The science behind today's ITC systems essentially dates from the first half of the 20th century, but now  esoteric quantum principles such as entanglement and superposition promise another technological revolution - ‘Quantum 2.0’.  Quantum technology will have many applications in computing, communications and sensing.

It promises to increase computational power by many orders of magnitude - what will a quantum computer look like and how will it be programmed?  How will we make cryptography safe once the methods we rely on today can be cracked by a new generation of computers?  How do we exploit quantum technology to solve this problem?  How will quantum clocks enable us to synchronise 5G networks? How will Quantum acceleration and gravity sensors enable new ways of mapping and navigation?  Are there new limits to communications beyond Shannon that we will be able to exploit?

The 2nd CW TEC  is aimed at technology leaders in industry, and young engineers and physicists, to give them an overview of the new world to come and examine the host of hard problems that need to be solved and the opportunities that will open up.  Speakers will include the leaders in Quantum research and development from universities, government research and industry.

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