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  • Paper at 87th ARFTG Conference May 2016

    The paper “Maximizing the Benefit of Existing Equipment for Nonlinear and Communication Measurements”, supported by the EMRP "MORSE" and EMRP "HF Circuits", will be presented at the 87th ARFTG meeting (San Francisco) in May 2016.

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  • Progress of the Euramet EMRP project “Metrology for RF and Optical Communications” 22nd June 2015

    CW is a stakeholder in this project. The 24 month meeting will take place on 22nd June. Please send any questions for the team through the Linked-In group or discuss these directly with David Humphreys (Coordinator) 0208 943 6389

    added by National Physical Laboratory 1 min Read
  • Calibration of Wideband Digital Real-time Oscilloscopes (Early access)

    Frequency selection algorithm for spur-free DRTO calibration with measurement examples. We discuss the merits of representing the calibration results either as a convolutional correction (quicker for industry) or as an impulse response. An un-copyedited version of the article is freely available for EMRP Morse stakeholders.

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  • High-speed optical communication measurements at Chalmers University

    Martin Hudlicka (CMI), Irshaad Fatadin and David Humphreys (NPL) have been working with Carl Lundström at Chalmers in the Photonics Laboratory over a three-week period in March 2015, using equipment loaned by Keysight and EXFO to quantify the optical communication system behaviour.

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  • Research reports available to stakeholders

    Research reports now available to "MORSE" project Stakeholders (free to join): 1. MIMO OTA Review 2. Preliminary study to define concept for metrology in LTE systems 3. Antenna pattern measurement–Antenna software modelling packages 4. Antenna pattern measurement–Under-sampling Strategies 5. Antenna pattern measurement–NF to FF Strategies

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  • Support Letters needed: 5G EMPIR proposal (submit 8/10/14)

    Letters/emails of support needed for Euramet EMPIR bid (To be submitted on 8th Oct) NPL, SP, CMI, Univ. Surrey and Chalmers Univ. Work areas SNIR, Massive MIMO, Nonlinearity. Contact David Humphreys or Tian Loh

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  • First Newsletter EMRP IND51 MORSE

    First Newsletter for EMRP Metrology for RF and Optical Communication Systems. Antenna characterisatiion, LTE Power and Photodiode measurements Join as a stakeholder (free) to receive updates directly.

    added by National Physical Laboratory 1 min Read
  • IND51 MORSE website now live

    The website is now available for "Metrology for optical and RF communications systems" Euramet funded Joint Research Project. The JRP develops supporting metrology for the next generation of communications systems. Collaborators and stakeholders welcome.

    added by National Physical Laboratory 1 min Read
  • Compact Covariance paper URSII, 24-25 April 2013

    Preliminary report: compact covariance representation of waveform uncertainties at XXXIII Finnish URSI Convention on Radio Science SMARAD Seminar, Dipoli, Otaniemi, Finland, 24–25 April 2013. Uncertainties represented as time or frequency grow proportional to trace length only. K Ojasalo D A Humphreys P M Harris

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  • Euramet JRP IND51 “MORSE” wins funding start July 2013

    3-year European JRP “MORSE,” Metrology for Optical and RF communication Systems, led by NPL, wins funding (ranked 1st). Metrology support for future MIMO, advanced antenna and Tbit/sec optical communications. Team is 5 NMIs, 3 Industry, 2 Universities. Expected start date July 2013. Cambridge Wireless is a stakeholder CW members can collaborate.

    added by National Physical Laboratory 1 min Read
  • EVM paper published in IEEE Trans IM(V.62 p. 1413 June 2013)

    A method to traceably calibrate source or receiver WCDMA EVM contributions a using a real-time digital oscilloscope as the reference receiver is described. The weighted mean receiver EVM at 900 MHz is 0.35 ± 0.03% at 95% confidence. Measurement results also reported at 1780 and 2510 MHz. IEEE Trans. IM. Vol. 62 (6) pp. 1413 – 1416, June 2013

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  • March Newsletter for EMRP IND16 Ultrafast

    We have just prepared our March 2013 Newsletter, covering the current research: Progress on Waveform uncertainty, EVM measurement, and mm-wave phased-array antenna measurement. If you wish to join the group as an independent stakeholder (free) please contact or

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    The ANAMET Club holds two meetings per year. These meetings are only open to members and are FREE to attend

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  • Successful kick-off meeting for European project

    Successful kick-off meeting held 26-27 July at PTB, Germany for 'Metrology for ultrafast electronics and high-speed communications' project (Euramet 2010 Industry call). The project provides traceable measurements for wireless communications and involves seven European NMIs. Cambridge Wireless member companies are welcome as collaborators.

    added by National Physical Laboratory 1 min Read
  • Communication projects in 2010 Euramet Industry call

    If you face challenges in getting accurate measurements of the performance of your planned wireless products (especially as we move to very high speeds) you may be interested in being involved in proposals that the National Physical Laboratory is preparing for European funding. Involvement will give you access to state of the art tools and techniques and give you the opportunity to influence the development of future tools and techniques.

    added by National Physical Laboratory 1 min Read

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