. Previously, parties had an initial 4 weeks which could be extended with consent for a further 2 weeks.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 1 min Read
  • What are 2020’s best tech Christmas gifts?

    How do you find the perfect gift for the tech-obsessed person in your life? With our handy gift guide of course.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Lockdown Diary 2: Coders of Colour marches on

    Next up in our series of conversations with friends of Cambridge Wireless, we hand the reins to Tolulope Ogunremi, founder of diversity in tech group Coders of Colour. The organisation were winners of the ‘Greatest impact on Diversity and Inclusion in Technology’ award at this year’s CWIC event, and Tolulope talks about how this year has been and how, even in lockdown, they continued to help the next generation of coders to be inspired through their work.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • Connecting devices to the IoT the easy way. Or: adding a ‘T’ to the IoT in one easy step

    Every month, we talk to customers who are highly experienced in their area of design, but for the first time are faced with connecting their project safely and securely to the Internet. Devices that you’d never have thought of as potential Things on the Internet now need to be IoT or IIoT enabled to share data, monitor status and/or provide the ability to control or configure devices remotely.

    added by Anglia 5 min Read
  • Chronos awarded Benelux Territory by Partner Microchip Technology Inc

    Chronos to supply and support sync and timing solutions for the Benelux region in addition to the UK, Sweden & Denmark

    added by Chronos Technology 1 min Read
  • Lockdown Diary 1: "Anticipation, empathy and opportunities"

    In the first of a new series of conversations with friends of Cambridge Wireless, Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of smart cities infrastructure specialists Connected Kerb – winner of CWIC’s Most Innovative Startup Award this year – talks about his lockdown experience, how teamwork, empathy and a people-focus have been crucial, and looks ahead to EV in 2021.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • The business case for diversity in HealthTech

    In the latest episode of the Ideas to Impact podcast, Eastern AHSN spoke to scientist and entrepreneur Dr Jason Mellad from Start Codon about why businesses embracing diversity are setting themselves up for success.

    added by EAHSN 1 min Read
  • How much do you know about embedded systems?

    Embedded systems are widely used and have a vast range of applications depending on the purpose required - but how much do you really know about how they work?

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Pivoting in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic: PwC has launched a new Private Business report

    Private Business: The way ahead - PwC has spent six months talking to private businesses about the lessons learned during a year unlike any other

    added by PwC UK 1 min Read
  • Straight talking for in-house marketers

    A quick Q+A with our MD Sarah

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Did you know Coderus is a part of the Qualcomm Extension Program?

    Coderus is proud to be a member of the Qualcomm Extension Program and an Approved IP Integrator.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Parallel Wireless Partners with Vodafone Ireland to Deliver on Their Open RAN Vision

    Open RAN is Set to Enable Faster and Cost-effective 4G Coverage in Ireland

    added by Parallel Wireless UK & EMEA 3 min Read
  • Top tips for operators considering changing the use of their licensed premises

    As the restrictions imposed on everyday life in response to the COVID-19 pandemic continue to evolve, licensing and planning law specialist Jamie Childs examines what operators of licensed premises should consider when contemplating changing the use of their premises.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 3 min Read
  • IoT Could be the Key to Increasing your WFH Productivity

    Are you struggling with productivity since switching to a remote working environment?

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Coderus Contributes to Coronavirus Research

    Folding @ Home is a distributed computing project, which utilises idle computers across the world to complete vital therapeutic research.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • How much do you know about Machine Learning?

    Learn everything you need to know about this exciting emerging technology with our in-depth guide to machine learning.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Kao Data completes executive team with new Chief Executive Officer

    Kao Data, the UK Innovation Corridor’s award-winning state-of-the-art data centre campus, appoints Lee Myall as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer

    added by Kao Data 2 min Read
  • What do you need to know to create a successful app?

    Find out the key components of successful apps with our handy guide so that you can make sure your app has the best chance of success possible.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – updated guidance and new Treasury Direction

    Updates to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (“CJRS”) guidance and a corresponding Treasury Direction were published on 13 November 2020.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 2 min Read
  • Food for the soul: our award-winning pro bono partnership

    Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (CCI) is an arts and well-being organisation that we’ve worked with on a pro bono basis since 2013 and we’re thrilled to say that together we won the National Arts Fundraising School #emcees award for the Best Corporate Partnership 2020.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • What strategic technology trends did Gartner identify in their 2021 report?

    Catch up on all of the technology insights outlined by Gartner with this blog.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • What do you need to know about digital contact tracing?

    What are the facts regarding digital contact tracing? Read our blog for everything you need to know.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Kao Data Ramps-Up Hyperscale Cloud Connectivity for Cambridge with Megaport partnership

    Kao Data, the UK Innovation Corridor’s state-of-the-art data centre campus, has signed a partner agreement with Megaport, a leading Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, expanding hyperscale cloud capabilities at the data centre.

    added by Kao Data 3 min Read
  • cofinitive grows award-winning team to support its rapidly expanding portfolio

    cofinitive has grown its award-winning PR and communications team with two new senior appointments as demand for its services grows.

    added by Cofinitive 2 min Read
  • IoTAS Newsletter - November 2020

    Our latest IoTAS newsletter is live...

    added by IoTAS 1 min Read
  • Empowering widows through innovation

    CW is partnering with The Loomba Foundation to empower widows, and their children, around the world through innovation and advocacy. Read more about the partnership here, including a special Diwali performance from Manorama and Alok Prashad.

    1 min Read
  • MCS Test adds Tektronix to Sales Portfolio

    New Partnership Establishes MCS Test as UK Distributor for Tektronix

    added by MCS Test 2 min Read
  • How much do you know about mobile app architecture?

    Strong, reliable mobile app architecture is essential for the success of your mobile app. Our guide takes you through everything you need to know about mobile app architecture.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Howes Percival advises on successful planning appeal for HB (South Caldecotte) Limited

    Leading law firm Howes Percival has advised HB (South Caldecotte) Limited on its successful planning appeal which grants the developer outline planning permission for a 140-acre strategic employment site, south of Milton Keynes.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 1 min Read
  • Howes Percival featured in The Times’ Best Law Firms

    Howes Percival has been named one of the top 200 law firms in England and Wales in The Times’ Best Law Firms 2021 list published on 5 November 2020.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 1 min Read
  • Howes Percival helps fintech entrepreneur complete sale

    Howes Percival have acted on a transaction in the fast growing fintech sector, completing the sale of EBR Analytics Limited to RIMES Technologies Limited.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 1 min Read
  • Can Radar Be Used for Medical Imaging & Monitoring?

    By Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical and Healthcare at Plextek Ltd. Medical imaging is one of the most important technologies available to doctors and other medical workers, providing critical information for diagnosis and treatment. There is however no single technology for imaging of internal structures that is universally applicable to all tissues, has high resolution, is inexpensive, doesn’t use ionizing radiation, and creates images in real-time. An ideal system would also be portable and low-cost, with the potential for use in ambulances and other out-of-hospital environments. In recent years a substantial body of experimental work has been performed to apply microwave and radar technologies to the field of medical imaging and biosensing.

    added by Plextek 3 min Read
  • Cambridge Wireless and Huawei partner to build the first private 5G testbed in Cambridge Science Park

    CW is teaming up with the global technology leader Huawei, to deploy and build Cambridge’s first 5G mobile private network within the Science Park.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • What are the different types of software and what are they used for?

    Have you ever thought about how software works? This article gives a detailed overview of everything you need to know about software.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Science Comms – a how-to guide for times like these

    One odd silver lining these days is that the amorphous topic of ‘science’ and its value in our lives is much more discussed!

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Anglia speeds automotive and industrial designs with STMicroelectronics AutoDevKitTM™

    Anglia today announced that it is now supporting the accelerated design of automotive systems and similar projects in robotics, automation and other industrial applications with a comprehensive suite of development boards from STMicroelectronics.

    added by Anglia 2 min Read
  • COVID control with Non-Contact Temperature Sensors - David Pearson, Technical Director, Anglia Components

    The COVID-19 pandemic remains at the forefront of people’s minds and the world is looking to utilise helpful technologies to come up with solutions. One of the most obvious signs of infection is a raised body temperature. Being able to detect this in a visitor on arrival can protect occupants and also help warn the individual, who may not know that they could be infected. Of course there are many simple ways to measure human body temperature but a preferred solution is to capture the information quickly and automatically, transparently to the individual being checked, and without contact.

    added by Anglia 2 min Read
  • How much do you know about GPT-3 and the future of AI technology?

    Open AI’s new tool, GTP-3 uses deep learning to reproduce text that realistically mimics human language patterns and it has a number of exciting applications.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Online gaming: how can gamers in Cambridge level up against global rivals?

    From home consoles to tablets and smartphones, gaming has become ubiquitous with our connected devices. But as gaming gets ever more complicated, how can the UK ensure it keeps up?

    added by CityFibre 2 min Read
  • 42 Technology appoints Peter Brown as Head of Manufacturing

    42 Technology has appointed Dr Peter Brown, a senior-level and highly experienced technology and process development consultant, as the consultancy’s first head of manufacturing and digital deposition.

    added by 42 Technology 1 min Read
  • Top legal industry analysts recognise Appleyard Lees as a leading intellectual property firm

    Appleyard Lees IP LLP has recently announced it has been recognised by three top legal industry analysts in the past month.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 1 min Read
  • Furlough to remain open until December 2020

    Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 31 October 2020, the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (“CJRS”), which was due to end, is being extended until December 2020 and the cost to employers will reduce compared to October 2020. The Job Support Scheme will be postponed until the CJRS scheme ends.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 2 min Read
  • Plextek wins DASA contract to prevent offshore windfarms interfering with military communications

    Plextek-DTS has been named as one of the competition winners under the recent Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) competition: “Windfarm Mitigation for UK Air Defence” The initiative is being supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).

    added by Plextek 1 min Read
  • Cambridge Consultants building the world’s largest commercial airborne antenna

    Cambridge Consultants working in collaboration with Stratospheric Platforms Ltd unveils a wireless antenna unlike anything seen before, delivering affordable 5G connectivity from a fleet of zero-emissions aircraft. 

    added by Cambridge Consultants 3 min Read
  • Opportunities for Science comms

    The science communication landscape is one of many things that have been fundamentally upended by today’s pandemic. The role of that amorphous thing called ‘science’ in our lives has never been more public, more discussed or more appreciated. This is an opportunity for those marketing complex products but it’s also exposing the enduring tensions in science-based communications

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • Coderus participates in Hacktoberfest 2020

    Last month, the Coderus team took on the Hacktoberfest challenge - an annual virtual event that encourages people from across the globe to contribute to open source and the coding community.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • What frameworks are best for app development?

    Find out what the best frameworks for app and web development are with our comprehensive, detailed guide.

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • Morello Program one year on: A step closer to securing our digital future

    By Richard Grisenthwaite, senior vice president, chief architect and fellow at Arm.

    added by Arm 3 min Read
  • A golden opportunity to stop selling off the family silver

    By: Alan Cucknell, Head of Ignite Exponential - Plextek's innovation unit. Imagine how different our lives would be today if Michael Faraday had not built the first electrical generator – or if James Watt had not developed the steam engine.

    added by Plextek 3 min Read
  • Influencing the education sector

    The impact of Covid-19 has meant it is crucial for brands to understand consumer behaviour quickly in order to maintain their reputation.

    added by KISS 2 min Read
  • What threats and opportunities is the IoT sector facing?

    With technology becoming more and more intelligent each day, The Internet of Things has grown to extend to multiple home gadgets and items that interact with each other to streamline procedures and our daily activities. But what advancements lie ahead in the future?

    added by Coderus 1 min Read
  • How to prosper through persistent disruption

    By Alan Cucknell, Head of Ignite Exponential - Plextek's innovation unit 2020 has brought with it incredible levels of business disruption: COVID-19, Brexit, technology advances, climate change, and more. Companies that were performing well have overnight seen share prices tumble and customers leave.

    added by Plextek 3 min Read
  • Faye’s Way: A Strategy That Pays Off!

    IF there is anything positive to have come from the impact of coronavirus, it has to be the sudden change in business attitude and direction to a more generous and inclusive way of working with those around us, to ensure our own future business success. It is an approach that entrepreneur, Faye Holland has long recognised and adopted – and the ‘Good Samaritan’ style of working has certainly stood her in good stead long before we’d even heard of COVID-19.

    added by Cofinitive 7 min Read
  • 5G to Account for Half of North America’s Mobile Connections by 2025

    27 October 2020, Los Angeles:  5G will account for more than half of total mobile connections in North America, according to the latest ‘Mobile Economy North America 2020’ report from GSMA Intelligence. Of the region’s forecasted total of 426 million mobile connections, 51 per cent of these will be running on 5G networks by 2025.

    added by GSMA 2 min Read
  • Transportation IOT: Keeping our roads safe

    By: Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business at Plextek Ltd As we all start moving around our transport systems again, I am reminded almost daily by the risks and safety concerns linked to our congested road systems. I have a vision that the public should be able to travel easily without worrying about safety on the roads. Aside from education, vehicle servicing, and standard infrastructure maintenance, I believe IoT technologies will significantly enhance the safety of our public whilst they use our road networks. The transportation industry is a huge investor in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), spending approximately $78 billion from 2016-2018. Safety is a part of ‘Transportation IOT’ that is vital for overall success. In this blog, I list what I consider to be the top 5 areas of transport safety that can be enhanced by IoT technologies:

    added by Plextek 4 min Read
  • 4 big innovation questions

    By Alan Cucknell, Head of Ignite Exponential and Martin Miller, Exponential Design Leader at Ignite Exponential - Plextek's innovation unit. This article was been adapted from the question and answer discussion that followed our July 1st 2020 webinar “Innovating in Scarcity and Uncertainty” hosted by Cambridge Wireless.

    added by Plextek 5 min Read
  • Can Trump rapidly deploy his ‘miracle cure’?

    By: Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical and Healthcare a Plextek Ltd Last Friday Donald Trump was treated with an antibody cocktail made by the biotech company Regeneron. His recovery has prompted him to call for the drug to be made available to all US citizens through an Emergency Use Authorization. However, the safety and effectiveness of the drug have not yet been proven, and there is no way for the President or his doctors to know that the drug had any effect as most people recover from COVID-19. As the Metro states today: “Trump is just one of 10 people receiving the drug, which is still in the experimental phase and is intended to boost antibodies to fight the infection”. Is it logistically possible to fulfil Trump’s statement and take a drug from small scale testing to Nationwide rollout? In this blog, we unravel a bit of the situation.

    added by Plextek 2 min Read

    Early warning system could be rolled out across health care sector, academia and industry partnership.

    added by 8 West Consulting 4 min Read

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