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Mobile Broadband SIG Event 'Mobile networks: The Advent of Machines - Are you ready?'

Start date/time :  12:00 4th December 2013
End date/time :  17:00 4th December 2013
Venue :  Bird and Bird, 15 Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1JP

With over 100% penetration rates and multiple devices per person the phase of human connectivity to mobile networks is almost complete. Cue the next phase; where a class of device known as machine to machine (MTM or M2M) systems, which communicate directly to other computers over the internet without the mediation of humans, are likely to dramatically increase the number of connected devices.

These systems will drive network coverage and connectivity requirements well beyond their current levels and a radically different world from today is predicted. Do we literally take a back seat? This timely and topical half-day SIG event will bring together industry experts and innovators to debate the critical issues surrounding connectivity for mobile networking. Confirmed speakers include Tony Milbourn of u-blox AG, Tom Rebbeck of Analysys Mason, Andrew Hobbs of Airspan, Alan Krisiunas of EE Network Strategy and Paul Martin of Plextek.

Processes without the need for any human interaction will drive network coverage and connectivity requirements well beyond their current levels and put the existing internet infrastructure under increasing strain, presenting significant opportunities and major challenges for mobile operators.

This Mobile Broadband SIG will focus on some of the key issues facing the industry to explore what the future holds, including:
  • Types of devices likely to be accessing MBB networks in the future: From cars to sensors, parking meters to point-of-sale terminals.
  • How far will this evolution drive both connectivity and traffic? CAGRs of 70–80% to 2016 are forecast.
  • The implications and opportunities for mobile operators: As networks evolve, is there a real opportunity to grow revenue?
  • Will network technology scale up? What does a one-billion-device network look like?
Presentations will be heard from,

The Cambridge Wireless Mobile Broadband SIG is championed by George Grayland of Nokia Solutions and Networks, Peter Montgomery of GSMATom Rebbeck of Analysys Mason and Iain Stanbridge of EE. We are also extremely grateful to our sponsors Bird and Bird for hosting and supporting this important and popular event. To follow this SIG on Twitter, @CambWireless, please use #CWMBb
This event is FREE to members of Cambridge Wireless. Tickets for non-members are £180 plus VAT. To join Cambridge Wireless as a member and attend future events for free, please visit:
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