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2017 Winners


ZiFiSense is a fast-growing Cambridge-based IoT technology provider. Based on the ZETA LPWAN technology, ZiFiSense provides complete end-to-end IoT solutions to industrial customers and it has built the largest license-free LPWAN in China. ZiFiSense has developed three categories of solutions including smart city, smart lighting and smart community for serving multiple vertical markets. Our customers include large corporations such as mobile operators, government, system integrators as well as many small/medium size enterprises across the globe.


Keyboards, tablets, car dash panels, gaming consoles and almost all electronic product controls have the same limitation: bundles of on/off buttons that are uninspiring to use and expensive to manufacture. Tangi0 created a platform technology replacing all electronic sensor complications with one flexible touch-sensitive material, producing 3 dimensional controls that are ergonomic, intuitive and engaging. The patent-pending technology leaps into exciting applications: making tactile gaming consoles robust and fun to use; making effortless car interior controls with appealing finishes; creating ergonomic computer peripherals solving repetitive strain issues; and even making interactive products accessible for the visually impaired.


Codeplay Software connects the most advanced processor systems to artificial intelligence frameworks enabling the latest machine learning and vision processing applications. Automotive ADAS and autonomous vehicles, cloud compute and smart vision IoT systems all benefit from using well known open standards, resolving a) engineering skills availability, b) increased reusability, c) reduced system complexity and ultimately d) faster time-to-market. Codeplay is internationally recognised as experts in heterogeneous processing systems, having many years of experience implementing open standards based systems including OpenCL™, SYCL™ and Vulkan™. The target platforms typically involve the highest performance and complex processors used for graphics, compute, neural network and vision systems.

2016 Winners

Focal Point Positioning AlgoDynamics 8power

2015 Winners

Converge Cyberlytic GeneAdviser Give Vision UndoSoftware

2014 Winners
Activ8rlives Enigmedia ko-su The Outside View Speechmatics

2013 Winners
Aquamatix EtherBooks SQR Systems Simpalarm

2012 Winners
Anvil Semiconductors D-RisQ Cloud Find HQ Skin Analytics Smart Antenna Technologies

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