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Past Events

22/06/17  Before You Join
more.. All you need to know about the Chamber before you make that final commitment to join.
22/06/17  Cloud-to-Cloud systems integration and WSO2 middleware - Knowledge Sharing and Networking Evening
more.. As more and more organisations are migrating their legacy software onto the Cloud and procuring SaaS solutions, integrating these systems to one cohesive environment has become a major challenge. Join Mitrai Innovation for its knowledge sharing and networking evening.
21/06/17  Jumpstart your Innovation: Funding for Innovative SMEs
more.. Are you an innovative SME seeking better understanding of R&D support and funding?
21/06/17  Standing out from the crowd - Market Differentiation
more.. The importance of differentiation in Marketing.
Jon Shallcross and Zak Jacobs take us through the importance of differentiation in Marketing.
Cambridge Wireless Event
20/06/17  'Unlocking 'remote monitoring' for effective diabetes care' - Healthcare SIG event - Cambridge
more.. For people with chronic diseases such as diabetes managing their condition is a lifelong collaboration with healthcare professionals and community based support. Integrated care pathways utilising on-body sensing, remote monitoring, data aggregation and analysis together with community support offers a future of less intrusive more reactive care. Dr Tony Coll of Wellcome Trust-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science, Dr Roman Hovorka of University of Cambridge Metabolic Research Lab, Melissa Holloway of INPUT Patient Advocacy and Speaking Diabetes Ltd, and Dr Sufyan Hussein of Royal Free Hospitals Trust, Dr Stuart Stafford, AstraZeneca and Henrik Norström, Brighter
20/06/17  Iridium Technology Seminar (Duxford UK) Tuesday 20th June 2017, 2pm.
more.. Join the Iridium IoT & Regional teams to learn how to access a truly global network providing 100% coverage of the planet to devices, machines and customers, irrespective of their location.
20/06/17  Safari Networking Breakfast at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
more.. At our Business Breakfast you have the opportunity to meet new business connections through our popular safari networking. The relaxed but structured format offers guests the opportunity to move around the room and form connections with new business contacts from a wide range of industry sectors.
19/06/17  8th Smart Grids & Cleanpower C4IR 2017 | Conference, Exhibition & Executive Briefing & Masterclass | 19-20 June
more.. This 8th high level conference will bring together innovators with smart grids project buyers. It will develop C4IR themes requested by global experts in previous series conferences since 2009, and new trends, drivers, innovations, solutions, the global market & value network.
19/06/17  NHS Readiness - getting your product into the NHS
more.. Are you an innovative business looking to access the NHS marketplace? This event will explore opportunities and mechanisms for accessing the NHS marketplace
15/06/17  UK-Navarra Mission in Nanotechnologies & Advanced Materials
more.. If you are trying to grow your business overseas, this mission to Spain will give you access to unique overseas business opportunities with like-minded companies.
15/06/17   Informal Networking Evening – Cambridge
more.. No other membership organisation gives you more opportunities to get connected with business people across Cambridgeshire every month – for free.
15/06/17  Impactech Event: Photonics and Electronics Fabrication
more.. This event offers technical presentations from academic and industrial experts and will be a great opportunity for you to meet and engage with a range of experts in this exciting and rapidly developing field. The event will also host the NMI Tabletop Exhibition.
14/06/17  Maximise Your Membership
more.. You’re already a member but are you making the most of every opportunity Chamber membership brings?
14/06/17  Grow your Business through Innovation
more.. A FREE interactive event to encourage businesses to think about and plan for business growth.
14/06/17  The Big Tech Pub Quiz
more.. Do you have the best pub quiz team in London? Come and prove it at the free Big Tech Pub Quiz!
Cambridge Wireless Event
13/06/17  'Broadcasting New Media - is 5G a solution or a diversion?' Digital Delivery and Content SIG event - London
more.. The broadcast industry’s business models and the way we consume content are evolving rapidly. Key developments include the availability to consumers of high quality mobile devices and TV screens, the evolution of video standards (migration to HD and the emergence of UHD 4K), the proliferation of internet protocol (IP), over-the-top (OTT) TV services and more recently the debut of the ‘IP Studio’ in production. These factors all create significant additional traffic and service requirements that could have serious implications for the satisfactory working of all types of fixed and mobile networks. Speakers include Simon Frost, Will Saunders of BBC Studios, Ian Corden of Plum Consulting London LLP and Stephen Temple of University of Surrey 5G IC
12/06/17  Informal Networking Evening
more.. No other membership organisation gives you more opportunities to get connected with business people across Cambridgeshire every month – for free.
Cambridge Wireless Event
07/06/17  CW International Conference 2017 - Connecting Generations
more.. The theme of this years’ conference is ‘Connecting Generations’. Each generation, from post-millennials to baby boomers and beyond, is adopting and driving the development of wireless applications in their own way. Can new generations of technology that we foresee meet these dynamics or are different approaches needed now?
02/06/17  Global Leaders Lunch and Awards 2017
more.. Celebrate your company’s worldwide success and network with others that are breaking into new international markets at our Global Leaders Lunch and Awards ceremony.
31/05/17  Watermill Accounting to host FREE workshop for entrepreneurs
more.. Small businesses and startups are invited to a FREE workshop that Watermill Accounting is hosting from 10 - 12.00 on 31st May 2017 at the Future Business Centre, Cambridge. The workshop - Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs will bring companies up to speed with the latest accounting information to help maximise their revenue
25/05/17   Before You Join
more.. All you need to know about the Chamber before you make that final commitment to join.
24/05/17  Storm in a Teacup
more.. Storm in a Teacup is an innovative event that brings professional women together to share ideas and experiences in a supportive and welcoming women-only environment.
23/05/17  Global Business Network
more.. An informal networking event for exporters, international service providers and those interested in accessing new markets overseas.
Cambridge Wireless Event
18/05/17  Electronic Packaging for Medical Devices
more.. The packaging of medical devices is a critical process governing the cost, performance and reliability of wearable electronics, point of care diagnostics and implantable devices. IMAPS-UK would like to invite you to The Electronics Packaging for Medical Devices Workshop to be held at The Trinity Centre, Cambridge on 18 May 2017 to offer you the opportunity to learn, network and source from a broad spectrum of end-users, electronics design/packaging companies and researchers.
17/05/17  Understanding Intellectual Property
more.. In this presentation we will highlight the importance of intellectual property to SMEs and explain what intellectual property is.
17/05/17  Ethical employment issues
more.. The 'ethical' agenda is hotting up for employers. There is a much greater expectation on businesses not only to keep within the law but also to take positive steps to protect employees and to promote their interests.
16/05/17  Unleash the Power of your Website
more.. Your website is your shop window for the world. But it is a total waste of your time, money and energy if no-one can find it – or if, having found it, no-one interacts with it (by buying something, for example, or making an enquiry).
Cambridge Wireless Event
11/05/17  Artificial Intelligence & Mobility– the business implications
more.. Artificial Intelligence (AI), or cognitive computing, is changing the world – so we are told. The level of media interest has never been higher. Widespread and radical transformation of society, jobs, and all aspects of business are almost de rigour in any forecast.
Many smaller 'AI' businesses have scaled rapidly or been swallowed up through acquisition, large corporates are investing heavily in AI research. Cambridge is a hot bed of innovation in AI.
But within society generally, and even within the engineering community, the understanding of AI technologies can be low – not helped by the 'buzz word bingo' now associated with the topic.
11/05/17  Demystifying 5G and IoT - Realising a connected world - Dublin
more.. Rohde & Schwarz invites you to a focused day on the future of wireless communications
10/05/17  Internet of Things Applications Europe 2017
more.. Internet of Things Applications Europe, taking place in Berlin on May 10-11, addresses the real opportunity for the Internet of Things, not hype. Business models, case studies, opportunities and profitability are all covered. Specific market verticals are covered in addition to new enabling technologies.
Cambridge Wireless Event
09/05/17  'State of the Nation - Use cases for Public Safety' Mobile Broadband SIG event - Cambridge
more.. Commercial cellular networks have been driven by the needs of consumer and business users. The exceptional success of cellular has led to excellent economies of scale and constant rapid innovation. This environment has produced advanced standards such as LTE that provide multi-megabit per second data rates and multimedia capabilities, as well as traditional voice and messaging services. As mobile networks evolve to include promises such as network slicing, how will the networks adapt to dedicated services for critical applications such as connected car and public safety? Speakers include Peter Hudson of Sepura PLC, Nils Lofmark of Mason Advisory, Markus Hochenbleicher of PA Consulting and Dr Nigel Brown of Cabinet Office. With additional panellist Nick Koiza of Plextek and Richard Martin of Writecliffs
09/05/17  Immigration Tier 2 seminar
more.. This seminar is designed to bring you up to date on the various immigration changes.
08/05/17  Demystifying 5G and IoT - Realising a connected world - Thame, Oxfordshire
more.. Rohde & Schwarz invites you to a focused day on the future of wireless communications. What are IoT and 5G? Are they one of the same thing? This event aims to inform and offer a view on IoT and 5G technologies discussing the motivations, applications, technical challenges and commercial status of these emerging wireless technologies.
08/05/17  Demystifying 5G and IoT - Realising a connected world
more.. Rohde & Schwarz invites you to a focused day on the future of wireless communications
05/05/17  Cambridge Network Jobs Fair
more.. If you are a job seeker looking for a new opportunity, make sure that you put this date in your diary! The Cambridge Network jobs fair will be held at the Hauser Forum, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge CB3 0GT on Friday the 5th May 2017, from 12-4pm
03/05/17  Joint techUK – UK EF Working Group meeting on improving access to export finance for the digital tech sectors
more.. techUK and UK Export Finance are holding a joint working group meeting on 09:00 on Wednesday 3 May at techUK to (i) explore the current landscape for seeking export finance / insurance, (ii)seek the digital technology and service industries’ insights on the associated challenges, and (iii) jointly explore potential solutions.
Cambridge Wireless Event
29/04/17  Wireless Heritage SIG 'The Old Greys to Flash Mob Kensington'
more.. Under a remit of 'Network, Learn, Grow', The Cambridge Wireless History SIG is to 'Flash Mob' the Information Age Gallery at the Science Museum on April 29th, bringing together the people who built the technology of the past with younger generations to pass on the accumulated knowledge.
Cambridge Wireless Event
27/04/17  'Why should you have UX in your organisation' User Experience SIG event - Cambridge
more.. In this event, we will examine the benefits of UX and what it takes to truly embrace its processes, methods, and values. We'll explore different ways you can implement UX in your company. What are the pros and cons of embedding a UX person in your team? Is it better to use external consultants? Or should you train an internal UX task force? Confirmed speakers are: Leo Poll, Akendi UK; Robert Curtis, Dovetailed and Stephen Chambers, Gearset.
26/04/17  Finding International Partners
more.. Collaboration is a key element of innovation and this presentation will explain how Enterprise Europe Network can help businesses find partners across the world.
26/04/17  Watermill Accounting to host FREE workshop for entrepreneurs
more.. SMEs and startups are invited to a FREE workshop hosted by Watermill Accounting from 10am - 12.00 noon on 26th April 2017 at the Future Business Centre, Cambridge.
Cambridge Wireless Event
25/04/17  ‘Managing an International Cyber Incident: Legal Considerations During Aftermath of a Breach’ Legal SIG event - London
more.. This event will simulate a hypothetical cross-border cyber-security crisis, participants will witness the various and often conflicting stakeholder interests engaged in a crisis and will learn about the steps to take to minimise legal exposure in the first few hours and days after a crisis arises.
25/04/17  To Smart Phones… and Beyond Why Electronics Assembly is Vital in New Product Design
more.. The widespread demand for mobile devices has revolutionised micro-electronics assembly techniques. Join us at the IMAPS-UK local event in Bristol on Tuesday 25 April from 18:00 to 20:00 to learn about the history, present and future of electronic assembly methods and find out how these techniques can be applied to new product designs.
Cambridge Wireless Event
11/04/17  ‘Answering the scale-up challenge for Cities’ – Smart & Intelligent Cities SIG event – London
more.. The launch of the Smart and Intelligent Cities SIG will provide an opportunity to bring together the CW and wider community of interest to discuss some of the most important topics being considered by today’s cities. Join us for this full day event hosted by Digital Greenwich.
Cambridge Wireless Event
06/04/17  'How the crime business grew out of recession' Security SIG event - Cambridge
more.. National statistics show a fall in surveyed crime to a third of the peak value over 20 years. Under this recessionary pressure criminal businesses have reacted with a strategy of consolidation and innovation. Leveraging early stage investments from international governments, cyber-attack has returned the crime industry to growth. Regulators, police and commercial companies have yet to mount an effective defence to this disruptive approach. In a half-day conference we will show clear opportunities for new business and good governance that emerge from a strategic understanding of crime as a service.
Cambridge Wireless Event
06/04/17  Professor Anthony Finkelstein to address CW Founders' Dinner at Jesus College, Cambridge
more.. We are delighted to announce Professor Anthony Finkelstein, as our distinguished after-dinner speaker for the spring Founders Dinner on 6th April 2017 who will be speaking on the topic 'Science and Technology for National Security’. Pre-dinner drinks will take place in the medieval Upper Hall followed by dinner in the magnificent 15th century College Hall of Jesus College, Cambridge. This event is by invite only exclusively to CW Founder members.
05/04/17  Cambridge Network: Mayoral election hustings event
more.. Cambridgeshire and Peterborough has won £770 million of new funding and is electing a Mayor to lead the decisions on how to use the devolved powers. Businesses should be interested to come and ask questions of the candidates for this new role.
Cambridge Wireless Event
30/03/17  CWIC Starter: Healthcare - Cambridge
more.. Healthcare is a growing market that is moving away from the traditional manufacturers and is seeing a wealth of innovation from young entrepreneurs and SMEs. However to these new entrants the market can be overwhelming with acronyms, market led phrases and a language barrier between the technical and clinical stakeholders.
30/03/17  Breakfast Networking: Success: what lies behind the mask? (a Cambridge Network event)
more.. Do you or your staff experience a nagging doubt that they/you could be ‘found out’ or put their/your success down to luck or timing? Have you noticed a need to be perfect and avoid making mistakes because it ‘proves’ they/you are not up to the job? And how do you handle over confidence, without dampening enthusiasm?
29/03/17  Watermill Accounting to host FREE workshop for entrepreneurs
more.. Small businesses and startups are invited to a FREE workshop being hosted by Watermill Accounting from 10 - 12.00 on 29th March 2017. The workshop - Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs will bring companies up to speed with the latest accounting information enabling them to maximise their revenue.
Cambridge Wireless Event
29/03/17  Tech Nation 2017: Cambridge
more.. Tech City UK launch their annual Tech Nation Report, providing you with an exclusive insight into what's driving the digital sector in the UK and a closer look at what's happening in growth hubs across the country.
Cambridge Wireless Event
28/03/17  CWIC Starter: LPWAN & IoT - Cambridge
more.. Today, LPWAN is a plethora of acronyms and obscure technical debate. This LPWAN CWIC-Starter event strips that away, explaining the different options and concentrating on how they will affect your business, both in terms of efficiency and potential disruption. It also looks at the effect of the potential tsunami of data they can produce and demonstrates how that can be utilised to shape new business models. Speaker include: Antony Rix, 8power; Nick Hunn, WiFore Consulting; Paul Green, Iotic Labs; Colin Newman, Antenova and John Bechtel, Badger Pass
Cambridge Wireless Event
23/03/17  CWIC Starter: Transport and Mobility - London
more.. Technology is enabling a transport revolution. The future is likely to involve shared use of self-driving, non-polluting vehicles that communicate with each other to improve safety and efficiency of their operation, and share data with the infrastructure to enable effective network and fleet management. Speakers include: Julian Turner, Westfield Sportcars; Graeme Smith, Oxbotica; Richard Robinson, Strategy Analytics; Roberto Ponticelli, Horiba MIRA; Toby Poston, BVRLA; James Taylor, DriveNow; Toby Thornton, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, Sam Chapman, The Floow and Dan Freeman, Direct Line Group
22/03/17  From Idea to Global Scale
more.. Are you looking for solutions to speed your product or innovation to global market?
Cambridge Wireless Event
20/03/17  CWIC Starter: Immersive - London
more.. This event constitutes not only an informative tutorial in the science of VR and immersive communications, but also a preparatory forum event for the key 'Immersive' conference theme within the annual CW International Conference (CWIC) in June 2017. March's CWIC Starter event in Immersive Technology forms a comprehensive Masterclass in immersive and mixed reality technologies and creativity. The event provides delegates with a complete insight and understanding of both the production issues and application opportunities for this amazing new technology platform. Speakers include: Ken Blakeslee, WebMobility Ventures; Paul Surin, Wienerberger; Layton Reid, Ravensbourne and Richard Mills, Imaginary Pictures/Sky VR Labs; Carl Smith, Ravensbourne; Erfan Saadati, Lewis Ball and Jack Howard, Surround Vision
15/03/17   The Two Counties Business Exhibition
more.. It's time to book your company's exhibition stand at Newmarket's premier B2B networking event.
15/03/17  Sources of Finance
more.. Learn about some of the sources of finance available to innovative SMEs from the Europe and the UK.
09/03/17  Armenian-British IT Business Networking Event
more.. Come and meet 15 of the top Armenian IT companies at this free networking event in London
Cambridge Wireless Event
09/03/17  IoTUK LP-WAN Boost Meet up
more.. We are introducing the Cambridge IoTUK LP-WAN Boost competition, which is being delivered by a partnership between CW, the Smart Cambridge Programme, Everynet, and Cambridge-based Iotic Labs, with sponsors including Flex, Arkessa and Microchip.
07/03/17  Breakfast Networking: From small to medium (a Cambridge Network event)
more.. In this interactive session we will hear how using emotional intelligence in your business, developing distributed leadership mechanisms and making some small changes can help you be more effective as you grow and realise your collective potential.
01/03/17  Employment seminar: hot topics in discrimination
more.. Breastfeeding air hostesses, Islamic headscarves at work and 
cakes promoting gay marriage have all hit the headlines in recent 
28/02/17  Cambridge Network's Recruitment Candidate Evening- exploring company recruitment processes
more.. Are you considering a career move this year? Are you keen to network with local businesses? We have good news....the date for our next recruitment candidate evening is in the diary! Please save the date or even better sign up now to secure your place.
23/02/17  Innovation Matters
more.. Hosted by the University of Suffolk Innovation Centre, this presentation will discuss how Enterprise Europe Network can help SMEs navigate the innovation journey.
23/02/17  Cambridge Network talk: Illumina - Leading organisations through complex growth strategies
more.. As the genomics industry leader, Illumina is applying innovation to improve human health. Much of its success is owed to the IP that was developed in Cambridge, and Illumina maintains a very large presence in the area.
23/02/17  Intellectual Property and Commercial Legal Issues for Startups in conjunction with JA Kemp
more.. The session is aimed specifically at startups and entrepreneurs. It will cover different ways of securing funding as well as trade marks, patents, designs, copyright and confidential information.
22/02/17  Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs
more.. Watermill Accounting is hosting a FREE workshop for entreprenuers to help them learn about six typical mistakes startups make when running their businesses.
21/02/17  Innovate UK in the East of England
more.. Innovate UK in the East of England will champion the power of innovation and enable regional businesses throughout the East of England to obtain a thorough understanding of the funding and support that is available to them from the Innovate UK family including; the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), Enterprise Europe Network, the Catapults and also from other regional landscape partners, such as the Local Enterprise Partnerships, Regional Growth Hubs and other trade organisations.
Cambridge Wireless Event
08/02/17  'Virtual Networks in 5G - Opportunities or Hype?' Virtual Networks SIG Event - Adastral Park
more.. The 5th generation of mobile networks is intended to operate across many vertical markets; it is expected to impact every aspect of our lives and span many different industry sectors, from healthcare, transport, energy, agriculture to smart cities and citizen engagement. Traditional network models work well with a fixed set of services; but they can struggle to handle diverse requirements across flexible vertical markets, hence the virtual networking paradigm. We are delighted to have Andy Corston-Petrie - BT, Jay Perrett - Executive Board Director, CTO, VP R&D Aria Networks , Julian Ramos, Intel speaking at this event.
08/02/17  Breakfast Networking: Understanding Autism in the Workplace (a Cambridge Network event)
more.. February’s breakfast workshop will focus on autism in the workplace as part of Cambridge Network’s Learning Collaboration’s focus on Disability Awareness. This talk, led by Jon Spiers, CEO of Autistica will cover the basics of autism, including advice for employers on how to support staff with autism or parents of autistic children.
07/02/17  Nufood Pop-up Dining Experience
more.. Come and experience nufood at one of our exclusive dining events across Europe between February and April with tickets available through 31st December 2016 on Kickstarter. We will serve traditional and contemporary cuisine, all with 3D printed bursts of flavour.
Cambridge Wireless Event
02/02/17  Academic & Industry SIG: REBOOT - Philips Research Laboratories, Cambridge
more.. The goal of CW Academic and Industry SIG is to organising events that stimulate interactions between industry and academia in the fast-evolving and multi-faceted world of wireless technology.
02/02/17  Consortium for the 4th Industrial Revolution - Executive Briefing Event Cambridge
more.. The Consortium for the 4th Industrial Revolution 2017 (C4IR) investor-business network & global event series provides a knowledge and market access platform for investing in, funding up, partnering and innovating via 4th industrial revolution tech. Effects are that industry40 will help eradicate global poverty and reduce pollution.
Cambridge Wireless Event
01/02/17  ‘Technology Trade Fairs: planning, pitching and ROI’ - BEIS Conference Centre, London
more.. For the UK technology industry visiting or exhibiting at major international trade fairs is in their DNA. As CES in Las Vegas starts the new year with a such a bang, and many are now preparing for the world’s largest gathering of the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end February.
28/01/17  Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship information session: “What are the top three skills for entrepreneurs?”
more.. What are the key skills that entrepreneurs need? Dr Chris Coleridge, PGDE Director and Senior Faculty in Management Practice at Cambridge Judge Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre, will be providing some answers and explaining how the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship can help you develop these skills and more.
27/01/17   Cambridge Safari Networking Breakfast at Cambridge Regional College
more.. Join us for breakfast and our popular safari networking at the Park restaurant in Cambridge Regional College.
26/01/17  Quantum Technologies – from discovery science to industrial applications (a Cambridge Network event)
more.. This talk is arranged in partnership with the University of Cambridge Maxwell Centre in what we hope to be a series of talks from leading university professors.
Cambridge Wireless Event
25/01/17  'What do users and applications really need for ubiquitous positioning?' - Location SIG Event - London
more.. With multiple GNSS now operational and UWB, BLE and low cost inertial sensors making ubiquitous high quality positioning a reality what is it that applications and users really need from positioning, navigation and localisation? Speaker include Adrian Ward of Decawave; Martin Kingston of EE.
25/01/17  Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs
more.. An essential workshop on finance for new SME's, Entrepreneurs and Startups.
24/01/17  Storm in a Teacup - Ely
more.. Storm in a Teacup is an innovative event that brings professional women together to share ideas and experiences in a supportive and welcoming women-only environment.
Cambridge Wireless Event
23/01/17  'Radio Systems for Mission-Critical IoT Communications' - Radio Technology SIG Event - London
more.. Most of the things in the future IoT are predicted to be connected by radio but a failed connection, in many cases, will have critical implications. Many of these problems can be mitigated by higher-layer protocols, but are limited by the performance of the radio link itself and fundamentals of radio propagation. This half day London event at the offices of Deloitte and sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz, will explore these limitations and how good system design can mitigate problems, but will also highlight the limits of what we can expect. Speakers include Reiner Stuhlfauth of Rohde & Schwarz, Robin Heydon of Qualcomm, Simon Dunkley of Silver Spring Networks, Steve Braithwaite of ASH Wireless Electronics Ltd. and John Haine of Bristol University
18/01/17  5G and satellite spectrum and standards webinar
more.. 45 minute webinar at 4.00 on 5G and sat
ellite standards and spectrum and related device and network performance and cost issues
With regards Geoff Varrall
03/01/17  Matchfest at CES 2017
more.. Enterprise Europe in alliance with the European American Enterprise Council, have organised an international B2B session. You will be guaranteed 30 minute meetings with other businesses, stakeholders and investors. It is designed to be of high value if you are planning for a soft landing or fundraising on the West Coast.
Cambridge Wireless Event
15/12/16  'Boring but lucrative, the real Internet of Things' - Connected Devices SIG Event - Homerton College, Cambridge
more.. As the prospect of 20 billion connected devices in four years' time looks more and more like fiction, we ask "what happened to the IoT?" Confirmed speakers are Paul Green, Iotic Labs; Usman Haque, thingful; Nick Hunn, WiFore; Henk Koopmans & Luis Barreto, Neul; Kudzai Mungate, Skanska; Antony Rix, 8power and Tracey Hopkins, Everynet.
Cambridge Wireless Event
15/12/16  Martin Curley to address CW Founders' Dinner at Homerton College, Cambridge
more.. We are delighted to announce Martin Curley, as our distinguished after-dinner speaker for the Winter Founders Dinner on 15th December 2016. Martin is Founder and Co-Director of the Innovation Institute at the National University of Ireland and will be speaking on the topic ‘Open Innovation 2.0 – A new mode of Innovation’. With pre-dinner drinks taking place in the beautiful Combination Room and dinner in the magnificent Gothic Great Hall at Homerton College, Cambridge, this event is by invite only exclusively to CW Founder members.
Cambridge Wireless Event
15/12/16  CW General Meeting – Homerton College, Cambridge
more.. CW is having a General Meeting to put forward proposed changes to the Articles of Association to the Founder Members and will be conducting a vote to this effect. It will also provide an opportunity for the members present to hear from the Board and CEO on the progress of the company.

The CW Board is the forum that sets and reviews the strategy of CW – so it’s important that the Directors include a wide diversity of knowledge, experience and opinion. The current CW Board has therefore decided to ask the membership to increase the number of Directors by three (from 9 Directors to 12).
08/12/16  Breakfast Networking: Understanding the challenges faced by online brands (a Cambridge Network event)
more.. Trading online is a fantastic way to extend your market and engage with customers, however it is not without its risks. We will look at your online reputation as well as some of the activities of online criminals, the lengths they will go to and the measures businesses should consider taking to proactively protect their online investment.
Cambridge Wireless Event
07/12/16  ‘Small Cells enable new commercial business models’ - Small Cell SIG Event – London
more.. Several solutions are being promoted whereby LTE augments cellular service and extends or competes with traditional cellular network operators. These could radically disrupt the traditional cellular infrastructure industry by transferring investment and delegating some operational control to third parties. While some of the cellular industry focusses on technical advances of 5G, this expanded application of LTE is likely to impact more quickly and universally. With multiple technical options, it’s helpful to understand the trade-offs and timescales between them. Join us for this popular SIG Event curated by the Small Cell SIG Group and kindly hosted by EIP. Confirmed to speak are James Seymour and Adam Wylie from EIP, Nick Johnson, CTO at ipAccess, Dirk Lindemeier from the Multefire Alliance, Simon Saunders, Access Technology Principal, Google and Federico Boccardi, Principal, Spectrum Technology at Ofcom
Cambridge Wireless Event
01/12/16  Genesis Conference 2016: Leadership Sessions – Digital Health
more.. Championed by CW (Cambridge Wireless) Wireless Healthcare SIG: Rob Blake of Philips Research Laboratories, Peter Ferguson of ARM, Collette Johnson of Plextek Consulting, Primrose Mbanefo of Accenture and Paul Winter of TTP Group.
Cambridge Wireless Event
30/11/16  ‘IoT Security: Will the Internet of Things be secure enough to run your life?’ Software/Open Source SIG Event - Cambridge
more.. Successful security will make or break the Internet of Things. Even at this early stage serious lapses in security lead many to question if the IoT can be trusted, or if it ever will be. This SIG meeting will discuss security best practice, give examples of the good and the bad, and address the key questions in IoT security, so join us for this dynamic event at ARM exploring this topical area speakers include Mauro Scangnol from Qualcomm ; Robert Dobson from Device Authority;Jon Howes, Hiving Technology and Haydn Povey, Secure Thingz.
29/11/16  Cambridge Network's Recruitment Candidate Evening
more.. We are really excited to announce the launch of our first Cambridge Network recruitment candidate evenings. The first one will be on the 29th November, with a theme around Company Culture.
25/11/16  AlgoDynamix Autumn Software Workshop/Bootcamp
more.. Our November training workshop / bootcamp is designed to impart knowledge, skills and hands on experience required to successfully understand and use the AlgoDynamix risk analytics software. We will hold the workshop at our Canary Wharf offices in London, with live streaming to New York.
24/11/16  Breakfast Networking: Get your business communications in sync with your audiences' mind (a Cambridge Network event)
more.. An exploration of how businesses can achieve a greater impact by understanding and tapping into people’s natural preferences when marketing and recruiting.
23/11/16  Silicon to Systems: Easy Access ASIC
more.. Following on from last years Silicon to Systems event, NMI have this year partnered with IMEC and DSP Valley to bring you the latest in how to develop low cost Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for almost any application.
22/11/16  Cambridge Safari Networking Breakfast
more.. At Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce Business Breakfast you have the opportunity to meet new business connections through our popular safari networking. The relaxed but structured format offers guests the opportunity to move around the room and form connections with new business contacts from a wide range of industry sectors.
22/11/16  A-Z of the IoT ecosystem
more.. A lunch-and-learn workshop to explore recent developments in the fast-evolving IoT ecosystem, with a select group of serious, experienced people with a credible track record delivering IoT/connected devices at scale across a variety of verticals.
22/11/16  Cambridge Network Business Lecture: Focus on Cambridge start-ups from ideaSpace
more.. This November Cambridge Network members will get the chance to hear from some Cambridge high-impact start-ups and ideaSpace. Stew McTavish, Director of ideaSpace, will be our key speaker, followed by updates from some exciting start-ups.
18/11/16  Making the Most of Cambridge Network Membership - Lunchtime seminar
more.. Whether you're a current member, or are interested in joining the Network, and you'd like to learn more about what The Network can offer, join us at this informal seminar and networking lunch on Friday 18th November.
Cambridge Wireless Event
17/11/16  '5G – from Standards to Use Cases' - Mobile Broadband SIG Event – Melbourn nr Cambridge
more.. With several industry announcements per week and committed early deployments in some countries, 5G is rapidly becoming a substantive chapter in the mobile technology evolution story. Collaborative and in-house research programmes have provided a rich set of technology concepts seeking to better serve a wide range of potential use cases. This event hosted by PA Consulting, will examine the state of development of these concepts in relevant Standards bodies, examine some relevant practical activities, and consider some leading use cases for this new generation of communications technology. Confirmed speakers include Diego Giancola from PA Consulting, Mark Bailey from Rohde & Schwarz, Bruce Hellman from uMotif, Peter Marshall from Ericsson and Serdar Vural from 5G Innovation Centre, University of Surrey. With additional panellist John Grant of ETSI
16/11/16  Accounting & Finance for Entrepreneurs
more.. Confused about Cash Flow, Profit & Loss and Balances Sheets? Then come to our free workshop to find out more about these financial statements.
16/11/16  ANSYS HFSS Antenna Workshop
more.. ANSYS HFSS 2016, the latest release of the gold standard 3D electromagnetic field solver from ANSYS has a number of new and enhanced features that will greatly increase the productivity of HFSS in the design of antennas and microwave components.
15/11/16  Cambridge Network Event: An Employment Law Seminar. Social Media in the Workplace
more.. Social media in the workplace: An interactive employment law seminar that will cover the key legal and practical issues that employers face with the increased use (and sometimes misuse) of social media in the workplace. Particular focus will be given to the use of social media in the recruitment process.
Cambridge Wireless Event
08/11/16  Debate 2 of the CW 5G Debate Series in association with the National Infrastructure Commission – London
more.. Many of the debates around 5G focus on the technology solutions, but issues of policy and strategy must be considered as well. As part of their evidence gathering exercise in advance of the finalisation of their current work on 5G at the end of this calendar year, the NIC is supporting CW in delivering this series of two debates, chaired by Professor William Webb, deputy chair of CW. Also sponsored by Ofcom, Cambridge Consultants and Huawei, the debates will to look beyond R&D and focus on how new sustainable business models may provide a return on investment and how the regulatory landscape might keep up with technological change.
Cambridge Wireless Event
07/11/16  'App-ocalypse! - Life after the Smartphone App' Future Devices SIG Event - London
more.. Today the Smartphone is the centre of our digital universe, and the means by which we interact with a growing number of connected devices, everyday objects and digitised services. Think: Nest, Uber and Amazon. But will this single-device centric model be sustainable as the number of connected devices and digital services we engage with is set to grow dramatically. This event hosted by Marks and Clerk and sponsored by Beko. Speakers include Bastien Beauvois, Ultrahaptics, Serdal Korkut Avci and Özgür Mutlu Öz, Arcelik and Rodolfo Rosini,
03/11/16  Intellectual Property and Commercial Legal Issues for Startups
more.. This session is aimed specifically at startups and entrepreneurs. It will cover different ways of securing funding as well as trade marks, patents, designs, copyright and confidential information.
03/11/16  ANSYS SIwave for PCB/Package Signal Integrity Analysis Seminar and Workshop
more.. ANSYS SIwave is a specialized design platform for power integrity, signal integrity and EMI analysis of electronic packages and PCBs. The software is available in three product packages: SIwave-DC, SIwave-PI and SIwave, enabling DC, PI and full SI/EMI analysis respectively.
02/11/16  Introducing ANSYS HFSS for High-Frequency Electromagnetics Simulation Seminar & Workshop
more.. ANSYS HFSS software is the industry standard for simulating 3-D, full-wave electromagnetic fields. Its accuracy, advanced solvers and high-performance computing technologies have made it an essential tool for engineers tasked with executing accurate and rapid design in high-frequency and high-speed electronic devices and platforms.
Cambridge Wireless Event
27/10/16  Legal SIG 'Battle of the Terms: Negotiating a Series A Term Sheet' - London
more.. Are you a start-up or entrepreneur seeking investment? Need free legal advice on raising venture capital? CW Founder members’ Bird & Bird will provide an overview of the operative provisions of a typical series A term sheet as well as opportunities for active participation in the negotiation process. Aimed at start-up companies who are seeking Series A funding or investment, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to unlock all you need to know about this stage of investment.
27/10/16  IP and Cyber Security – how to protect yourself
more.. This seminar covers three topics: you will learn how to use Copyright and Trade Marks to protect your business in a cost effective way. Secondly, Regional Cyber Protect Coordinator will outline the risks businesses are now facing. Finally, we will provide some practical suggestions on how you can protect your business against cybercrime.
26/10/16  Cambridge Network event: Save the Princess! Computer gaming and 'gamification'
more.. How the UK video gaming business took the country’s creative industries by storm and how gamification can enhance training design to unlock new levels of learner interaction. Join us as we hear from three speakers at Jagex for this month's business lecture on gamification.
25/10/16  Huntingdonshire business breakfast
more.. At Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce Business Breakfast you have the opportunity to meet new business connections through our popular safari networking. The relaxed but structured format offers guests the opportunity to move around the room and form connections with new business contacts from a wide range of industry sectors.
25/10/16  SBRI Healthcare Competition Briefing - General Practice of the Future
more.. SBRI Healthcare is offering a funding opportunity to develop and commercialise innovations that will focus on building general practice of the future. This briefing event will explain how the programme and the application process works and provide you with an opportunity to hear what the assessors are looking for.
24/10/16  Scale-up your Technology Business in Partnership with GetSet for Growth
more.. GetSet has partnered with Marks & Clerk to help you overcome your scale-up challenges.

Cambridge Wireless Event
24/10/16  Debate 1 of the CW 5G Debate Series in association with the National Infrastructure Commission – London
more.. Many of the debates around 5G focus on the technology solutions, but issues of policy and strategy must be considered as well. As part of their evidence gathering exercise in advance of the finalisation of their current work on 5G at the end of this calendar year, the NIC is supporting CW in delivering this series of two debates, chaired by Professor William Webb, deputy chair of CW. Also sponsored by Ofcom, Cambridge Consultants and Huawei, the debates will look beyond R&D and focus on how new sustainable business models may provide a return on investment and how the regulatory landscape might keep up with technological change.
24/10/16  Signal Integrity and EMC Analysis of PCBs using the ANSYS Chip Package System Workflow Webinar
more.. Discover the design automation features in ANSYS Solutions that enable you to import designs from popular layout tools and perform rigourous electromagnetics extraction coupled to full-circuit simulations.
Cambridge Wireless Event
21/10/16  'Military Radio Communication, Radar & Navigation Equipment - Restored and Working' - Wireless Heritage SIG event - Duxford 21.10.16
more.. The next Wireless Heritage meeting is taking place at the Duxford Radio Society and will incorporate a fascinating insight into military communication, radar and navigation used during warfare, with live demonstrations of equipment restored by members of the Society.
20/10/16  Cambridge Network Breakfast Networking: Beat the hackers on a budget
more.. As a result of many large scale cyber-security attacks that have become major news stories over the past couple of years, most business owners and managers are aware of the cyber threat. Unfortunately, too many believe that they are either too small to be a target or that they lack the resources to implement effective defences.
Cambridge Wireless Event
19/10/16  7th Discovering Start Ups Competition - London
more.. Start-ups enter your innovative product or service for a chance to pitch to an elite panel of business leaders, investors and angels. Tickets now on sale for this exclusive event, sponsored and hosted by Deloitte at its London headquarters.
14/10/16  Cambridge Safari Networking Breakfast
more.. At Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce Business Breakfast you have the opportunity to meet new business connections through our popular safari networking. The relaxed but structured format offers guests the opportunity to move around the room and form connections with new business contacts from a wide range of industry sectors.
Cambridge Wireless Event
13/10/16  User Experience SIG 'Virtually There: At the Cusp of a Mixed Reality Revolution' - Cambridge
more.. After the false starts of the 90's, Virtual Reality is primed for a comeback. Billions in investments, dozens of start-ups, and a massive creative influx from both established and independent developers are collectively defining a potential revolution in digital user experiences. With the promise of immersive, high-fidelity virtual experiences comes, however, a new set of interaction challenges. This half day event hosted by Philips is set to unpack how user experience design strategy can harness virtual reality platforms to drive forward the next generation of user engagement. Speakers are Lindsay Manning, Director, The Fusion Works; Sam Martin, Senior Principle Graphics Architect, ARM; Robin Oldroyd, Visualization Designer, Autodesk; Isobel Demangeat and Uros Strel Lencic.
13/10/16  Pharma Leaders IP Conference 2016
more.. A day of discussion and debate on intellectual property issues and opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector
12/10/16  Choosing the Correct Legal Structure
more.. The legal and financial structure of any new enterprise can determine its success.
Cambridge Wireless Event
04/10/16  Wireless Healthcare SIG 'What future evolution of remote monitoring in the community will speed up its impact on hospital admission and bed occupancy?' - Cambridge
more.. This first in a series of events in association with Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP) will take place at the UTC Cambridge. Remote patient monitoring does have some impact on hospital admissions but the demand greatly outstrips the current technological capacity. Bringing together the different disciplines represented by Primary, Secondary, Social, Community and Technology care, this series of co-organised conferences will investigate, debate and ultimately recommend a future form of remote monitoring in the community which further reduces hospital admission and enhances bed management. Speakers are Dr James Morrow, BM, BCh, LLB, GP & Managing Partner, Granta Medical Practices , Evelyn Barker, COO of Cambridge University Hospitals and Lucy Forrest, Assistive Technology Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council and Sajan Khosla, Head of Health Informatics at Astra Zeneca.
01/10/16  Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Experience Day
more.. Join us on 1 October 2016 at Cambridge Judge Business School for an exclusive programme experience day.
29/09/16  Cambridge Network: Breakfast Networking: Video marketing and content creation
more.. There is an awful lot of noise going on about video marketing right now. Powerful and positive statistics are all over the internet, but is it really that important? Our speakers from GoVocalMedia and GetSet for Growth will talk about video marketing and content creation.
Cambridge Wireless Event
28/09/16  'Don't panic about IoT Security, new technology will sort it out' - Security & Defence SIG event - London
more.. The Internet of Things (IoT) brings together large amounts of data about people. The IoT could become a hackers playground with big, valuable data sets available in one place. This context shapes the debate and discussion at our insightful half day event hosted by Olswang at its London offices. Speakers include Professor Anthony Finkelstein of National Security, Adrian Winkles of Anglia Ruskin University, Laurence Kalman of Olswang, Max Heinemeyer of Darktrace and Derek McAuley of University of Nottingham.
27/09/16  Launch of 'Cambridge Minds'
more.. Have a tough problem to solve? 'Cambridge Minds' might have a solution.
We are hosting a free “Meet the Minds” launch event on the evening of Tuesday September 27th at St John’s College, Cambridge, with guest speakers Hermann Hauser and Jack Lang.
23/09/16  Safari Networking Breakfast
more.. Only 20 minutes away from Ely, 20 Minutes from Cambridge and 10 minutes for Newmarket, join us for our traditional safari networking at the beautiful setting of Rosewood Pavilion.
Cambridge Wireless Event
22/09/16  Innovation? Business models rule - Business SIG event – London, Free to attend
more.. Cab drivers were up in arms when Uber arrived on our shores, AirBnB received a similar hostile reception from the established hospitality trade. This is remarkable in the sense that these new businesses were absolutely disruptive but the technology they use is not. Does technology still play a key role in creating innovative business or is it more important to look at the innovation in business models first and then, well, simply go 'shopping' for the technology to enable it? This event is hosted by Digital Catapult as part of their ColLab Festival and business speakers will include Zeev Fisher of Pekama, David Bushby of Lexoo, Amanda Nunn of Money Mover, Leo Poll of Akendi and Professor Alan Brown of Surrey Business School.
22/09/16  Embedded Device Technology: “Disappearing Die – Embed your Chips”
more.. This Unique Conference, organised by NMI and IMAPS-UK, being held within the Mitel Facility is your opportunity to Learn how embedded die technology can miniaturise, improve performance and reduce cost for applications such as power, wireless and wearables.
22/09/16  EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Communications Annual Public Lecture, 'The Great 5G Opportunity and the Potential Implementation Challenges'
more.. This year’s Lecture is presented by Dr Chris Clifton (Chief Technology Officer and Divisional Director for Europe based Sony Semiconductor and Electronic Solutions, Sony). He will discuss how we can realise the great opportunities in communications available from 5G. A number of potential disruptive applications relating to consumer electronics and industrial/automotive applications will be considered, and some of the more promising options likely to be better suited to 5G product requirements discussed.
Cambridge Wireless Event
21/09/16  IoT SmartSummit London
more.. The Impact of IoT on Homes, Cities and Industries; bringing together decision makers from leading global organisations. CW are delighted to partner with Nexus on this event and offer CW Members 20% Discount on tickets.
19/09/16  Come and see us at ECOC 2016
more.. Exhibition 19-21 SEPT. Conference 18-22 Sept
16/09/16  Cambridge Network Recruitment Event September 2016
more.. Are you a candidate looking to network with some of the region's key employers? Are you looking for job opportunities and want to see what employers in Cambridge are offering? Cambridge Network, along with our headline sponsor TTP, is running a recruitment event in September.
15/09/16  Future World 2016
more.. Future World is an exceptional conference for entrepreneurs and businesses engaging in “Deep Tech”.
Cambridge Wireless Event
14/09/16  CW TEC Conference 'The Quantum Revolution is coming! Quantum Communications & Computing: How will quantum technologies disrupt wireless?' - Cambridge
more.. CW TEC is aimed at leaders in industry, and young engineers and physicists, to give them an overview of the new world of Quantum looking at problems that need to be solved and the opportunities that will open up. Speakers will include the leaders in Quantum research and development from universities, government and industry. In partnership with Innovate UK and EPSRC and sponsored by Keysight Technologies.
Cambridge Wireless Event
14/09/16  Dr Timothy Whitley, BT to address CW Founders' Dinner at Clare College, Cambridge
more.. We are delighted to announce Dr Timothy Whitley, Managing Director, Research & Innovation for BT as our distinguished after-dinner speaker for the autumn Founders Dinner on 14th September 2016. Speaking on the topic ‘Purposeful Innovation’ and taking place in the magnificent 17th Century Great Hall at Clare College, Cambridge, this event is by invite only exclusively to CW Founder members.
14/09/16  Breakfast Networking: Building the Business Case for Learning and Development
more.. As businesses continue to evolve and grow, it is vital to ensure they have the right people with the right capabilities in the right place at the right time to deliver the organisational strategy. Join us to discover how to understand the value of developmental activities and training, and its potential to deliver the desired return on investment
07/09/16  Cambridge Network event: Making the most of training with Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration
more.. Whether you need to design a training plan to fit your company strategy, or want to book a number of courses for your employees or you are interested in learning new skills we have a very useful event for you. Join us at this informal session to learn more and meet other HR professionals
05/08/16   Riverboat Georgina Networking Lunch
more.. Join the Chamber for a glass of Pimms and buffet lunch at our popular annual Riverboat Georgina Networking Lunch.
28/07/16  Protecting your IP when Crowdfunding (A Cambridge Network event)
more.. We'll hear from crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom about how crowdfunding works and can benefit IP-oriented businesses and JA Kemp will discuss how to identify and mitigate the IP risks involved at July's Breakfast meeting.
19/07/16  How to Unlock the Growth Potential of your Business through Collaboration’
more.. Are you seeking to develop and launch new products and services? Are you looking to improve innovation across your business? Do you want to find out more about collaboration and how this can support your business? Are you searching for funding to finance R&D and support the international growth of your business?
19/07/16  Can you keep a secret? A guide to protecting your business secrets (A Cambridge Network Event)
more.. In this workshop Claire Sleep and James Tarling from Ashtons Legal will be providing guidance for you on practical steps that your business can take to protect your business secrets from misuse and abuse whether from employees, former employees, suppliers, competitors or others.
Cambridge Wireless Event
13/07/16  'Big Radio' – Radio Technology SIG event - Salford - FREE TO ATTEND
more.. One could be forgiven for assuming that radio communications research today focuses on 5G, ultra-fast Wi-Fi, and other techniques where bandwidths increase, frequencies rise, and cells get ever smaller. Yet there have been fascinating developments also in applications ranging from broadcasting through global HF and satellite communications to radio astronomy. In the next step in CW expanding its geographic reach, a CW Radio Technology SIG event on 13th July 2016 will be held at the BBC at MediaCity in Salford and sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz and will present "Big Radio"! Speakers include Anthony Brown of University of Manchester, Peter Bagot of University of Bristol, Paul Harris of University of Bristol, Paul Winter of TTP, Gerard Borg of Australian National University
13/07/16  Budgeting for your Investment
more.. Confused about Cash Flow, Profit & Loss and Balances Sheets? Then come to our free workshop to find out more about these financial statements.
08/07/16  The Cambridge Summer Garden Party
more.. Join Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce for an afternoon of informal networking and garden games at The Cambridge Summer Garden Party.
07/07/16  Home Office: SBRI Automated Threat Detection of Firearms
more.. Following recent attacks in Europe, the need to further strengthen our ability to prevent the illegal movement of firearms (by terrorists or organised crime groups) remains a high priority.
06/07/16  Ely Independents' Day
more.. Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce are taking over Ely Market Place for a day to offer local businesses a unique opportunity to show the passing public how vibrant and innovative our local business community is.
Cambridge Wireless Event
05/07/16  ‘Connected vehicles - the ultimate IoT sensor?' - Automotive and Transport SIG event - London
more.. As connected vehicles start to enter the mainstream markets it’s time to consider the bigger picture here – namely the big data picture. Connected vehicles not only generate huge amounts of their own data – such as engine performance, wear indicators and travel history but they can also be considered as mobile Internet of Things sensors collectively travelling the length and breadth of nations gathering gigabytes of data. Join us in this thought provoking SIG event, hosted by Digital Greenwich, as city, road and network operators, vehicle manufacturers and internet giants position themselves to exert some control on this battleground. Speakers are Alec McCullie of KPMG, Prof Nick Reed of TRL, Andy Graham of White Willow Consulting and Iain Davidson of Arkessa.
05/07/16  ISP 44: Health, Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance in Rail Infrastructure
more.. This event will bring together the communities of rail infrastructure owners with technology developers to present on innovation advances in these topics. The ISP will as usual be held alongside a showcase of innovative technology. Topics to Explore: Remote Sensing, Embedded Sensing, Diagnostics, Big Data.
30/06/16  Lean Startup Lab - London
more.. International experts, investors and startups that have been working together for the last two years will share the truth about how investors are finding startups and what they are looking for.
29/06/16  Lean Startup Lab - Cambridge
more.. International experts, investors and startups that have been working together for the last two years will share the truth about how investors are finding startups and what they are looking for.
28/06/16  Keysight Services Master Class Series
more.. Introducing the Keysight Services Master Class Series

The Master Class Series is a signature Keysight event that gives you an in-depth view of our test-and-measurement Services portfolio. It’s not just a new approach to learning, but a whole new world of potential for your business.
If you would like Cambridge Wireless to help organise an event for you, please contact