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Forthcoming Events

26/10/16  Cambridge Network event: Save the Princess! Computer gaming and 'gamification'
more.. How the UK video gaming business took the country’s creative industries by storm and how gamification can enhance training design to unlock new levels of learner interaction. Join us as we hear from three speakers at Jagex for this month's business lecture on gamification.
Cambridge Wireless Event
27/10/16  Legal SIG 'Battle of the Terms: Negotiating a Series A Term Sheet' - London
more.. Are you a start-up or entrepreneur seeking investment? Need free legal advice on raising venture capital? CW Founder members’ Bird & Bird will provide an overview of the operative provisions of a typical series A term sheet as well as opportunities for active participation in the negotiation process. Aimed at start-up companies who are seeking Series A funding or investment, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to unlock all you need to know about this stage of investment.
27/10/16  IP and Cyber Security – how to protect yourself
more.. This seminar covers three topics: you will learn how to use Copyright and Trade Marks to protect your business in a cost effective way. Secondly, Regional Cyber Protect Coordinator will outline the risks businesses are now facing. Finally, we will provide some practical suggestions on how you can protect your business against cybercrime.
02/11/16  Introducing ANSYS HFSS for High-Frequency Electromagnetics Simulation Seminar & Workshop
more.. ANSYS HFSS software is the industry standard for simulating 3-D, full-wave electromagnetic fields. Its accuracy, advanced solvers and high-performance computing technologies have made it an essential tool for engineers tasked with executing accurate and rapid design in high-frequency and high-speed electronic devices and platforms.
03/11/16  Intellectual Property and Commercial Legal Issues for Startups
more.. This session is aimed specifically at startups and entrepreneurs. It will cover different ways of securing funding as well as trade marks, patents, designs, copyright and confidential information.
03/11/16  ANSYS SIwave for PCB/Package Signal Integrity Analysis Seminar and Workshop
more.. ANSYS SIwave is a specialized design platform for power integrity, signal integrity and EMI analysis of electronic packages and PCBs. The software is available in three product packages: SIwave-DC, SIwave-PI and SIwave, enabling DC, PI and full SI/EMI analysis respectively.
Cambridge Wireless Event
07/11/16  'App-ocalypse! - Life after the Smartphone App' Future Devices SIG Event - London
more.. Today the Smartphone is the centre of our digital universe, and the means by which we interact with a growing number of connected devices, everyday objects and digitised services. Think: Nest, Uber and Amazon. But will this single-device centric model be sustainable as the number of connected devices and digital services we engage with is set to grow dramatically. This event hosted by Marks and Clerk and sponsored by Beko. Speakers include Bastien Beauvois, Ultrahaptics, Serdal Korkut Avci and Özgür Mutlu Öz, Arcelik and Rodolfo Rosini,
Cambridge Wireless Event
08/11/16  Debate 2 of the CW 5G Debate Series in association with the National Infrastructure Commission – London
more.. Many of the debates around 5G focus on the technology solutions, but issues of policy and strategy must be considered as well. As part of their evidence gathering exercise in advance of the finalisation of their current work on 5G at the end of this calendar year, the NIC is supporting CW in delivering this series of two debates, chaired by Professor William Webb, deputy chair of CW. Also sponsored by Ofcom, Cambridge Consultants and Huawei, the debates will to look beyond R&D and focus on how new sustainable business models may provide a return on investment and how the regulatory landscape might keep up with technological change.
16/11/16  Budgeting for your Investment
more.. Confused about Cash Flow, Profit & Loss and Balances Sheets? Then come to our free workshop to find out more about these financial statements.
16/11/16  ANSYS HFSS Antenna Workshop
more.. ANSYS HFSS 2016, the latest release of the gold standard 3D electromagnetic field solver from ANSYS has a number of new and enhanced features that will greatly increase the productivity of HFSS in the design of antennas and microwave components.
Cambridge Wireless Event
17/11/16  '5G – from Standards to Use Cases' - Mobile Broadband SIG Event – Melbourn nr Cambridge
more.. With several industry announcements per week and committed early deployments in some countries, 5G is rapidly becoming a substantive chapter in the mobile technology evolution story. Collaborative and in-house research programmes have provided a rich set of technology concepts seeking to better serve a wide range of potential use cases. This event hosted by PA Consulting, will examine the state of development of these concepts in relevant Standards bodies, examine some relevant practical activities, and consider some leading use cases for this new generation of communications technology. Confirmed speakers include Diego Giancola from PA Consulting, Mark Bailey from Rohde & Schwarz, Bruce Hellman from uMotif and Peter Marshall from Ericsson. With additional panellist John Grant of ETSI and a speaker from the 5G Innovation Centre, University of Surrey.
22/11/16  Cambridge Safari Networking Breakfast
more.. At Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce Business Breakfast you have the opportunity to meet new business connections through our popular safari networking. The relaxed but structured format offers guests the opportunity to move around the room and form connections with new business contacts from a wide range of industry sectors.
22/11/16  A-Z of the IoT ecosystem
more.. A lunch-and-learn workshop to explore recent developments in the fast-evolving IoT ecosystem, with a select group of serious, experienced people with a credible track record delivering IoT/connected devices at scale across a variety of verticals.
22/11/16  Cambridge Network Business Lecture: Focus on Cambridge start-ups from ideaSpace
more.. This November Cambridge Network members will get the chance to hear from some Cambridge high-impact start-ups and ideaSpace. Stew McTavish, Director of ideaSpace, will be our key speaker, followed by updates from some exciting start-ups.
23/11/16   How to Lead a Networking Conversation – Free Workshop with Adelina Chalmers
more.. Do you find networking daunting, Not sure what to say or ask?
Would you like to know how to open & lead a business conversation in a way that creates meaningful & successful business relationships?
23/11/16  Silicon to Systems: Easy Access ASIC
more.. Following on from last years Silicon to Systems event, NMI have this year partnered with IMEC and DSP Valley to bring you the latest in how to develop low cost Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for almost any application.
Cambridge Wireless Event
30/11/16  ‘IoT Security: Will the Internet of Things be secure enough to run your life?’ Software/Open Source SIG event - Cambridge
more.. Successful security will make or break the Internet of Things. Even at this early stage serious lapses in security lead many to question if the IoT can be trusted, or if it ever will be. This SIG meeting will discuss security best practice, give examples of the good and the bad, and address the key questions in IoT security, so join us for this dynamic event at ARM exploring this topical area speakers include Mauro Scangnol from Qualcomm and Robert Dobson from Device Authority.
Cambridge Wireless Event
01/12/16  Genesis Conference 2016: Leadership Sessions – Digital Health
more.. Championed by CW (Cambridge Wireless) Wireless Healthcare SIG: Rob Blake of Philips Research Laboratories, Peter Ferguson of ARM, Collette Johnson of Plextek Consulting, Primrose Mbanefo of Accenture and Paul Winter of TTP Group.
Cambridge Wireless Event
07/12/16  ‘Small Cells enable new commercial business models’ - Small Cell SIG Event – London
more.. Several solutions are being promoted whereby LTE augments cellular service and extends or competes with traditional cellular network operators. These could radically disrupt the traditional cellular infrastructure industry by transferring investment and delegating some operational control to third parties. While some of the cellular industry focusses on technical advances of 5G, this expanded application of LTE is likely to impact more quickly and universally. With multiple technical options, it’s helpful to understand the trade-offs and timescales between them. Join us for this popular SIG Event curated by the Small Cell SIG Group and kindly hosted by EIP. Confirmed to speak are a speaker from EIP, Nick Johnson, CTO at ipAccess, Stephan Litjens, chairman of the Multefire Alliance and Federico Boccardi, principal, spectrum technology at Ofcom. A further speaker to be announced soon.
Cambridge Wireless Event
15/12/16  ‘Boring but lucrative, the real Internet of Things’ - Connected Devices SIG - Homerton College, Cambridge
more.. As the prospect of 20 billion connected devices in four years’ time looks more and more like fiction, we ask “what happened to the IoT?” Speakers to be announced soon.
03/01/17  Matchfest at CES 2017
more.. Enterprise Europe in alliance with the European American Enterprise Council, have organised an international B2B session. You will be guaranteed 30 minute meetings with other businesses, stakeholders and investors. It is designed to be of high value if you are planning for a soft landing or fundraising on the West Coast.
Cambridge Wireless Event
25/01/17  ‘What do users and applications really need for ubiquitous positioning?’ - Location SIG event - London
more.. With multiple GNSS now operational and UWB, BLE and low cost inertial sensors making ubiquitous high quality positioning a reality what is it that applications and users really need from positioning, navigation and localisation?
Cambridge Wireless Event
08/02/17  Virtual Networks SIG ‘Title TBC’
more.. Championed by Phillip Bridge of EE, Mark England of Cambridge Consultants, Justin Paul of Amdocs and Dirk Trossen of InterDigital.
Details coming soon.
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