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Mobilising the future with Contextual Intelligence

Dr Steve Marsh, Founder & CTO, Geospock - Mobilising the future with Contextual Intelligence When it comes to making smart decisions context is king, and location data is the king of context. We are progressing, rapidly, towards a world of unfathomable amounts of data. This “tsunami of data”, remains, unfortunately, siloed due to the complexity of serving a small subset of discrete use cases. At GeoSpock we bring our expertise of space & time big data engineering to unlock the hidden value in data silos. We aim to build up a holistic and complete contextual understanding of the world, in particular, the M2M physical data world. Our approach starts to bridge the worlds of SmartMobility, SmartInfrastructure, SmartCity, SmartEnergy and SmartHealth. We are creating the fundamentals of DataEconomy 2.0. In doing so, we allow the costs of data generation to be amortised over many applications, opening up new business models and monetisation opportunities - bringing value to all players in the digital value chain and enabling true mobility in the future.

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