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Reducing network latency is often stated as being a critical requirement of 5G however what should we consider as good and what’s bad? How low does latency need to be and what service level agreements are required on latency? How does the latency target change for different services and how can we architect a flexible network which enables a wide range of services to be supported? This session will explore how we define, build, measure and verify latency performance within networks while also exploring the options available to network architects and designers to reduce end to end network latency.

Rohde & SchwarzSession Sponsor: Rohde & Schwarz
Rohde & Schwarz is a market-leading supplier in the mobile and wireless communications sector, offering a comprehensive portfolio of T&M instruments and systems for the development, production and acceptance testing of components and consumer devices as well as for setting up and monitoring mobile networks. Other important T&M markets include the automotive industry, aerospace and defense, all industrial electronics sectors, research and education.

Session Chaired by Andy Sutton, Principal Network Architect, BT

Arnd Sibila, Technology Marketing Manager, Rohde & Schwarz
Measuring latency in smart factories – anything else?
Latency is certainly a very important KPI for smart factory use cases. In future, it will be ensured with latency Service Level Agreements. This talk will show how to measure latency and how to verify that SLAs are fulfilled. But is latency the only consideration? If factory owners rely on wireless connectivity to interconnect robots/cobots/AGV/AMR/etc. in a smart factory, another key requirement is availability. Unfortunately, availability/redundancy and latency are related to each other. The presentation will also discuss how the redundant infrastructure deployment can be validated.

Professor Rahim Tafazolli, Regius Professor, The University of Surrey & Director, ICS/5GIC
5G with an Edge
This talk will cover the role of edge computing and processing in implementing efficient communication protocols, and how it enables engineering Quality of Experience (QoE). We will include some videos from 5G trials to demonstrate the importance of edge computing in the modernisation of some vertical industries. The talk will conclude with an exploration of ‘what next’ from a research point of view.

Alessandro Bovone, UK&I Chief Solution Architect, Nokia
Predicting the change required in networks for latency use cases – are there any dilemmas?
5G fuels tomorrow's industry change and drives the new era for consumer communication. As humans and robots work together, in say, in a factory environment there will be a growing need for ultra-low latency and ultra-reliable networks to fulfil the requirements of the use case. This presentation will outline how Bell Labs predict the impact of these changes on a network and how one OEM is providing the best in class products and services to support operators to make well informed strategic decisions.

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