Cambridge Wireless International Conference 26.06.2019

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The CW International Conference (CWIC) is the annual gateway to the Cambridge technology community. In 2018...

375+ delegates

ranging from multinational C-Levels to start-up founders

94% of delegates

would recommend the conference to colleagues

30+ expert speakers

talking across seven tracks

The story behind CWIC 2019: Digitising Industry

Has technological innovation or industry’s eternal drive for better margins been the greatest definer of 21st century economics?

The unstoppable rise of the internet giants to their current positions has been remarkable – and, at least before the turn of the last millennium, unpredictable. A common phenomenon in the technology community is that key innovations pre-empt their most profitable applications.

This “technology first” viewpoint underplays the extent to which vertical markets have always embraced technological change, and the impact that mature industries have on the economics of next generation communications. Many industries have quickly adopted the implications of the connected world and are now pulling it forwards at pace. And the mobile industry, which has relied hitherto on mass consumerism, is now sprinting to keep up with the diversity of demand arising from the complexity of each vertical market.

At the CW International Conference 2019 we are bringing together technologists and business leaders from six vertical markets to explore industry’s future requirements of the digital sector and identify opportunities for collaborative development.

Call for speakers

CWIC 2019: Digitising Industry is looking for expert speakers interested in presenting new R&D relevant to each of the six tracks.

Speakers will have the opportunity to present to around 400 technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and innovation leads from major vertical markets. Presentations are typically 10-15 minutes long and come with the potential to join a panel discussion. All speaking organisations receive extensive promotion across CW's channels and press opportunities are available. Organisations of any size are welcome to submit applications. The deadline for submission is 21 February, more details are on the application page.

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2019 session topics

Automotive & Mobility Services

New technologies are enabling a dramatic transformation in transportation – and with the growing pressures on vehicle ownership, this is happening none too soon. The next generation of vehicles promises a step-change in the environmental and economic viability of transporting people and goods. This track will explore the cutting-edge R&D that is digitising the transportation business.


With the human population reaching 10Bn by 2050, and 800M people already estimated to have insufficient food, agricultural optimisation is a necessary but difficult task. Doing so in a way that doesn’t damage the planet is even harder. This track presents cutting-edge use cases of technology deployment in agriculture and considers what can be done to make food production more sustainable.


Water, gas and electricity are the foundation upon which modern societies live, but challenges are aplenty in each industry. What role can the digital sector play in supporting water and renewable energy firms to thrive and deliver higher quality services at lower costs – all while saving the planet through more efficient use of the world’s natural resources?


The UK is not at the forefront of global manufacturing. However, with our world-renowned knowledge intensive sector we are in prime position to influence that sector and its supply chains. Major manufacturers are already working closely with the technology sector to improve productivity. What are the next steps? How can technology help these firms achieve incremental efficiency improvements?

Retail & Consumer Electronics

Vendors across the world are now competing not with their high street neighbours but with the convenience, breadth and logistical brilliance of online retailers. The future is clear - clarity of purpose, a keen focus on delighting customers and the precise application of tech is needed for success. This track will explore where the gaps are for new technologies to deliver that competitive edge.

Intelligent Cities

More than half the world’s population live in cities and urbanisation is advancing rapidly. Successful cities provide opportunity and amenity, from which stem innovation and entrepreneurship, jobs and economic vitality. Digital abundance has the potential to revolutionise the way cities operate. This track explores the motivation for Intelligent Cities, and methods that can bring success.

2018's Expert Speakers

  • Charles Appleton

    Account Manager, Darktrace

  • Amelia Armour

    Principal, Early Stage Funds, Amadeus Capital Partners

  • Kieran Arnold

    Head of Domains, Satellite Applications Catapult

  • Monty Barlow

    Director of Machine Learning, Cambridge Consultants

  • Dean Bubley

    Founder, Disruptive Analysis

  • Graham Burnett-Hall

    Partner, Marks & Clerk

  • Peter Busch

    Senior Expert, Connected Mobility / Leader Automotive Blockchain, Robert Bosch Group

  • Tom Carter

    Founder & CTO, Ultrahaptics

  • David Cleevely

    Chairman, Raspberry Pi Foundation

  • David Crawford

    Universities of Essex & Ravensbourne (London)

  • Tamas Czuper

    Sound Engineer, Producer & Musician, Ravensbourne

  • Joshua Daniel

    Principal Research Scientist, BT TSO

  • Alison Davis

    Lead Industry Solutions & Business Development Consultant, Telco, Media & Entertainment, IBM

  • Nicolas Devillard

    Senior Product Manager, Arm

  • Simon Fletcher

    CTO, Real Wireless

  • Trevor Gill

    Consultant, Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

  • David Gilmour

    Vice President, Business Development, BP

  • David Goosey

    Managing Director - NEXCEL, Castrol

  • Dame Wendy Hall DBE, FRS, FREng

    Regius Professor of Computer Science & Pro Vice-Chancellor (International Engagement), University of Southampton

  • Matt Hatton

    VP of Research, Gartner

  • Max Heinemeyer

    Director of Threat Hunting, Darktrace

  • Faye Holland

    Founder and Director, Cofinitive

  • Dr Jennah Kriebel

    COO, MotaWord

  • Dr Dritan Kaleshi

    Lead Technologist - Future Networks, 5G Fellow, Digital Catapult

  • Neil Lawrence

    University of Sheffield

  • Anne Leino

    Head of Spectrum Affairs, Nokia

  • Derek Long

    Head of Telecoms & Mobile, Wireless and Digital Services, Cambridge Consultants

  • Steve Marsh

    Founder & CTO, Geospock

  • Dan Mercer

    VP, EMEA & Russia, Iridium

  • Abhi Naha

    CCO, CW (Cambridge Wireless)

  • Juan Nogueira

    Director Connectivity, Flex

  • Rupert Pearce

    CEO, Inmarsat

  • Ian Simmons

    Vice President, Business Development, Magna International

  • Toby Simpson

    Chief Technology Officer,

  • Rosalind Singleton

    Managing Director & Chair, UK5G Advisory Board, UK Broadband

  • Ian Stewart

    GM Performance Solutions, Finning UK & Ireland

  • Neal Sunners

    Senior VP Innovation & Emerging Technologies, Avis Budget Group

  • Geoff Varrall

    Director, RTT Online

  • Peter Whale

    Founder, Vision Formers

  • Dr Brigitta Zics

    Deputy Head of Postgraduate Studies, Ravensbourne

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