CW TEC 2022:

Launching the New Wave of Wireless Networks

22 June 2022 | Cambridge Computer Laboratory

The CW Technology & Engineering Conference (CW TEC) offers a more technical engineering focused agenda than the CW International Conference, exploring an emerging problem space that our engineering community has highlighted as being particularly worthy of debate.

CW TEC 2022 looked at the technology and challenges behind the transformation of wireless networks and what the future holds

Global wireless telecommunications are continuing to evolve rapidly with the introduction of virtualisation, 5G, IoT and low-earth orbit broadband networks. The COVID pandemic has shown how critical the telecommunications industry is to society – for example, the crisis situations in Tonga and Ukraine highlight the fundamental role that wireless plays in understanding and interacting with the world.

Novel wireless networks are seeing a new wave of technology investment, from satellites to airborne networks, allowing new services to be provided around the world. With an engineering focus, CW TEC 22 looked at the technology and challenges behind this transformation and what the future holds, focussing on:

  • How to build hybrid networks that scale globally and provide integrated services which are seamless for the user. Explore hybrid and multi-bearer, radio and optical network architectures and applications.
  • Enhancing ground networks using non-traditional radio and optical access technologies and backhaul.
  • Can wide area mobile communications be delivered from aircraft?
  • How can radio and optical wireless networks support uncrewed aircraft systems and advanced air mobility?
  • Space as a rapidly evolving global communications infrastructure enabling massively scalable business cases for IoT and broadband users.

The conference is ideal place to explore and discuss these issues and hear from key players involved in changing how wireless communications is delivered and used.



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After nearly 2 years of online video conferencing, you no longer have to miss out on the valuable chance encounters and business growth opportunities that face-to-face networking brings. We're back at The Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge for CW TEC 2022.


If it's too far or you're not yet ready to join face-to-face, CW TEC 2022 will livestream the talks online but no virtual networking will be available.

Read the report on CW TEC 2021

CW TEC 2022 covered

Ground & Air

This session will explore the use of optical fibre for backhaul and midhaul while also investigating the use of fibre based fronthaul in support of RF over Fibre deployments, carrying CPRI, eCPRI and/or Open Fronthaul. It wil also cover 5G / 6G networks for Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS); Ground-to-Air cellular systems and Stratospheric HAPS.


This session will cover: making broadband access available in all areas (event, disaster, conflict pop up networks); the promise of satellites for ubiquitous 5G coverage and how satellite can now extend terrestrial LoRaWAN networks.


This session will explore the integration of terrestrial and space based communications and the recent developments in 3GPP non-terrestrial networks for space based 5G mobile broadband and IoT services.

Our expert speakers and chairs at CW TEC

  • Ben Allen

    Director, System Modelling, OneWeb

  • Betty Bonnardel-Azzarelli

    CEO & Founder, Farmer Charlie

  • Julie Bradford

    Managing Consultant in Wireless Techno-Economics, Real Wireless

  • Henry Chor

    A2G Solution Lead, Nokia

  • Steve Clarke

    Chief Technology Officer, Wyld Networks Ltd

  • Fabrizio De Paolis

    5G/6G Implementation Manager, European Space Agency

  • Steve Gibson

    Managing Director, AST SpaceMobile

  • Sriram Jayasimha

    Chief Scientist, Commercial Applications, AST SpaceMobile

  • Dr Maria Kalama

    CEO, biotIP

  • Maria Lema

    Co-Founder, Weaver Labs

  • Derek Long

    Head of Telecommunications, Cambridge Consultants

  • Anthony Magee

    Senior Director, ADVA

  • Andy Marr

    Director for Future Networks, CGI

  • Paul Morris

    Business Development Director, EnSilica

  • Mike Page

    Fellow Engineer, Radio Design

  • Luc Perard

    Senior Vice President of IoT Business, Eutelsat

  • Mark Rayner

    CEO, CW (Cambridge Wireless)

  • Jaime Reed

    Vice President - Space Data Platforms and Applications, CGI

  • Andy Sutton

    Principal Network Architect, BT

  • Ian Wassell

    Senior Lecturer, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

CW TEC 2022 Organising Committee

  • Kieran Arnold

    Chief Architect - Future Networks and Systems, Satellite Applications Catapult

  • Mark Beach

    Professor of Radio Systems Engineering, University of Bristol

  • Steve Clarke

    Chief Technology Officer, Wyld Networks Ltd

  • Stewart Marsh

    Head of Aerospace, Cambridge Consultants

  • Paul Morris

    Business Development Director, EnSilica

  • Andrew Palmer

    Consulting Director, CGI

  • Jaime Reed

    Vice President - Space Data Platforms and Applications, CGI

  • Vidhya Sridhar

    Consultant, TTP plc

  • Andy Sutton

    Principal Network Architect, BT

  • Geoff Varrall

    Director, RTT Online

  • Rachel Kerr

    Head of Events, CW

CW TEC is now in it's 8th year

CW TEC 2022

Launching the New Wave of Wireless Networks

CW TEC 2021

Engineering 5G Private Networks

CW TEC 2020

Demystifying the Edge

CW TEC 2019

5G, Satellites & Magic MIMO

CW TEC 2018

The inevitable automation of Next Generation Networks

CW TEC 2017

Artificial Intelligence: Underlying technologies – how they work and how they are applied

CW TEC 2016

The Quantum Revolution is coming! Quantum Communications & Computing: How will quantum technologies disrupt wireless?

CW TEC 2015

Integrate or differentiate? - The future of mobile, satellite, TV, IOT and wearable technology and its impact on spectral value


The CW Internatinal Conference will return on 2 November 2022.

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