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Forthcoming Events

30/06/16  Lean Startup Lab - London
more.. International experts, investors and startups that have been working together for the last two years will share the truth about how investors are finding startups and what they are looking for.
Cambridge Wireless Event
05/07/16  ‘Connected vehicles - the ultimate IoT sensor?' - Automotive and Transport SIG event - London
more.. As connected vehicles start to enter the mainstream markets it’s time to consider the bigger picture here – namely the big data picture. Connected vehicles not only generate huge amounts of their own data – such as engine performance, wear indicators and travel history but they can also be considered as mobile Internet of Things sensors collectively travelling the length and breadth of nations gathering gigabytes of data. Join us in this thought provoking SIG event, hosted by Digital Greenwich, as city, road and network operators, vehicle manufacturers and internet giants position themselves to exert some control on this battleground. Speakers are Alec McCullie of KPMG, Prof Nick Reed of TRL, Andy Graham of White Willow Consulting and Iain Davidson of Arkessa.
05/07/16  ISP 44: Health, Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance in Rail Infrastructure
more.. This event will bring together the communities of rail infrastructure owners with technology developers to present on innovation advances in these topics. The ISP will as usual be held alongside a showcase of innovative technology. Topics to Explore: Remote Sensing, Embedded Sensing, Diagnostics, Big Data.
05/07/16  IM Breakfast Speaker Event
more.. Innovation Martlesham, in association with IP Network, would like to invite you to another Breakfast Networking Event with Guest Speakers David Heatley, Chief Scientist, Scannerfutures Ltd and Steve Kempt, Head of Customer Loyalty, BT
06/07/16  Ely Independents' Day
more.. Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce are taking over Ely Market Place for a day to offer local businesses a unique opportunity to show the passing public how vibrant and innovative our local business community is.
07/07/16  Home Office: SBRI Automated Threat Detection of Firearms
more.. Following recent attacks in Europe, the need to further strengthen our ability to prevent the illegal movement of firearms (by terrorists or organised crime groups) remains a high priority.
08/07/16  The Cambridge Summer Garden Party
more.. Join Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce for an afternoon of informal networking and garden games at The Cambridge Summer Garden Party.
Cambridge Wireless Event
13/07/16  ‘Big Radio' – Radio Technology SIG event - Salford - FREE TO ATTEND
more.. One could be forgiven for assuming that radio communications research today focuses on 5G, ultra-fast Wi-Fi, and other techniques where bandwidths increase, frequencies rise, and cells get ever smaller. Yet there have been fascinating developments also in applications ranging from broadcasting through global HF and satellite communications to radio astronomy. In the next step in CW expanding its geographic reach, a CW Radio Technology SIG event on 13th July 2016 will be held at the BBC at MediaCity in Salford and sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz and will present "Big Radio"! Speakers include Anthony Brown of University of Manchester, Peter Bagot of University of Bristol, Paul Harris of University of Bristol
19/07/16  How to Unlock the Growth Potential of your Business through Collaboration’
more.. Are you seeking to develop and launch new products and services? Are you looking to improve innovation across your business? Do you want to find out more about collaboration and how this can support your business? Are you searching for funding to finance R&D and support the international growth of your business?
05/08/16   Riverboat Georgina Networking Lunch
more.. Join the Chamber for a glass of Pimms and buffet lunch at our popular annual Riverboat Georgina Networking Lunch.
06/09/16  IM Breakfast Speaker Event
more.. IM Speaker event with Dr Nick Milner, Managing Director, Milner Strategic Marketing Ltd & Nellie Jackson, Senior Associate, Birketts LLP
“What every CEO should know about their brands”
Cambridge Wireless Event
14/09/16  CW TEC Conference - Cambridge
more.. The 2nd CW TEC Conference is aimed at technology leaders in industry, and young engineers and physicists, to give them an overview of the new world to come and examine the host of hard problems that need to be solved and the opportunities that will open up. Speakers will include the leaders in Quantum research and development from universities, government research and industry.
Cambridge Wireless Event
14/09/16  Founders' Dinner - Cambridge
more.. Exclusive to Founder Members. Details to be confirmed.
19/09/16  Come and see us at ECOC 2016
more.. Exhibition 19-21 SEPT. Conference 18-22 Sept
Cambridge Wireless Event
22/09/16  Innovation? Business models rule - Business SIG event – London
more.. Cab drivers were up in arms when Uber arrived on our shores, AirBnB received a similar hostile reception from the established hospitality trade. This is remarkable in the sense that these new businesses were absolutely disruptive but the technology they use is not. Does technology still play a key role in creating innovative business or is it more important to look at the innovation in business models first and then, well, simply go 'shopping' for the technology to enable it? This event is hosted by Digital Catapult and business speakers will include Zeev Fisher, Pekama and David Bushby, Lexoo.
Cambridge Wireless Event
28/09/16  'Don't panic about IoT Security, new technology will sort it out' - Security & Defence SIG event - London
more.. The Internet of Things (IoT) brings together large amounts of data about people. The IoT could become a hackers playground with big, valuable data sets available in one place. This context shapes the debate and discussion at our insightful half day event hosted by Olswang at its London offices. Speakers to be announced soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
04/10/16  Wireless Healthcare SIG 'What future evolution of remote monitoring in the community will speed up its impact on hospital admission and bed occupancy?' - Cambridge
more.. This first in a series of events in association with Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP) will take place at the UTC Cambridge. Remote patient monitoring does have some impact on hospital admissions but the demand greatly outstrips the current technological capacity. Bringing together the different disciplines represented by Primary, Secondary, Social, Community and Technology care, this series of co-organised conferences will investigate, debate and ultimately recommend a future form of remote monitoring in the community which further reduces hospital admission and enhances bed management. Speakers include Ash Pandya, Chief Executive, Essex Local Pharmaceutical Committee. Further speakers to be announced.
Cambridge Wireless Event
12/10/16  User Experience SIG 'Title TBC'
more.. Championed by Stefano Borini of Nokia Technologies, Giuliano Maciocci, Allan MacLean of Amdeo, Geoff McCormick of Alloy and David Walker of Philips Research Laboratories. Details to be announced.
Cambridge Wireless Event
19/10/16  7th Discovering Start Ups Competition - London
more.. CW is delighted to announce the 7th Discovering Start-Ups Competition, sponsored and hosted by Deloitte at it's London headquarters will be launched in June 2016.
Cambridge Wireless Event
08/11/16  Future Devices SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by Abhi Naha of CW, Amyas Phillips of ARM, John Roe of Accenture, Charles Sturman of u-blox and Peter Whale of Iotic Labs.
Details coming soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
16/11/16  Virtual Networks SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by Phillip Bridge of EE and Dirk Trossen of InterDigital.
Details coming soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
24/11/16  ‘IoT Security: Will the Internet of Things be secure enough to run your life?’ Software/Open Source SIG event
more.. Successful security will make or break the Internet of Things. Even at this early stage serious lapses in security lead many to question if the IoT can be trusted, or if it ever will be. This SIG meeting will discuss security best practice, give examples of the good and the bad, and address the key questions in IoT security, so join us for this dynamic event exploring this topical area with keynote speakers to be announced.
Cambridge Wireless Event
29/11/16  Mobile Broadband SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by George Grayland of Nokia Networks, Peter Montgomery of GSMA, Tom Rebbeck of Analysys Mason and Iain Stanbridge of EE.
Details coming soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
15/12/16  Connected Devices SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by Paul Green of Iotic Labs, Nick Hunn of WiFore Consulting, Antony Rix of TTP Group and Tim Whittaker of Cambridge Consultants.
Details coming soon.
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