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Industrial IoT and the connected enterprise

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To compete in the future, the enterprise must undergo radical change. Efficient factories may well be more closely described as fully automated and networked machines, that manufacture, test and then deliver products through a logistics process which is little more than the extension of the production line, and with relatively low numbers of personnel involved. Once in service these products can be monitored by wide area connectivity with the enterprise ensuring that the products are used in accordance with their design and warranty criteria, as well as the enterprise being able to feedback usage data into the next generation product development process. We will explore how Industrial IoT reaches beyond industrial automation into areas such as transportation, energy, asset tracking and smart logistics.

Industrial IoT experts at CWIC 2018

  • Abhi Naha

    CCO, CW

  • Nicolas Devillard

    Senior Product Manager, Arm

  • Graham Burnett-Hall

    Partner, Marks & Clerk

  • Ian Stewart

    GM Performance Solutions, Finning UK & Ireland

  • Juan Nogueira

    Director Connectivity, Flex

Gold Sponsor: Marks & Clerk
Marks & Clerk Logo pngMarks & Clerk are committed to providing exceptional intellectual property advice around the world, helping you to navigate the complexities of IP, patents, trade marks and design protection. Innovation is the life-blood of business and it’s vital that you do not overlook the need to protect your intellectual property. From the capture of an idea, to the enforcement or defence of rights in disputes Marks & Clerk is your expert partner to ensure your IP is protected and fully exploited. Today’s local is tomorrow’s global – and with our diverse team of practitioners, you’re always supported by a network of experts.

Silver Sponsor: Arm
ArmArm defines the pervasive computing that shapes today’s connected world. Realized in 10 billion silicon chips and counting, Arm’s device architectures orchestrate the performance of the technology transforming our lives – from smartphones to supercomputers, from medical instruments to agricultural sensors, and from base stations to servers. Every day thousands of Arm partners embed more than 45 million Arm-based chips in products that connect people and enhance the human experience, to serve today and architect tomorrow.

Ian Stewart, Finning UK & Ireland 'Finning Performance Solutions. Digital acceleration in the Construction Industry.'
This talk will look at the role of technology in the heavy construction industry is being redefined, connected equipment, IoT, artificial Intelligence, analytics and eCommerce are fuelling a breakthrough in equipment and customer operations performance. This digital transformation of the Construction sector has data at its core, but this presentation will focus on the importance of information driven products and services working seamlessly with people and process to power unparalleled operational insights and performance breakthroughs for customers.

Dr Juan Nogueira, Director Connectivity, Flex '5G: The ultimate enabler of I4.0'
This talk will focus on how the three cornerstones of 5G, namely enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications (uRLLC) and massive Machine Type of Communication (mMTC), will come together to allow the long-time promised I4.0 to finally take off.

Graham Burnett-Hall, Marks & Clerk 'IoT without Borders – How to stop cherry-picking of your IoT model after Brexit'
This session will discuss how to protect ownership of your product-as-a-service business model, addressing how to work with third parties to provide your IoT ecosystem, and how to leverage your intellectual property to protect cross-border IoT-based revenue.

Nicolas Devillard, Arm 'The security considerations of connected devices and their relationship with the cloud'
The Internet of Things opens new doors for connected devices, including a new world of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The future of IIoT hangs on authenticity, confidentiality and integrity, enabling high quality data which can inform operational and energy efficiencies, plus the reduction of costs to the bottom line. In order to make sensible data-based decisions, you need to have complete trust that the IoT deployment is working correctly, has not been tampered with and that the received data has not been modified in transit. As IIoT devices will have long lifecycles, with multiple stakeholders, you also need to ensure that everyone in the value chain, has correct read/write access, reflecting their trusted status. Some of these security-based decisions can seem complex and difficult to tackle, but with proven technology, scalable solutions, and a broad ecosystem, security implementation is more accessible to industrial companies than ever before.
This session will discuss how to define security requirements, plus the various approaches you can take for securing your devices, your data and your business.
You will learn about the need for security in industrial IoT; how this translates into device and data security and how Arm makes this achievable.

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