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The CW International Conference is the most prestigious technology networking event in the Cambridge calendar.

C-Class networking

75% of attendees were C-Suite executives

Highly recommended

91% of delegates would recommend the conference to colleagues

Genuine growth

Attendees predicted an average of £311,000 in new business from CWIC-initiated opportunities

Unmissable dining

With a gala dinner to close, CWIC is the staple event in the Cambridge technology calendar

CWIC 2018 challenged, informed and inspired delegates to think beyond the hype, focussing on seven technology areas. Where do the genuine opportunities for business growth lie, now and in the future?

We live in a world in which new technologies that have the potential to dramatically change our lives seem to appear on an almost weekly basis.

CW, its members and the wider community work intensively on the development of new technologies as well as their deployment into new application areas - realising innovative new solutions, new services and adding value to our lives and our businesses in ways which previously were unimaginable.

Some of these technologies go on to become massive market successes whilst others fail to meet the requirements for business realisation. Nevertheless, we always aim to think beyond the hype, identifying genuine technology marvels and attempting to find those characteristics which ensure market breakthrough.

At CWIC 2018 we focused on a number of technologies which have received significant attention over the past year and which are being highlighted as critical for the ongoing digital transformation of society. In each of these areas we discussed not only the state of the art and the critical business success factors, but also the ethics of how these developments are brought to market and the potential impact they are going to have on our lives.

We explored who might be the winners and the losers in this transformational environment. What is necessary to succeed as the internet as we understand it today evolves into the internet of people, the internet of things and even the invisible internet of autonomous devices and services? How will these developments impact our lives, our businesses and society in general? What steps do we need to take now, not only to ensure that the convergence of these technology developments benefit us as technologists and investors, but also are positive for society and the environment in which we all live?

More information on each session


For years Gartner’s Hype Cycle has been a mainstay of understanding technology trends. In this session Matt from Gartner will examine the various big technology trends to be covered in the day’s sessions, with a particular focus on technology triggers and hype.


In addition to the increasing capabilities of terrestrial networks, with the announcement of a growing number of initiatives to provide data connectivity by satellite it is clear that both the internet and the Internet of Things are becoming 3 dimensional.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This session will explore what is behind recent headline dominators: enhanced statistical analysis techniques such as big data, machine learning and ultimately artificial intelligence.

5G and network innovation

5G is acknowledged as the next big step of network - in particular mobile network - technological change. The reality is, however, that new capabilities are already being added to and are enhancing 4G networks.

Industrial IoT and the connected enterprise

In order to compete in the future the enterprise must undergo radical change. Efficient factories may well be more closely described as fully automated and networked machines, that manufacture, test and then deliver products through a logistics process which is little more than the extension of the production line, all with relatively low numbers of personnel involved.


Blockchain’s initial impact has been most keenly felt in the world of finance. However, the increased level of trust provided by the distributed encrypted databases that blockchain technology provides will benefit many other areas of industry and society.

Mobility into the future

The coming disruption in the mobility and automotive space is driving the most significant technology development demands in its history, with 1,700 new companies all jostling together to lead the way.

Mixed Reality – AR/VR and UX/UI

As mixed reality products become more capable we are seeing an ever increasing requirement for natural interaction including voice, image and gesture. What technology is available in these areas, and which is the fittest?

Exclusive networking

Now in its tenth year, CWIC consistently attracts C-Level executives from the UK's leading technology firms as well as technology leads from organisations looking to identify business opportunity - and risk - in the latest technological developments. Throughout this single day event there are plenty of opportunities for meeting attendees, including the gala dinner in the evening at which Dame Wendy Hall will address delegates.

Technology truth from industry experts

With in-depth sessions on seven of the hottest technology topics of the moment, each led by a panel of experts in that chosen area, CWIC 2018 is a fantastic opportunity for you to get to grips with emerging technology such as blockchain, machine learning and 5G, as well as the inter-dependencies and commercial opportunities within each of these areas.

Grow your business in the right direction

The CW membership is renowned for cutting through the hype and providing rational evaluations of emerging trends based on expert opinions. If you are looking for a balanced, unbiased perspective on where your business should invest, come to CWIC 2018.

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