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Zizo is a unique combination of technology, process and people that deliver complex data driven solutions to businesses of any scale, in a time frame and at a cost that no-one else can match.

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Who are Zizo?

Zizo as a business is a unique combination of technology, process and people that deliver complex data driven solutions to major businesses, in a time frame and at a cost that no-one else can match. Zizo focus on delivering the value found within data, whether it be experience, platform or commercial value. Use cases include:

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Edge Data Analysis
  • Hybrid Data Warehouse
  • AI & ML acceleration

Our Mission

Zizo was created with the specific purpose of changing the analytics business.  Through an in-depth understanding of this complex market, and the even more complex solutions and technologies that live within it, we knew that there was an opportunity to re-invent the way organisations use data to drive real business outcomes.

As innovators and data experts we decided to leverage our knowledge and create a new solution, one that allowed organisations of any size to become truly data driven, one that scales from the data centre to the edge.

Our Technology

In order to do this, a completely new technology and a new approach to data was required.  Following years of research at Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA), Dr Tom Longshaw joined Zizo with the express purpose of creating this new paradigm in the market.  Using new technologies and techniques, Dr Longshaw created the Zizo Data Platform.

Zizo is a unique, patented analytical solution.  Our platform combines a number of leading edge technologies to deliver an end-to-end solution designed specifically for analysis on massive, disparate data sets, whilst driving down the cost of implementation and time to value.  From the use of advanced compression techniques to alleviate data storage issues, through to visual workflow and analysis tools we have developed solution for every step of the data journey. This allows us to deliver blistering performance anywhere in the network – even at the edge.

Our technology also enables a wide range of technical solutions for applications, including analytical offloading (for high performance databases), data integration capabilities and full scale data mining.  Zizo has been used to greatly simplify and accelerate key applications, reduce data processing timeframes and massively reduce both support and maintenance overheads. Zizo is also able to accelerate machine learning processing by sieving the data down to its most relevant, whilst enabling analysis without the need for data centre support.

IoT: Edge Capability, Data Centre Scale

Although Zizo was designed to handle huge volumes of data in the data centre, we have also found that our principles of efficiency and performance allow us to deliver the power of the data centre down to the edge. With the capability to not only stream but analyse billions of rows of data, Zizo offers any organisation that has edge requirements the capability to deliver analytics at ‘at source’ and make decisions right where they need to be made.

We have also developed our own, ‘turnkey’ IoT platform that enables anyone, whether they be a ‘data creator’ or a ‘data consumer’ to build new business models, create new markets and improve their business operations using data, without the huge upfront costs in both time and money found in traditional approaches.

Use Cases

·         Device Manufacturer

o    Creating new revenue models and business opportunities through data ‘monetisation’

o    Require an ‘end to end’ IoT platform

·         IoT Start-Up

o    Delivering pure play graphical analysis tools for end users

o    Combine Zizo technology with Public Cloud to deliver scale and improve usability.


Our Skills

What sets us apart from other technology focussed businesses is that we understand that technology is only part of the story.  As we work very closely with the real users of the end solution, both the business and the end user customer to gain an in-depth knowledge of our requirements that enable us to be proactive in delivery and support, and our lengthy engagement with our clients demonstrates our success.

Our team leverages the capabilities within Zizo to deliver successful solutions time and time again.  Zizo enables us to store ALL of the data, from any source, and then work interactively with the business to create the rules that deliver the value.  These rules can be implemented immediately on the data, reducing project time, cost and complexity. 

As such, our data driven approach has allowed us to work with major blue chips clients across a number of sectors, combining our technology, their business knowledge and our data expertise to create long term partnerships, build new business models and approaches to market.


Our Technology Partner - Intel

Zizo have been working extensively with Intel since 2016, and work closely with a large number of differing elements, ranging from Software Engineering (SSG), Data Centre (DCG), Direct Sales (DSG) and their more advanced solutions such as FPGA (Altera) and AI/Machine Learning (Nervana).

The Zizo solution is currently a case study for the Intel Xeon 8138 Processor and the Intel Optane NVMEe SSD solutions, alongside being a launch partner for the new Cascade Lake processor family.

Finally, we have been working with Intel to develop our own IoT platform, built on their OISP reference architecture. Composed of best of breed, open source technology, with the Zizo platform providing the analysis and data storage requirements, this technology platform builds on the promise of IoT and enables real business change through data.

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Location info - Zizo Software

8 Douglas House, 32-34 Simpson Road
Fenny Stratford
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

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