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The real value of mobile networks

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The outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide and the behavioural changes that it has imposed on us all has dramatically accelerated our uptake of digital services. From online shopping to online GP appointments, to remote working to online learning for students, the rapid uptake of these services is all underpinned by connectivity. In the case of wireless, a large amount of that connectivity is provided by the mobile industry. But with mobile connectivity now touching many more parts of the economy beyond smartphone services for consumers, particularly with 5G, is it time to rethink the value that mobile networks deliver to us all and, in return, whether nations need to revisit their policies and engagement with the mobile industry to ensure the sustainability of this industry in everyone’s best interest?

Session chaired by Julie Bradford, Managing Consultant in Wireless Techno-Economics, Real Wireless & Chair of the CWIC 2021 Organising Committee

Speakers include:

Mike Biddle, Programme Director - Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, Innovate UK
Innovating for Good – where wireless can help?
The world is changing around us from the Covid-19 Pandemic to the increasing urgency to reach Net Zero by 2050. When things are changing the only way to respond is to innovate and do things differently! Now is the time to inspire, involve and invest in the technologies and capabilities we need for the future and to challenge ourselves to think about how the wireless industry can support the response to these changes.

James Noakes, City Innovation Broker, Belfast City Council
Wireless underpinning sustainability, innovation and regional regeneration
James will outline the investment in regeneration, sustainability and innovation that is being made in many regions currently and how a relationship with the wireless industry is now recognised as underpinning these investments. In particular, James will draw on his experience of initiatives in the Belfast City Region and how wireless is formally being recognised as essential to the success of these.


The CW Internatinal Conference will return on 2 November 2022.

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