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Mobility into the future

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The coming disruption in the mobility and automotive space is driving the most significant technology development demands in its history. 1,700 new companies have entered the industry. The advent of a sharing economy is having an impact and creating the opportunity for services to displace vehicle ownership as well as the potential to disrupt the overall industry business model. The demands for innovation to support this potential revolution requires technology application from other verticals, in-house development and partnership with innovative third parties. The future mobility ecosystem with autonomous technology for ride sharing, local massed transit, delivery services and new modes of mobility will present opportunities through connectivity for a wide array of innovation applied to mapping, real-time localisation, advanced sensors and efficient computing.

Mobility experts at CWIC 2018

  • Ian Simmons

    Vice President, Business Development, Magna International

  • David Gilmour

    Vice President, Business Development, BP

  • David Goosey

    Managing Director - NEXCEL, Castrol

  • Steve Marsh

    Founder & CTO, Geospock

  • Neal Sunners

    Senior VP Innovation & Emerging Technologies, Avis Budget Group

Gold Sponsor: Magna International
MagnaMagna is a leading global automotive supplier with 327 manufacturing operations and 100 product development, engineering and sales centers in 29 countries. Magna has over 161,000 employees focused on delivering superior value to its customers through Innovation and World Class Manufacturing and Processes. At Magna, we take great ideas and develop them from invention to commercialization. We also know that great thinking happens outside our four walls, and that our ability to commercialise great ideas benefits inventors, founders, entrepreneurs, customers, and ultimately all who share the road.

Silver Sponsor: GeoSpock
GeospockGeoSpock® provides analytics, builds insight, and enables prediction across space and time. Their proprietary data integration platform visualises extreme amounts of contextual data in milliseconds. Its architecture has the ability to analyse trillions of geospatial and temporal data points in sub-second response time with its high performance, cloud-based services – infin8™, illumin8™, and extrapol8™. Conceived by Dr Steve Marsh while reading for his PhD in Computer Science at Cambridge University and founded as a business in 2013, GeoSpock is the future of big data management, providing extreme-scale, high volume-ingest, ease of use, and interactive results.

Ian Simmons, Vice President, Business Development, R&D, Magna International 'Introduction to Mobility into the Future'
Magna is a global mobility technology company providing highly technical systems and building complete vehicles. Mobility as we know it is on the cusp of major change, and so is the industry that supports it. Ride sharing, autonomous shuttles, new mobility concepts, connectivity features is driving rapid change into the ecosystem. Congestion and cities imposing future restrictions on internal combustion engines will influence transport and smart infrastructure. Future challenges in business cases, legislation, how we pay for mobility services and how industry is compensated will have a disruptive impact on the car companies and major suppliers. Mobility is changing, consumers expectations are changing and so is Magna.

David Gilmour, Vice President, Business Development, BP 'Creating new value from convergence'
All oil companies face a dual challenge – deliver the world’s growing demand for energy and cut emissions. Growth in supply of hydrocarbons is required both to build economies and to underpin electrification, a global megatrend that may appear to disrupt incumbents like BP. But the convergence of electrification with other trends, like convenience, autonomy and the sharing economy, also creates opportunities for companies like BP. And we are taking both an outside-in and inside-out approach to create some advantage. BP Ventures is investing in high growth, disruptive start-ups, like StoreDot, FlyVictor and Drover that may one day play a key role in BP’s future. We are also spinning out innovation, like Nexcel, into the market to create new value, as well as play a role in building the circular economy. While the future of mobility may not yet be clear, it will include BP.

David Goosey, Managing Director, NEXCEL 'Closing the Loop on the Connected Car'
Nearly all of us enjoy the convenience a car provides whether we own one ourselves or hire one to get where we need to be. That convenience comes at a cost. The car needs regular service and maintenance and that requires taking it off the road which is a hassle.
The convenience of a car also comes at a cost to the environment. Most cars today and in the future, rely on a petrol or diesel engine to provide its power and generating that power creates carbon dioxide – a greenhouse gas. Servicing a car produces 4 or 5 litres of waste oil every time….. which, if recovered responsibly, has to be safely disposed of.
Nexcel is an exciting new digitally-enabled automotive technology which is helping the automotive transport industry and policy makers responding to these challenges globally.

Neal Sunners, Senior Vice President Innovation and Emerging Technologies, Avis Budget Group 'The Future of Mobility – the Avis Budget Group Perspective'
The world of mobility is evolving daily with automotive companies, technology giants and others making steps to bring new products to markets including Connected Cars, Autonomous Vehicles and more. However much of that work also needs to start with the consumers who increasingly look to on-demand services to get around.
Avis Budget Group is completely engaged in this shift for both consumers and business and this presentation will provide insights into how we are reinventing rental and digitising our business in preparation for the future of mobility on a global scale across the 180 countries in which we operate.

Dr Steve Marsh, Founder & CTO, Geospock 'Mobilising the future with Contextual Intelligence'
When it comes to making smart decisions context is king, and location data is the king of context. We are progressing, rapidly, towards a world of unfathomable amounts of data. This "tsunami of data", remains, unfortunately, siloed due to the complexity of serving a small subset of discrete use cases. At GeoSpock we bring our expertise of space and time big data engineering to unlock the hidden value in data silos. We aim to build up a holistic and complete contextual understanding of the world, in particular, the M2M physical data world. Our approach starts to bridge the worlds of SmartMobility, SmartInfrastructure, SmartCity, SmartEnergy and SmartHealth. We are creating the fundamentals of DataEconomy 2.0. In doing so, we allow the costs of data generation to be amortised over many applications, opening up new business models and monetisation opportunities - bringing value to all players in the digital value chain and enabling true mobility in the future.

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