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European Recruitment

European Recruitment

Computer Vision/SLAM Researcher

We are looking for SLAM Researchers with a theoretical and practical knowledge to help shape the future direction of our company.

The Key Skills we are looking for are:

  • PhD, in particular CV or Robotics
  • Proven experience with geometric CV and SLAM
  • Proven Experience with SLAM systems, e.g Stereo, Monocular, RGB-D
  • Experience with real-time graphics & Image processing.
  • Experience with various open source libraries e.g. Eigen or OpenCV
  • Experience with C++ Programming.

Skills which would be a bonus:

  • Industrial or Post-doctoral experience
  • Experience with Embedded SW GPU programming, e.g. Fortran, Vulkan, CUDA,

We work on various solutions for robotics, autonomous vehicles including drones and AR/VR Solutions and offer a competitive salary with interesting and exciting projects. If you are interested in applying for this position, please send an updated CV to

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