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Plextek's technology specialists can solve your hardest challenges in smart sensing, advanced communications & intelligent data insight. Our people provide solutions to give you the market edge

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Company profile

Plextek is a technology consultancy at the heart of the Cambridge. With a 30 year history of providing complex engineering solutions, we continuously innovate to push the boundaries of engineering and technology today.

We grow and develop ideas for our clients and have a history of turning our own innovation into successful spin-out technology companies.

We start by studying and understanding the key challenges that you wish to address. We then explore a range of ideas and potential solutions, bringing fresh thinking to the problem. After selecting the most appropriate approach we proceed through design, development and verification stages and, if required, into manufacture. Our experience in successful delivery guides us to select approaches that are inventive, work in practice, can be delivered on time and to the agreed budget.

Understanding your Market

We work within multiple markets, from Smart Cities & IOT, to Industrial Automation, Transport and Medical. Here are some quick links to the info you need:


We have recently launched our new innovation unit, Ignite Exponential (, giving more emphasis to our strong history in delivering innovative solutions for our partners.

To find out more about how we could add value to your project, please call: 01799 533200 or email:

Related News

  • Plextek welcomes new CEO

    Brent Hudson has taken over as CEO of Plextek Services Limited. Previously CEO of Telensa, the market-leading smart street lighting company, Hudson has 25 years’ experience at senior management and board level with companies such as Sagentia Group plc, QinetiQ, and Tality.

    added by Emma Plumtree 1 min Read
  • Mountain or Molehill – the Disproportional Impact of Small Problems

    By David Eliston, Senior Consultant Product Design at Plextek. Sometimes the simple problems are the most frustrating. In a “normal” year I’d be a keen off-piste skier. This often involves a lot of hard and hot work, climbing or skinning up to access un-skied snow. Under these conditions, trying to regulate your body temperature means pulling on and off layers of clothing to suit how hard you are working, whether you’re in sun or shade, whether it’s windy etc. It’s often occurred to me as I’m starting to cool at the top of the climb, that given some bad weather and cold fingers, a jacket zipper that is reluctant to engage could be the difference between life and death. That’s maybe a little melodramatic, but it’s a very simple thing that could have significant consequences.

    added by Emma Plumtree 1 min Read
  • High Times for Cannabis Vaping?

    By Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical and Healthcare at Plextek. The recent news that the NHS is planning a clinical trial of cannabis oil in the UK will come as a relief to many patients suffering from chronic pain, who regularly use marijuana to alleviate their symptoms. Although research is ongoing, there is good reason to believe that non-psychoactive cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, are effective across a broad range of health conditions. Ensuring proper dosing and effective delivery of a ‘clean’ product through technical innovation will be of critical importance to the growing industry.

    added by Emma Plumtree 3 min Read
  • The Physiological Challenges of Spaceflight

    By Guest Blogger Rich Whittle, Bioastronautics & Human Performance Lab at Texas A&M University The recent landing of the probe Perseverance on Mars, and the excitement generated by the high-resolution images currently being broadcast back to Earth, has inevitably started people thinking about human exploration of the Red Planet. However, the challenges faced by a manned journey to Mars are much more than just technical, but reflect some fundamental aspects of human physiology. In this guest article, Rich Whittle of the Bioastronautics and Human Performance Lab at Texas A&M University, reflects on some of the key issues.

    added by Emma Plumtree 4 min Read


Location info - Plextek Services Limited

London Road
Great Chesterford
Saffron Walden
CB10 1NY

Tel: 01799 533200

Fax: 01799 533201

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