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  • CW's Scale-up Fortnight

    Join us for our Scale-up Fortnight mini-series between the 8th to the 15th October which will be focusing on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of start-ups and scale-ups!

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • Could your company tap into the potential of the Xiongan New Area?

    CW is running a delegation to the Xiongan New Area, located in Hebei, in October 2019. The trip includes pre-arranged business meetings with relevant companies looking to purchase or invest in UK technology and the opportunity to exhibit at the huge China International Digital Economy Expo.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • The long history of communications regulation

    This guest blog has been contributed by spectrum expert, Simon Pike who will be speaking at our upcoming joint Small Cells & Radio Technologies SIG event on the 21 October 2019.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • What is the impact of 5G on carriers?

    This guest blog has been contributed by Brett Chester, VP of Marketing for Sitetracker who are sponsoring CW TEC 2019: '5G, Satellites & Magic MIMO'

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • Join CW's senior level delegation to China in October

    CW is offering members a package deal to exhibit at the China International Digital Economy Expo (CIDEE) in Shijiazhuang this October.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • CW member SSE Enterprise Telecoms joins forces with Synaptec to enable real-time analysis of UK energy networks, paving the way for smart grids and a more sustainable energy supply

    Power line condition monitoring technology – underpinned by SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ fibre network – will give UK electricity providers enhanced operational visibility of their networks.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Three new directors welcomed to CW’s board

    CW (Cambridge Wireless) has today announced the latest additions to its board. From an extensive list of highly qualified candidates, Olu Orugboh, Ann Fisher and James Chapman were co-opted by current directors.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • “If society is to be sustainable, it must transform across the board”

    For the third event in the year-long CW Unplugged: Tech for the Environment programme, CW assembled a plethora of technology and engineering experts to discuss ‘Tech for Fire’.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 7 min Read
  • All organisations should be great storytellers - new offer for CW members

    As the Fourth Industrial Revolution rapidly changes how people live, work, and communicate, the human currency of storytelling has never been more important nor the tools more varied. CW members can learn about these tools for a discounted rate at an upcoming event run by StoryLab. Its Director, Shreepali Patel, shares her perspective in this guest blog.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • CW member Three UK and SSE Enterprise Telecoms launch fibre test bed in London’s West End to serve business and the busiest retail street in Europe

    SSE Enterprise Telecoms on track to deliver 50% of the underlying network to help enhance Three UK’s 4G and enable it to rollout the UK’s fastest 5G network in this area.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • CW launches the ghd Sustainability Challenge

    CW is pleased to present this new opportunity for five start-ups and SMEs to build a collaborative partnership with the R&D team of internationally renowned consumer device designer: ghd. Teams that meet the criteria are encouraged to register their interest!

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • CW and Tuspark formalise partnership and plan joint activities

    17 July 2019 (Cambridge, UK) – TusPark Investment & Management Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the world’s largest innovation ecosystem, has today signed a year-long partnership agreement with CW, the leading international community for companies in the wireless sector. Future joint events under this agreement will offer UK companies the Chinese perspective on specific fields such as AI, healthcare and clean technology, and provide CW members with guidance and a support network when doing business in China.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • CW partners with Disney’s former VP of Innovation & Creativity on masterclass

    CW members get a 20% discount off this hands-on workshop with code CAMBRIDGEWIRELESS20:

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • CW encourages members to enter the SMMT Future Mobility Challenge 2019

    CW are pleased to be one of the partners for the upcoming SMMT Future Mobility Challenge which will be taking place on the 17 October 2019.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • Top 10 Highlights of CWIC 2019

    Yesterday, 400 technologists dedicated to the digitisation of industry gathered at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre to discuss the state of technology adoption in vertical markets and what the engineering community could do to further support its roll-out.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • “Environmental sense makes common sense”

    For the second event in the year-long CW Unplugged: Tech for the Environment programme, CW assembled a plethora of technology and agriculture experts to discuss ‘Tech for Earth’.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 7 min Read
  • CW signs agreement with China Electronics Chamber of Commerce

    On 11 June, Simon Mead, CEO of CW (Cambridge Wireless), and LiHui Peng, Secretary General of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (CECC), marked the start of closer collaboration between the technology and electronics sectors of our two nations.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • When wireless meets wellies - CWIC 2019

    Digital livestock production, smart plants and 24/7 indoor salad production are some of the ways the digital revolution is driving rapid growth in the agri-tech sector. Start-ups 30MHz, Breedr and LettUs Grow are part of a new breed of technology companies aiming to improve productivity and sustainability in agriculture, but they will be quick to stress at CWIC 2019 that domain knowledge has been essential for success. They are presenting in the Agriculture track of the conference, hosted by Agri-Tech East and Allia Serious Impact.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • Are you missing out on the best graduate talent?

    In a highly competitive technology skills environment, student work placements offer a low-risk recruitment strategy for firms looking to access the best junior engineering talent coming through university. This summer, CW is partnering with Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) and the UK Electronic Skills Foundation (UKESF) to encourage more organisations within our technology community to consider taking on one or more work placement students.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 7 min Read
  • Digital technologies helping keep the nation powered

    Book your place at CWIC 2019

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 7 min Read
  • Delivering Effective IoT Safe City Solutions

    This guest blog has been contributed by CW Member & CW International Conference sponsor: Plextek. It has been written by Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Rural Connected Communities Project launches with CW-led UK5G running 5 UK workshops

    DCMS, working with UK5G, is running consultation in June 2019 to help define the new Rural Connected Communities (RCC) project. You are encouraged to attend one of five UK-wide workshops listed below.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • CWIC 2019 Blog: One month to go, agenda is finalised

    This week the CW International Conference Committee have been delighted to announce eight new speakers to the CW International Conference line-up:

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Technology is core to an efficient, sustainable agri-business

    This guest blog has been contributed by Andrew Pockson, Divisional Marketing Manager for Anglia who are gold sponsors of CWIC 2019's Agriculture track.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • CW community supports two ventures revolutionising air quality management

    CW assembled a plethora of technology and air quality monitoring experts for its first event in the 2019 CW Unplugged “Tech for the Environment” programme, “Tech for Air”.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 7 min Read
  • Understanding IoT Business Models or “Who killed my Unicorn?”

    This guest blog has been contributed by Nick Hunn, CTO of WiFore Consulting and the leader of CW's upcoming Training Seminar "Understanding the IoT for your business". Places are still available for his session in Cambridge on 29 May.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 16 min Read
  • Digital Sector Strategy for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough delivered to Business Board

    Cambridge Wireless (CW) and Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) have delivered the first ever Digital Sector Strategy to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) Business Board. Content from this document has already been adopted into the new Local Industrial Strategy, and recommendations are starting to be progressed.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • CWIC 2019 Blog - April - Early bird pricing ends 30 April

    With two days left before tickets to the CW International Conference reach full price (£150/members, £450/non-members), CW is pleased to announce additional speakers, sponsors and exhibitors who will help make your decision to buy "Early Bird" easy.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • CWIC 2019: The evolving enterprise journey

    The telecommunications industry has aspirations to become the platform on which all industries can base their operations, similar to the way in which the IT industry has become the platform for all non-performance critical enterprise applications over recent years.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • CW helping deliver the £2.4 million UK / South Korean 5G challenge

    CW, the lead partner in the UK5G Innovation Network, is helping to manage a new UK / South Korea 5G competition launched today by Digital Minister Margot James.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • Passive Antennas: “The Report of my Death was an Exaggeration!”

    This guest blog was contributed by network infrastructure solutions specialist, Commscope. Its author, Colin Bryce, is their Director of Mobile Network Engineering and will be speaking at CW’s “5G wide area coverage: macro-cells – the why and the how” on 9 May.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • CW supports the IET Innovation Awards 2019

    The IET have launched this year's Innovation Awards competition, the annual opportunity for the technology and engineering community to recognise its best achievements. CW are delighted to be supporting it once again!

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • CWIC 2019: Agri-Food Looks Outwards to Embrace the Digital Revolution

    Agri-food is one of the last sectors of the economy to become fully digitised despite exhaustive requirements from regulators, retailers and others in the value chain for data. This creates a major opportunity for non-traditional players to support the industry, as will be shown at the CW International Conference on 26 June.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • CWIC 2019 Blog – April – New Speakers Added to Line-Up

    While today is April Fools’ Day, CW’s International Conference committee have not been messing around when it comes to lining up cutting-edge businesses to lead Digitising Industry on 26 June.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Is technology killing democracy?

    On 28 March, the CW community was joined by John Naughton (Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities (CRASSH), University of Cambridge) and Carl Miller (Research Director, CASM, Demos) to debate the hypothesis that technology was killing democracy – and if it was, what was to be done?

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 5 min Read
  • The Future Of Automotive Sensor Technology

    Today’s autonomous vehicles rely on a wide variety of sensors to provide the spatial awareness necessary to navigate autonomously without intervention from the driver - and innovative radar technology compliments this plethora of sensors, forming the next evolutionary step in the advance to develop and deploy autonomous vehicles into our daily lives.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • WIPO reports a massive surge in artificial intelligence (AI) patents

    It is not a secret that AI is increasingly important for developments in technology and business.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • CW Board Elections 2019

    Spring time means elections for CW. As you are probably aware, Cambridge Wireless Ltd is effectively owned by its Members who elect the governing Board responsible for the organisations' strategic direction. Each spring we carry out an election process for any board positions that are expiring.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • CWIC 2019 Blog – March – First Speakers Announced

    The CW International Conference committee have been hard at work over the past month honing the track themes and reaching out to a range of fantastic speakers from both the technology sector and vertical markets.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • CW to support Cambridge BioTech Week, a showcase of Cambridge's innovation

    The city of Cambridge, a global hub for research and healthcare innovation, is to host Cambridge BioTech Week from 24-28 June 2019. The week will feature a series of events dedicated to celebrating, showcasing and accelerating the biotechnology and health technology work taking place in and around Cambridge.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • CWIC 2019: Can digitisation deliver the improvements you expect?

    This blog is contributed by Andy Rhodes, CWIC committee member and Operations Director at 42 Technology,

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • Just who do you think you are? Identity, anonymity and misbehaviour online

    The first event in the engineering trust programme was held on Thursday 7 February in the Bradfield Centre and was led by James Chapman, Laura James, Paul Morris and Tim Phipps.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 7 min Read
  • How are you Digitising Industry to exceed customer expectations?

    This blog is contributed by Derek Long, Chair of the CW International Conference Committee and Head of Telecoms & Mobile, Wireless & Digital Services at Cambridge Consultants.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • CW announces Bahir Dar Digital Infrastructure Initiative

    CW is collaborating with Regional State Government, Bahir Dar University and local delivery partners to deploy world-class connectivity infrastructure in a rapidly growing city in Ethiopia.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • CW launch the 2019 International Conference

    CW have today announced the return of their popular annual conference with a call for speakers and a time-limited release of early-bird tickets.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • 2018 - A Year of CW

    With 2018 coming to a close within the next few weeks, we are taking a look back at all that CW has accomplished during the year that Prince Harry married Meghan Markle and England came 4th in the Fifa World Cup.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 8 min Read
  • Rachel Kerr announced as new CW Head of Events

    Rachel Kerr, well known to many in the CW Community as an exceptionally organised and driven Event Manager, has been promoted to Head of Events.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Call for local business to influence the region's digital future

    Are you part of a technology company? Are you working in a company being transformed by technology? Are you passionate about the future of our region?

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • Simon Mead Starts as CW CEO

    Thursday 1 November marks Simon's first day as CEO. He was announced as Robert Driver's successor in September following a thorough recruitment process by the CW board. He comes to CW straight from the University of Essex where he ran the Eastern Enterprise Hub, delivering mentor-driven networking programmes to support SMEs and social enterprises.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • Learnings on AI in Diagnostic Imaging

    A rising shortfall of trained diagnostic imagers in the NHS, combined with an increased reliability and abundance of commoditised AI algorithms, and changes in regulation to encourage innovation in the field of medtech - for example France announcing the creation of a health data hub - makes now the perfect time for computer scientists to be applying image recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to the healthcare sector.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 5 min Read
  • Lessons Learned at CW TEC 2018. Guest Blog Written by Stephen Unger

    In this blog, Stephen Unger (former CTO at Ofcom and Chair of the CW TEC 2018 Steering Committee) outlines his impressions of "The Inevitable Automation of Next Generation Networks".

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Online Poster Display: Radio Technology for 5G - Making It Work

    Twenty four posters were on display at the joint Radio Technology and Academic & Industry SIG event on 18 September. A selection are available here for those in the CW community who couldn't make the event. Please get in touch with CW if you would like introductions to anyone involved in these projects!

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • Radio technology for 5G - making it work. Guest blog written by Roger Green.

    On 18th September CW held a well-received joint Radio Technology and Academic Industry SIG event. Here, University of Bristol PhD student Roger Green, discusses his experience.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • Winners of Discovering Start-Ups 2018 Announced

    On Monday 17 September 2018, CW assembled the cream of the technology start-up and investor community at the CMS London HQ for an intense afternoon of pitching and networking.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • CW (Cambridge Wireless) names Simon Mead as new CEO

    CAMBRIDGE (UK) – 13/09/2018 – CW (Cambridge Wireless), the technology membership organisation, today announce that Simon Mead will take over as Chief Executive Officer on 1 November following the exit of current leader, Bob Driver.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • CW Announces Programme for CW Technology & Engineering Conference

    With two weeks until the CW Technology and Engineering Conference 2018, CW is delighted to announce the full programme with an array of exciting speakers lined up to address the role of artificial intelligence in delivering Next Generation Network performance

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • ghd and CW (Cambridge Wireless) establish Innovation Hive in Cambridge and seek technology start-ups

    ghd and CW (Cambridge Wireless) announce today a partnership that brings a new form of accelerator to the technology start-up scene. The ghd Innovation Hive will contribute to the design of the next era of beauty and hair electronics, and the call for start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs to enter is now open.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • Taking matters into our own hands: 5 reasons to invest in female founders

    Angel Academe, a Discovering Start-Ups 2018 judge, is an award winning angel network who backs ambitious technology start-ups with at least one woman on the founding team. Here, Sarah Turner explores how more can be done to encourage diversity in technology and entrepreneurship.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • ADV Seek Bright Founders Building the Future

    Tong Gu from Accelerated Digital Ventures (ADV) is one of the 24 judges at Discovering Start-Ups 2018. Here, her team introduce themselves to you before the final on Monday 17 September.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Allia Delivers Serious Impact to Technology Start-Ups

    Allia Serious Impact provides a range of programmes to support entrepreneurs to develop and grow impact ventures. The programme has so far worked with over 1,000 ventures and entrepreneurs to explore their ideas, innovate, start up, grow or scale. Paul Hughes from Allia is a judge at the CW Discovering Start-Ups Competition in September.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Finalists Announced for Discovering Start-Ups 2018

    Fifty one ambitious start-ups applied to Discovering Start-Ups 2018. Yesterday, CW announced the finalists who have won the opportunity to pitch to an elite panel of technology investors and business leaders.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • Syndicate Room: The Art of Fundraising

    Discovering Start-Ups judge, Miruna Girtu of the Syndicate Room, has compiled a guide to assist start-ups through the seemingly opaque journey of early stage funding. In this blog, she provides some background to the report.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Delta2020: What I Look for in a Start-Up

    Simon Thorpe of Delta2020 is a judge in this year's Discovering Start-Ups competition. Simon is Managing Partner at Delta2020 as well as a board member of CCG, Cambridge Angels and Angel Academe. His portfolio consists of over 30 companies including Cambridge-based Eagle Genomics, Healx, Myrtle, RoadMap, Spectral Edge and ViewRanger.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • Who are the Discovering Start-Ups Judges?

    We have over 20 angel investors and business leaders judging the Discovering Start-Ups finalists on Monday 17 September, assessing which businesses they think are the most likely to thrive! Who are these judges and what ventures have they backed in the past?

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • Where are Discovering Start-Ups winners now?

    The Discovering Start-Ups competition connects promising technology entrepreneurs to leading technology investors. Where are previous applicants now, and how has the competition helped them grow?

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • Resources Now Available - CW International Conference - Thinking Beyond the Hype

    The CW International Conference on 4 July saw over 30 speakers take to the stage to debate breakthrough technologies in seven different technology areas. Where speaker permissions have been provided, event resources are listed below.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • A telecommunications success story, and a chance for Manchester

    In this podcast, CW member TalkTalk (Neil McArthur) talks to Peter Cowley of The Invested Investor about his experiences from selling potatoes door-to-door as a child in his hometown of Salford to setting up his own business that would later become TalkTalk.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • The secret art of early-stage investment

    In this podcast, CW member St Johns Innovation Centre (David Gill) talks to Peter Cowley of The Invested Investor about how his meandering investment journey has taken him from law, to corporate finance, to running fund operations at HSBC, to managing the highly successful tech incubator St John’s Innovation Centre, in Cambridge.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 1 min Read
  • CW Community Ventured Beyond the Hype at CW International Conference 2018

    On 4 July over 400 delegates from the international technology community descended to the inspirationally beautiful Wellcome Genome Campus for a day of diverse networking, insightful track sessions and inspirational keynotes.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • CW Unplugged - Tech for Water

    CW Unplugged events bring together innovative start-ups, impact investors, designers and engineers who won’t be scared to ask the tough questions and who discuss solutions. Our most recent Unplugged event on Tech for Water was no exception!

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 10 min Read

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