CWIC 2022

The Hyperconnected Human

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2 November 2022 | Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton & Online

The annual CW International Conference (CWIC) is a must-attend conference for business leaders in the wireless industry. Each year it attracts hundreds of Founders, Directors and C-Suite Executives to network and influence the topical issues of the industry.

Connectivity is now a ubiquitous part of our lives, round the clock we are connected; from wearables and smart devices to connected cars, houses and cities, people are ever more 'plugged in'. CWIC 2022 will explore the 'connected person' and take a tour around their connected environment.

Not only are humans externally more connected to their environment, we now have the possibility of robotic body augmentation. The human augmentation market is currently worth almost 90 billion dollars (2020) and is expected to reach over $290billion by 2028 with the largest slice from wearable devices. Can the human brain adapt to controlling an extra robotic digit added to the body by using the 'third thumb'?

CWIC will explore the societal impact of being ever more connected. How are we teaching our kids about technology? Is it through the tech itself, are they learning about the world and social values through Alexa, Google and TikTok ? Are there marginalised groups being left out (such as the elderly) or does this uber-connectivity allow for more inclusion?

And let's not forget the Metaverse! The nebulous term for a group of interoperable technologies that encompasses augmented reality and virtual worlds where people play, work, shop and that live on even when you aren't actively in them. How is the human being changed by or changing this 'metaverse'? Does the metaverse go beyond gaming and by its adoption is it adapting to the 'self' or the 'self' adapting to the metaverse? Will the metaverse be the next tech watershed or is this just a second stab at Second Life?

But, with our lives relying so heavily on connectivity, what happens if we pull the plug, and the network goes down? And does all this connectivity come with increased vulnerability with cyberspace and data security. Who controls all this connectivity and how securely?

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We're delighted to be back at Hintxon Hall on the Wellcome Genome Campus for CWIC 2022. Don't misss out on the valuable chance encounters and business growth opportunities that face-to-face networking brings.


If it's too far or you're unable to join face-to-face, CWIC 2022 will livestream the plenary talks online and breakout talks will be available the following day, but no virtual networking will be available.

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CWIC 2022 will cover these topics

Society & Community

In the last few years we’ve seen an accelerated appetite for video meetings, telemedicine, online retail & connected entertainment. How do we evolve from successful but disparate services to a broad societal change, where we share a better citizen experience, utilisation of asset capacity, and health services? How to avoid leaving people behind and provide for those who wish to remain unconnected?

Security, Identity & Privacy

Our cyberspace life has become irrevocably entwined with real life. The Metaverse offers a world of even greater promise, but also, great peril. How will we keep ourselves and our virtual identities safe in the mixed reality frontier we are heading into? We’ll examine the possibilities for identity being used in beneficial manners, but also consider how identities can be stolen, spoofed or cloned.

Living in the Metaverse

What is the metaverse and what technological developments are needed to make it a reality? How will we regulate the technology and who will govern the metaverse? How will developing technologies such as AI, 5G, XR, Web 3.0 and Distributed Ledgers combine to deliver the metaverse and what else might be needed along the way?

Mobility & Logistics

Several issues are driving a fundamental re-think of what mobility means: increasing traffic congestion, unviability of rural public transport, increasing demand for fast-delivery of goods, rising fuel costs and climate change. We will look at key requirements & challenges, such as vehicle connectivity, smart roads, sensor fusion, electric powertrain, smart grid, safety & vehicle cyber security.

Hyperconnected Entertainment

The hyper-connected humans of today have a huge array of games and pass-times available for entertainment and relaxation. What are the latest technologies and techniques in virtual production, that can create multi-dimensional audio/video experiences so realistically? How are multi-user games engines and the present generation of extended reality headsets supporting/limiting these developments?

Health & Wellbeing

Innovation in medtech is transforming the global healthcare landscape with unprecedented speed, engendering unforeseen fundamental changes. How will the technologies shaping our future change how healthcare is delivered, such as sensor applications, wearable technology, enhanced communication systems & virtual reality, which will radically improve healthcare delivery & user experience.

CWIC 2022 Organising Committee

  • Nadia Aziz

    Innovation Consultant, Unbounded Future Ltd

  • Julie Bradford

    Managing Consultant, Real Wireless

  • Paul Copping

    CTO, Fawley Waterside

  • David Crawford

    Professor, Digital Media Research, Ravensbourne

  • Rachel Kerr

    Head of Events, CW (Cambridge Wireless)

  • Edwina Mullins

    Head of Marketing, Plextek

  • Abhi Naha

    CCO, CW (Cambridge Wireless)

  • Mark Rayner

    CEO, CW (Cambridge Wireless)

  • Charles Sturman

    VP International Marketing, Huawei

  • Kumi Thiruchelvam

    CCO, Artagnan Tech

CWIC 2021 Speaker & Chairs

  • Kieran Arnold

    Director, Satellite Applications Catapult

  • Steve Bagshaw

    Head of Business Strategy, CPI

  • Mike Biddle

    Programme Director - Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, Innovate UK

  • Julie Bradford

    Managing Consultant, Real Wireless & Chair of the CWIC 2021 Organising Committee

  • Alex Buchan

    Strategic Technologist, Spectrum & Security, DTG

  • Clive Carter

    Director, Group Regulatory Affairs, BT

  • Becki Clark

    Senior Consultant, Perform Green

  • Richard Feasey

    Inquiry Chair and Panel Member, Competition & Markets Authority

  • Martin Fenton

    Director of Spectrum Analysis, Ofcom

  • Simon Fletcher

    CTO, Real Wireless

  • Caroline Gabriel

    Co-founder & Research Director, Rethink Technology Research

  • Raj Gawera

    VP & Managing Director, Samsung Cambridge and Samsung Aalborg

  • Noelle Godfrey

    Programme Director, Connecting Cambridgeshire

  • Catherine Gull

    Consultant, Cellnex UK

  • Hannah Holmes

    Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research

  • Maria Lema

    Founder, Weaver Labs

  • Hamish MacLeod

    Director, Mobile UK

  • Andy Marr

    Director for 5G/SatComs Hybrid Networks, CGI

  • Rolf Meakin

    Strategy& Partner, PwC LLP

  • Rhys Morgan

    Regional Vice President, Europe & MENA, Intelsat

  • Matthew Napleton

    Chief Commercial Officer, Zizo

  • James Noakes

    City Innovation Broker, Belfast City Council

  • David Owens

    Head of Technical Trials, Networks, Virgin Media O2

  • Joey Pan

    Director of Industry and Public Affairs, Huawei

  • Simon Parry

    CTO, Nokia Enterprise UK&I

  • Graham Payne

    Executive Chairman, Freshwave

  • Ruth Pritchard-Kelly

    Senior Advisor, Regulatory & Space Policy, OneWeb

  • David Pugh

    Manufacturing Market Lead, Digital Catapult

  • Professor Simon Saunders

    King's College London

  • Mat Sears

    Corporate Affairs Director, BT

  • Jim Sephton

    Director, Hado Uk

  • Ann Williams

    Project Lead, Liverpool 5G

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The CW Internatinal Conference will return on 2 November 2022.

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