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  • Spring into the fast lane: Technology start-ups need a secure supply chain to help them grow - John Bowman, Marketing Director Anglia Components

    After two years of unparalleled business uncertainty, there’s finally a hint of spring in the air and wise technology start-ups are already putting out the feelers to ensure that a weak supply chain won’t hamper their businesses’ rapid growth. Supply chain isn’t their core expertise though, and distributors need to help to ensure that they can get their products into the hands of customers quickly, in line with their business plan.

    added by Anglia 4 min Read
  • Specifying a battery – the five key questions

    As demand for batteries has grown across industrial and consumer applications, battery manufacturers have responded with a wealth of new products, including completely new chemistries. Whilst on the whole this is a good thing, there are now so many battery chemistries available including the associated options for intelligent battery management systems (BMS) and protection circuits, specifying the right battery for an application can give engineers a real headache. To help, Brian Newby, Technical Marketing Engineer at Anglia has set out the five key questions that you should be asking yourself when choosing a battery, leading to a list of the eleven technical parameters you will need to specify.

    added by Anglia 5 min Read
  • How Battery Manufacturers Can Tackle the Challenge of Current and Future Supply Chain Disruptions

    In this article UL provides few tips to battery manufacturers to face the tremendous challenge of a components shortages that the electronics industry is still facing. In fact, battery manufacturers must wait several months for delivery after ordering components. At the same time, the demand for lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries has risen sharply due to the automotive industry’s shift to electric vehicles as well as surging demand for battery-operated consumer electronics.

    added by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 4 min Read
  • Doing Business in China's Semiconductor Industry (Part One): Quick Industry Snapshots

    What has the growth been like in China’s semiconductor sector? And where will the new billions of investment go? At the recent Crayfish China Semiconductor Roundtable, Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO of took the audience through the latest figures and trends.

    added by 1 min Read
  • Transition to IEC 62368-1 from IEC 60950-1 and IEC 60065

    Before granting market access, many countries now require audio/video and information and communication technology equipment to comply with IEC 62368-1, replacing IEC 60065 and IEC 60950-1.

    added by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 2 min Read
  • COVID presents challenge and opportunity for medical electronics - By John Bowman, Marketing Director, Anglia Components

    The market for medical and healthcare products continues to accelerate. There is still a high demand for ventilators and other patient-connected systems. The drive to streamline treatments to optimise the valuable time of healthcare professionals is increasing the requirement for instruments of all kinds. Telemedicine and eHealth markets are also expanding rapidly, as medical professionals move to remotely diagnose, monitor and treat patients outside of a dedicated healthcare environment. This is helping to reduce the burden on health services and at the same time has the added benefit of limiting potential exposure to the virus for both parties.

    added by Anglia 2 min Read
  • The Year of the Tiger – What is on the Horizon?

    Read about China’s economic growth in 2021 across all sectors and the key policy focus and investment areas of 2022.

    added by 4 min Read
  • COVID accelerated design but slowed supply in 2021

    Anglia helps designers navigate a difficult supply chain and exploit strong demand by Steve Rawlins, CEO, Anglia Components Ltd.

    added by Anglia 4 min Read
  • Compact high energy density Supercapacitors

    Kyocera AVX latest PrizmaCapTM offers Best-In-Class performance David Pearson, Technical Director at Anglia looks at the latest PrizmaCapTM supercapacitor from Kyocera AVX and how it can be utilised to help developers improve performance and longevity of their battery system.

    added by Anglia 5 min Read
  • Taking the Complexity out of Connectivity for IoT applications

    Connectivity is now a prerequisite for the majority of electronic products to enable the smart features demanded by today’s consumers. Bluetooth is an extremely popular option, as it operates in the same unlicensed 2.4GHz frequency band anywhere in the world and is compatible with a vast range of consumer electronics devices especially smartphones. The latest Bluetooth Low Energy standard maintains the wide interoperability with Classic Bluetooth, now pervasive in all of our smartphones, but offers dramatically reduced power consumption and extended range at a lower cost for a much wider adoption in our daily life.

    added by Anglia 6 min Read

    The National Security and Investment Act 2021 (the Act) comes into force on 4 January 2022 but has retrospective effect and already applies to transactions completed on or after 12 November 2020.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 7 min Read
  • Someone’s copying my invention! What should I do?

    What do you do if, before you have obtained a granted patent, a third party starts selling a product that looks like your invention? Is there anything you can do to stop the third party? Does your patent application provide you with any rights before the patent is granted? Parminder Kaur Lally and Simon Ambroz answer these questions in the article below.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 5 min Read
  • Billion Dollar Code: how start-ups can win the Quids Game

    Netflix's 'The Billion Dollar Code' is the real-life story of how a tech start-up lost a billion dollars. In this article, patent attorney Parminder Kaur Lally explains some of the mistakes made by the start-up in the show, and how modern-day start-ups can avoid making the same errors. (Please be aware, this article contains spoilers).

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 6 min Read
  • Unique Silent Switcher designs offer high efficiency at high switching frequencies >2MHz with ultra-low EMI

    An important aspect of power supply design is ensuring it can achieve a high efficiency, typically 90%+, whilst at the same time meeting all regulatory standards that apply.

    added by Anglia 6 min Read
  • Connected meters, alarms and cameras? - David Pearson, Technical Director at Anglia

    Creating building automation-ready smart meters, fire alarms and security cameras Analysts predict that the market for building automation systems will double in the 5 year period up to 2023 analysts predict the global market for building automation systems will double in size as building designers seek to improve the safety, reliability, convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency of domestic and commercial buildings. This has significant implications for the design of systems that have been present in buildings for some time which now need to be connected and smart. Examples include energy meters, fire and smoke alarms and security cameras. How can designers of these products bring their solutions up to date?

    added by Anglia 5 min Read
  • The Foundation for IoT Success is Business Strategy

    This guest blog was authored by big data analytics experts Zizo who are proudly sponsoring the Manufacturing and Logistics session at CWIC 2021.

    added by Zizo Software 4 min Read
  • How we can work together to tackle the digital divide?

    With lots of everyday services moving online, from healthcare to shopping, access to technology is becoming vital to our day to day lives. But some in society face major challenges when trying to access the world online.

    added by CityFibre 2 min Read
  • How digital connectivity is changing the way we think about money

    From retail to entertainment and even healthcare, virtually every part of our lives has experienced a shift to digital – but perhaps none more so than banking and finance.

    added by CityFibre 2 min Read
  • What are the driving forces behind the business service revolution?

    In the post Covid landscape, digital technologies have changed how we do business. What forces are driving the shift in how companies buy business services online? And what does this change look like? Read the latest blog by Ting Zhang, the CEO & Founder of, a digital platform that offers businesses the quality services and global connections needed to accelerate their international expansion, with a focus on Asia.

    added by 3 min Read
  • Hybrid working and what we must learn from fully remote companies

    In the future of work, workers will want, and the best will demand, to work where they want to. The winning companies will be those that have implemented a remote-first culture, with a trust and outcomes-based way of operating, and no advantage or disadvantage to working in the office or remotely. But this fundamental shift presents leadership challenges. What changes can leaders implement to succeed in the post-pandemic future of work?

    added by Bailey Fisher Executive Search 2 min Read
  • Gesture control of laboratory instrumentation

    Stephen Guy, chief technical officer at the Plextek and Design Momentum Life Science Partnership, explores how to communicate with collaborative robots in a lab environment. The recent rush to develop effective tests for COVID-19 and the successful roll-out of the vaccination programme has put unprecedented pressure on laboratory staff all over the world. This has highlighted the need for increased laboratory automation, but these environments differ markedly from factory floors, meaning that robots often need to work in confined spaces and integrate more closely with humans.

    added by Plextek 4 min Read
  • Review of EPO Software Decisions in 2020

    A review of EPO software decisions in 2020, and a look at the statistics and some of the more interesting cases published in 2020.

    added by J A Kemp LLP 18 min Read
  • Are your contracts writing cheques your insurance can't cash

    We’re always told to ‘read the contract’ before signing, but how many businesses conduct a thorough assessment of the terms? If a company is small, in its infancy, or if an order is crucial to its survival, then a contract review could be overlooked in the haste to secure a deal. But does it really matter?

    added by S-Tech Insurance Services 6 min Read
  • Connecting devices to the IoT the easy way. Or: adding a ‘T’ to the IoT in one easy step

    Every month, we talk to customers who are highly experienced in their area of design, but for the first time are faced with connecting their project safely and securely to the Internet. Devices that you’d never have thought of as potential Things on the Internet now need to be IoT or IIoT enabled to share data, monitor status and/or provide the ability to control or configure devices remotely.

    added by Anglia 5 min Read
  • The business case for diversity in HealthTech

    In the latest episode of the Ideas to Impact podcast, Eastern AHSN spoke to scientist and entrepreneur Dr Jason Mellad from Start Codon about why businesses embracing diversity are setting themselves up for success.

    added by EAHSN 1 min Read
  • Telco Edge Computing: How To Partner With Hyperscalers

    Both telcos and hyperscalers want to capture the value at the edge, but they need to work together to deliver of edge computing solutions and generate demand among customers. How can operators collaborate with hyperscalers while strengthening their role beyond connectivity?

    added by STL Partners 5 min Read
  • How CityFibre’s gigabit-capable broadband network will transform lives in Cambridge

    We may be a nation suffering from Zoom fatigue, but if the last few months has shown us anything, it is just how important digital connectivity is.

    added by CityFibre 2 min Read
  • Supporting the next generation of engineers through COVID 

    Nick Hill, CEO at Plextek, reflects on a tough time for school and university students and explains why he was determined to keep his commitment to engineering internships  

    added by Plextek 3 min Read
  • How Virtual Reality (VR) could shape the post-virus recovery

    Dr Nigel Whittle, head of medical and healthcare at design and engineering consultancy Plextek, looks at the devastating effects of lockdown on mental health and considers the varying uses of VR technology in combatting the rise in anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness.

    added by Plextek 4 min Read
  • COVID-19’s lessons for medical equipment design

    What we’ve learned and how to make it happen - John Bowman, Marketing Director and Lead: Medical Task Force, Anglia Components

    added by Anglia 5 min Read
  • Are you making this common founder mistake?

    But we’ve seen too many founders leave thinking about their comms too late, which is a huge mistake!

    added by cofinitive Ltd 4 min Read
  • Epidemic exposes the fragility of our supply chain - Steve Rawlins CEO Anglia Components Ltd.

    COVID-19 has affected our industry less than some, but nevertheless there has been serious disruption to the supply chain. Although overall the picture has improved since the start of the outbreak, Chinese manufacturing still isn’t back to full strength. It is already very apparent, though that Coronavirus has pitilessly exposed the fragility of the supply chain in our industry.

    added by Anglia 4 min Read
  • Patent Of The Month – Intellectual Property For R&D

    Rayyan Mughal, of Marks & Clerk Law LLP, looks at what you need to consider when working in international R&D teams, collaborations and university spin-out companies.

    added by Marks & Clerk 3 min Read
  • Is Your Business “Covid Secure”?

    Howes Percival's health and safety law experts discuss what the latest Government guidance means for businesses and what employers need to think about to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 in the workplace.

    added by Howes Percival LLP 5 min Read
  • Green innovation and IP in the UK post-COVID-19: part one – green energy

    As the UK experiences a record number of coal free days, we launch the first piece in our series, Green innovation and IP in the UK post-COVID-19, exploring drivers of ‘green’ innovation in energy, materials, processes and more. Will the COVID-19 pandemic impact development or protection of green innovation?

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 3 min Read
  • Intellectual property for start-ups in a post-COVID world: part five – managing know-how and trade secrets

    This series of articles explores the effect of COVID-19-related disruption on start-ups’ management and monetisation of intellectual property (IP), giving practical guidance to start-ups to improve and preserve their position for the future. In this article, we look at what trade secrets and know-how are, and how the management of these IP rights may change while companies are operating under COVID-19 restrictions.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 6 min Read
  • Progressing innovation outside the lab: a task list for researchers during lockdown – part three, physics and engineering innovation

    Lab-based scientists may not be able to access their workspace during lockdown, but there are things that can be done remotely to further an IP programme. In part three of our series, “Progressing innovation outside the lab”, we outline strategic tasks that physics- and engineering-focussed researchers and scientists can complete to further intellectual property during time away from the lab.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 6 min Read
  • With 5G here, what’s next for the Internet of Things?

    We are only at the beginning of the 5G era yet we have already witnessed an unprecedented rate of 5G network buildouts and increasing demand for support of a wide range of 5G devices, starting with the smartphone. At Qualcomm, our vision for 5G is a unifying connectivity fabric for the Internet of Things (IoT), giving rise to our hyper-connected future. We believe 5G will touch on all aspects of our lives, addressing the insatiable need to become even more connected. It is expected that with new capabilities and efficiencies, 5G will continue to expand the reach of wireless communications to new industries far beyond the traditional mobile ecosystem.

    added by Qualcomm Technologies International 5 min Read
  • Intellectual property for start-ups in a post-COVID world: part four – patenting software

    In part four of our series, Intellectual property for start-ups in a post-COVID world, patent attorney and electronics specialist, Andrew McKinlay looks at patenting software innovation and if start-ups should adjust their approach to patenting software given COVID-19 related disruption.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 5 min Read
  • Intellectual property for start-ups in a post-COVID world: part three – managing commercial IP

    This series of articles explores the effect of COVID-19-related disruption on start-ups’ management and monetisation of intellectual property (IP), giving practical guidance to start-ups to improve and preserve their position for the future. Part three of our series, Intellectual property for start-ups in a post-COVID world, focuses on protecting commercial IP.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 3 min Read
  • Intellectual property for start-ups in a post-COVID world: part two – trade marks

    A series of articles exploring the effect of COVID-19-related disruption on start-ups' management and monetisation of intellectual property, an essential consideration for start-ups in the growth and development phase. These articles focus on specific challenges start-ups are facing right now. In the second article of the series, trade mark attorney Rachel Garrod explores what's changing, what's not, and how to navigate the uncertainty.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 4 min Read
  • Intellectual property for start-ups in a post-COVID world: part one – patents

    A series of articles exploring the effect of COVID-related disruption on start-ups' management and monetisation of intellectual property, an essential consideration for start-ups in the growth and development phase. These articles focus on specific challenges start-ups are facing right now. In the first of the series, patent attorney Parminder Lally explores what's changing, what's not, and how to navigate the uncertainty.

    added by Appleyard Lees IP LLP 5 min Read
  • In the week that mobile world congress didn’t happen in Barcelona, could this be the end of the road for massive trade shows?

    As fears of international travel continue, this week’s empty halls at Mobile World Congress (MWC), have given rise to the question of the place of massive international trade shows in a post-climate-crisis world.

    added by cofinitive Ltd 3 min Read
  • Achieving supply chain certainty in uncertain times

    In today’s unsettled market, it’s a good feeling to be able to walk out of your office and see the components required to build next week’s or next month’s production sitting there on the shelf. Yet the CFO might take a less positive view. Inventory ties up working capital that might be better employed elsewhere in the business. What if requirements change and orders get pushed back or even cancelled, are you stuck with the inventory? Yet if you see a sudden spike in demand you’ll run out of inventory anyway. Who monitors that inventory as it is used, and takes care that it is replenished?

    added by Anglia 2 min Read
  • Five steps for managing obsolescence - By Claire Stevenson, Quality Manager, Anglia Components

    In the light of the looming RoHS 3 deadline, it is extremely opportune to think about obsolescence. Although there is always a regular churn of parts being withdrawn because the demand dries up (or anticipated customer interest doesn’t materialise) sometimes there is a bigger picture. Directives like RoHS 3 result in what might be termed an obsolescence event: a whole slew of devices becoming obsolete at once. Regulatory issues aren’t the only cause for these events though – sometimes other industry changes lead to whole classes of device becoming unavailable. How can prudent purchasing teams avoid being caught out?

    added by Anglia 4 min Read
  • Digital technologies helping keep the nation powered

    Book your place at CWIC 2019

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 7 min Read
  • Delivering Effective IoT Safe City Solutions

    This guest blog has been contributed by CW Member & CW International Conference sponsor: Plextek. It has been written by Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 2 min Read
  • Passive Antennas: “The Report of my Death was an Exaggeration!”

    This guest blog was contributed by network infrastructure solutions specialist, Commscope. Its author, Colin Bryce, is their Director of Mobile Network Engineering and will be speaking at CW’s “5G wide area coverage: macro-cells – the why and the how” on 9 May.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 4 min Read
  • The Future Of Automotive Sensor Technology

    Today’s autonomous vehicles rely on a wide variety of sensors to provide the spatial awareness necessary to navigate autonomously without intervention from the driver - and innovative radar technology compliments this plethora of sensors, forming the next evolutionary step in the advance to develop and deploy autonomous vehicles into our daily lives.

    added by CW (Cambridge Wireless) 3 min Read
  • Patent Box: What you need to know

    The Patent Box regime is a Corporation Tax relief, introduced in April 2013, which enables companies to pay a reduced rate of tax (10%) on profits generated from patented inventions. Our Senior Tax Specialist, Lisa Baum, explains more.

    added by MPA 3 min Read

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