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Cambridge Wireless International Conference 26.06.2019

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The story behind CWIC 2019: Digitising Industry

At the CW International Conference 2019 we are bringing together technologists and business leaders from six vertical markets to explore industry’s future requirements of the digital sector and identify opportunities for collaborative development.

Will technological innovation or industry’s eternal drive for better margins be the greater definer of 21st century economics? The unstoppable rise of the internet giants to their current positions has been remarkable – and, at least before the turn of the last millennium, unpredictable. 

Yet it is important for those in the technology industry to not underplay the extent to which vertical markets have always embraced technological change, and the impact that mature industries will have on the economics of next generation communications. Many industries have quickly adopted the implications of the connected world and are now pulling it forwards at pace. And the mobile industry, which has relied hitherto on mass consumerism, is now sprinting to keep up with the diversity of demand arising from the complexity of each vertical market.

CWIC 2019 will be held on Wednesday 26 June 2019 at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference centre, Hinxton (just South of Cambridge). Tickets cost just £150.00 (+ VAT) for members / £450.00 (+ VAT) for non members, and a 3-for-2 deal is even available for those seeking group discounts - contact to find out more, or register here!

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The tech world is getting both broader and deeper, encompassing diverse technologies and disrupting decades-old industries. CWIC is one of those conferences where you get a distilled insight into the myriad of technical and commercial challenges along with some innovative solutions.

Raj Gawera, VP and Managing Director, Samsung Cambridge & Chairman of CW

The CW International Conference (CWIC) is the annual gateway to the Cambridge technology community. In 2018...

375+ delegates

ranging from multinational C-Levels to start-up founders

94% of delegates

would recommend the conference to colleagues

30+ expert speakers

talking across seven tracks

2019 session topics

The evolving enterprise journey – unlocking the business case for 5G enabled markets

What are the critical success factors to realise 5G industrial opportunities & latest innovations being developed to achieve this? Experts will explore the 5G opportunity available to industry, including leveraging ultra-reliable low latency networks to drive digital transformation. Industry speakers will discuss how service providers might manage the diversity of 5G industrial requirements.

Future Mobility

New technologies are enabling a dramatic transformation in transportation – and with the growing pressures on vehicle ownership, this is happening none too soon. The next generation of vehicles promises a step-change in the environmental and economic viability of transporting people and goods. This track will explore the cutting-edge R&D that is digitising the transportation business.


With the human population reaching 10Bn by 2050, and 800M people already estimated to have insufficient food, agricultural optimisation is a necessary but difficult task. Doing so in a way that doesn’t damage the planet is even harder. This track presents cutting-edge use cases of technology deployment in agriculture and considers what can be done to make food production more sustainable.

Retail & Consumer Electronics

Vendors across the world are now competing not with their high street neighbours but with the convenience, breadth and logistical brilliance of online retailers. The future is clear - clarity of purpose, a keen focus on delighting customers and the precise application of tech is needed for success. This track will explore where the gaps are for new technologies to deliver that competitive edge.


Water, gas and electricity are the foundation upon which modern societies live, but challenges are aplenty in each industry. What role can the digital sector play in supporting water and renewable energy firms to thrive and deliver higher quality services at lower costs – all while saving the planet through more efficient use of the world’s natural resources?

Intelligent Cities

More than half the world’s population live in cities and urbanisation is advancing rapidly. Successful cities provide opportunity and amenity, from which stem innovation and entrepreneurship, jobs and economic vitality. Digital abundance has the potential to revolutionise the way cities operate. This track explores the motivation for Intelligent Cities, and methods that can bring success.


The UK is not at the forefront of global manufacturing. However, with our world-renowned knowledge intensive sector we are in prime position to influence that sector and its supply chains. Major manufacturers are already working closely with the technology sector to improve productivity. What are the next steps? How can technology help these firms achieve incremental efficiency improvements?

Cybersecurity debate

Two industry thought leaders will debate the proposition, 'Wireless connectivity inevitably increases cyber-security threats for verticals, just learn to live with it'

2019 Expert Speakers & Chairs (confirmed to date)

  • Raj Gawera

    VP & Managing Director, Samsung Cambridge (SCSC)

  • Derek Long

    Head of Telecoms & Mobile, Cambridge Consultants

  • Mansoor Hanif

    CTO, Ofcom

  • Ian Simmons

    Vice President - Business Development, R&D, Magna International

  • Abhi Naha

    CCO, CW (Cambridge Wireless)

  • Jonathan Tudor

    Technology & Innovation Strategy Director, Centrica

  • Greg Dickens

    Innovation Consultant, Innovia Technology

  • Richard Fairchild

    Operations Director, Aurrigo

  • Emma Mee

    Programme Manager, Allia

  • Andrew Pockson

    Divisional Marketing Manager, Anglia

  • Steve Archer

    Business Development Manager, 30MHz

  • Ian Wheal

    Co-founder and CEO, Breedr

  • Ben Crowther

    CTO and Co-founder, LettUs Grow

  • Paul Beastall

    Head of Strategy, Cambridge Consultants

  • Nik Willetts

    President & CEO, TM Forum

  • Fred Barrigar

    Senior Director of Services & Connectivity, Livongo

  • Masakatsu Mori

    General Manager, Hitachi European R&D Headquarters

  • Tim Moore

    VP Smart Devices, Coty

  • Julian Burnett

    VP, Global Markets - Distribution Sector , IBM

  • Mainda Kiwelu

    Senior Product Manager, Metail

  • Chris Hole

    Consultant, TTP

  • Harald Kröll


  • Chris Regan

    Head of Business Development, EDF Energy

  • Rob Shaw

    Head of Asset Intelligence, Anglian Water

  • James Dean

    CEO, SenSat

  • Dan Clarke

    Strategy and Partnerships Manager, Smart Cambridge

  • Esther Ford

    Partner, Marks & Clerk

  • Clare Wildfire

    Global Practice Lead for Cities, Mott MacDonald

  • Elaine Trimble

    Director of Urban Infrastructure, Siemens

  • Andy Rhodes

    Operations Director, 42 Technology

  • Lina Huertas

    Chief Technologist – Digital Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technology Centre

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Institute for Manufacturing &, University of Cambridge

  • Simon Fletcher

    CTO, Real Wireless

  • Nigel Jefferies

    Senior Standards Manager, Huawei

  • Peter Clemons

    Founder, Quixoticity

  • Jay Srage

    Lecturer, Digital Leadership, Michigan Ross

CWIC 2019 Organising Committee

  • Derek Long

    Head of Telecoms & Mobile, Wireless and Digital Services, Cambridge Consultants

  • Abhi Naha

    Chief Commercial Officer, CW (Cambridge Wireless)

  • Andy Rhodes

    Operations Director, 42 Technology

  • Emma Mee

    Programme Manager, Allia

  • Jack Lomas

    Head of Product, Smart Infrastructure, Mott Macdonald

  • Rachel Kerr

    Head of Events, CW (Cambridge Wireless)

  • Simon Fletcher

    CTO, Real Wireless

  • Simon Mead

    CEO, CW (Cambridge Wireless)

  • Vidhya Sridhar

    Communications & Signal Processing Consultant, TTP

In 2018 we celebrated 10 years of the Cambridge Wireless International Conference

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