Plextek's technology specialists can solve your hardest challenges in smart sensing, advanced communications & intelligent data insight. Our people provide solutions to give you the market edge.

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Plextek is a technology consultancy at the heart of the Cambridge. With a 30 year history of providing complex engineering solutions, we continuously innovate to push the boundaries of engineering and technology today.

We grow and develop ideas for our clients and have a history of turning our own innovation into successful spin-out technology companies.

We start by studying and understanding the key challenges that you wish to address. We then explore a range of ideas and potential solutions, bringing fresh thinking to the problem. After selecting the most appropriate approach we proceed through design, development and verification stages and, if required, into manufacture. Our experience in successful delivery guides us to select approaches that are inventive, work in practice, can be delivered on time and to the agreed budget.

Understanding your Market

We work within multiple markets, from Smart Cities & IOT, to Industrial Automation, Transport and Medical. Here are some quick links to the info you need:


We have recently launched our new innovation unit, Ignite Exponential (, giving more emphasis to our strong history in delivering innovative solutions for our partners.

To find out more about how we could add value to your project, please call: 01799 533200 or email:

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  • Calculating Error: What do a brain and a ship have in common?

    Humans have always sought to make life easier for ourselves – it’s almost what defines us as a species. Part of this is to alleviate ourselves from the mundane tasks of life, from making a pot-stand so it does not have to be held over a fire, to having an automatic out of office reply on your email. As systems became more complex during the industrial revolution there was increased interest in the automatic control of such systems, one of which being the automatic steering of ships.

    added by Edwina Mullins 4 min Read
  • What will Quantum Computers ever do for us?

    By: Peter Debenham Senior Consultant, Plextek Quantum Computing is buzz phrase found across technical journals, websites and blogs. The phrase even escapes outside the scientific and technical domain into general newspapers and television. It is a recent concept; physicist Paul Benioff proposed a quantum mechanical model of the Turing machine only in 1980[1]

    added by Emma Plumtree 4 min Read
  • Waking up from the Maternity Leave dreamland

    Written and illustrated by: Polly Britton Project Engineer, Plextek People sometimes want to know what it’s like being a female engineer, but it’s really just like being a male engineer who goes into a different bathroom. Becoming a mother and primary care giver adds a completely new dimension to the question, though. I just got back from six months of maternity leave, for the second time in my career, and it’s slightly surreal. As more women are encouraged to go into engineering as a field of study and a career, we may soon see more and more women going through this transformation of engineer into mother, and then into an engineer-mother hybrid.

    added by Emma Plumtree 3 min Read
  • Developing Software Defined Radio applications with OpenCPI

    By: Robert Littlejohns Consultant, Plextek Wireless technologies are always evolving and becoming more complex to meet the ever-increasing capacity, reliability and security demands of customers. The most prominent example of this is the ongoing rollout of the 5G mobile phone network. Over time, the 5G standard will improve and gain new features. With the cost of deploying such a network nationwide in the billions of pounds, the ability for a network operator to modify the functionality of their base stations with a software update is very attractive. This can be achieved using Software Defined Radios (SDRs).

    added by Emma Plumtree 8 min Read
  • Can Radar Detect Tennis Balls?

    By: Dr Damien Clarke Lead Consultant, Plextek Large and expensive military radar systems, such as the Artisan Radar, are capable of detecting objects as small as tennis balls at great distances even while moving at high speeds:

    added by Emma Plumtree 2 min Read


Location info - Plextek Services Limited

London Road
Great Chesterford
Saffron Walden
CB10 1NY

Tel: 01799 533200

Fax: 01799 533201

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