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Space as a rapidly evolving global communications infrastructure enabling massively scalable business cases for IoT and broadband users.

85% of the earth's surface is not available to conventional networks. The Low Earth Orbit Satellite revolution has slashed the cost per bit both in terms of energy needed to send data cost to access the network. Furthermore the use of cubesats and small satellites has speeded up deployment of new technology, and much in the same way that cellular networks transformed terrestrial connectivity, LEO massively expands capacity but without the need for local infrastructure.

Hitherto unpractical applications are now possible, with direct sensor to satellite connectivity delivering cheap ubiquitous data can now be deployed widely:

  • Broadband in all areas – Starlink/Oneweb make access available in all areas; event, disaster, conflict pop up networks
  • Agritech, especially for monitoring of water usage and crop health
  • Livestock health for roaming herds
  • Road freight transportation and Autonomous vehicles, bringing valuable information in the existing data desert

Speakers include:

Andy Marr, Director Consulting Services, Future Networks, CGI
Promise of Satellites for Ubiquitous 5G Coverage
A Terrestrial-Satellite hybrid 5G network has the power to extend 5G connectivity reliably beyond the boundaries of terrestrial infrastructure to anywhere in the world – including the middle of the ocean, which could transform the IoT-enabled global supply chain. For decades Satellite industry pre-dominantly operated in non-standardised way. Big Launch and operational costs also created a big barrier to entry. But the miniaturization of components have enabled building small satellites as well as the use of Ku/Ka RF technologies facilitated creation of LEO broadband constellations. NTN inclusion in 3GPP specification will encourage standardization and further open up new possibilities for the satellite industry. In the session I will cover the following:

  • Benefits of terrestrial-satellite hybrid solutions
  • Challenges of non-terrestrial integration in 5G
  • Planning for Beyond 5G hybrid - what do we need to build into future non-terrestrial network design

Sriram Jayasimha, Chief Scientist, Commercial Applications & Stephen Gibson, Managing Director, UK, AST SpaceMobile
AST SpaceMobile – Connecting the Unconnected
A presentation on the SpaceMobile business case and technical solution that will enable your current smart phone to connect directly to a satellite.

Luc Perard, Senior Vice President, Head of IoT, Eutelsat
Hybrid IoT Networks: How Satellite Can Now Extend Terrestrial LoRaWAN Networks
IoT networks in general, and LoRaWAN in particular, are ideally suited to inexpensively connect remote sensor devices, operating years on batteries, sending a few byte-sized messages daily. But because they rely on ground gateways with limited reach, the coverage area of those IoT networks is poor at best, which is a showstopper for many massive IoT use cases. Satellite has always been able to bridge this coverage gap, but at a very high price, and taking a heavy toll on the remote devices' battery life. Global satellite LoRaWAN service is about to revolutionize this: enabling seamlessly integrated hybrid (satellite and terrestrial) networks so that small, inexpensive, battery-savvy LoRa devices can transmit their data no matter where they are, at a price point similar to LoRaWAN connectivity.


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