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5G, Satellites & Magic MIMO

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The CW Technology & Engineering Conference is a day designed specifically for engineers. With 5G moving from theory into practice, this one day event explored in intimate detail the new technologies that are transforming the mobile network.

Take for example spectrum. Frequencies that had been considered worthless are now underpinning 5G deployments with the help of some clever engineering - and massive MIMO. Massive MIMO is not massive at all, but can bring enormous benefit when it comes to increasing capacity and improving coverage. Unsurprisingly it’s referred to in some circles as the magic MIMO. What role is massive MIMO going to play in the future - and how massive can the operators go?

Elsewhere in the access network, satellites have long been used for providing emergency communications, broadband in hard to reach areas and as backhaul for cellular networks. However, the long round trip time of signals for medium earth orbit (MEOs) and geostationary orbit (GEOs) satellites have prevented them from moving outside of this niche. With many low earth orbit (LEO) mega constellations emerging, satellites are now a potential mass enabler of 5G, standards permitting. But what contributions from satellites can we realistically expect?

At CW TEC 2019, we focused on new 5G technologies that are changing the industry today, the consequences of which will reverberate long into the future. With a particular focus on the engineering challenges of 5G access networks and last mile connectivity – including delivering on latency targets, or providing coverage to rural areas - the agenda gave delegates access to the opinions and experience of prominent subject matter experts from across the telecommunications industry.

CW TEC 2019 Sessions

What Has Massive MIMO Ever Done For Us?

Clearly the desire for more and more capacity in cellular networks has driven the industry to find more and more novel techniques. High expectations have been set for this emergent technology, so much so that the term "Magic MIMO" has been coined. How significant is it for today’s early 5G rollout, and what can we expect over the coming years? Are there further enhancements yet to come?

Non-Terrestrial & Hybrid Networks

There are different initiatives underway to make satellite and other non-terrestrial networks a part of 5G. Many different mobile operators have demonstrated compelling use-cases with drones, balloons and other aerostats. In addition to latency, what other challenges are stopping the mass adoption of non-terrestrial and hybrid networks? What about advanced features like slicing, etc.?

5G: A Catalyst For Network Transformation

While eMBB can be supported with an upgrade of existing 4G infrastructure, URLLC and mMTC require a massive change in the network architecture. Operators have started the transformation process with backhaul upgrades, new data centres, distributed core and cloud rollouts, etc. How are networks evolving to accommodate these changes, and how does this growth align with the next new generation?

Getting Ready For The Beyond-5G Era

Many technologies, like full duplex, that were originally intended to be part of 5G did not make it into the standards. What other revolutionary changes are needed to make Beyond-5G technologies not only fulfil the vision, ambition and use-cases that were originally envisaged for 5G, but to take it a step further and make it a game changer.

CW TEC 2019 Expert Speakers & Chairs

  • Matthew Baker

    Head of Radio Physical Layer & Coexistence Standardization, Nokia

  • Iris Barcia

    COO, Keima

  • Julie Bradford

    Managing Consultant, Real Wireless

  • Dean Bubley

    Analyst & Futurist, Disruptive Analysis

  • Alan Carlton

    Vice President, InterDigital Europe

  • Antonella Faniuolo

    Head of Network Strategy, Planning, Digital & Optimisation, Vodafone UK

  • Chris Farrow

    Technical Manager, Chronos Technology

  • David George

    Vice President of EMEA and APAC, Sitetracker

  • Zahid Ghadialy

    Senior Director, Strategic Marketing, Parallel Wireless UK & EMEA

  • Erol Hepsaydir

    Head of RAN and Devices Strategy and Architecture, Three UK

  • Peter Love

    5G Densification Architect, Nokia

  • Guy Matthews

    Director of Emerging Technology, CGI

  • Emiliano Mezzarobba

    Senior RF System Consultant, Cambridge Consultants

  • Andrew Palmer

    Consulting Director, CGI

  • Jaime Reed

    Director, Consulting, Space, Defence and Intelligence, CGI

  • Anvar Tukmanov

    Wireless Research Manager, BT

  • Dr Yinan Qi

    Senior 5G Researcher, Samsung Electronics

  • Simon Watts

    Principal Consultant, Avanti Communications

CW TEC 2019 Sponsors & Supporters

CW TEC 19 Organising Committiee

  • Iris Barcia

    COO, Keima

  • Zahid Ghadialy

    Senior Director, Strategic Marketing, Parallel Wireless UK & EMEA

  • Peter Love

    5G Densification Architect, Nokia

  • Simon Mead

    CEO, CW (Cambridge Wireless)

  • Andrew Palmer

    Consulting Director, CGI

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