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Getting ready for Beyond-5G Era

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Many technologies like Full duplex, etc. that were originally intended to be part of 5G were not able to make it into the standards. Along with these, what other revolutionary changes are needed to make Beyond-5G technologies not only fulfil the vision, ambition and use-cases that were originally envisaged for 5G but to take it a step further and make it a game changer.

Meet our industry experts

  • Peter Love

    5G Densification Architect, Nokia

  • Alan Carlton

    Vice President, InterDigital Europe

  • Matthew Baker

    Head of Radio Physical Layer & Coexistence Standardization, Nokia

  • Mehdi Bennis

    Associate Professor, Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu

Session Sponsor: InterDigital Europe
InterDigitalInterDigital develops fundamental wireless technologies that are at the core of mobile devices, networks, and services worldwide.
As a long-standing contributor to the evolution of the wireless industry, we solve many of the industry’s most critical and complex technical challenges years ahead of market deployment.
Our advanced solutions support more efficient wireless networks, a richer multimedia experience, and new mobile broadband capabilities. Accordingly, we have established licenses and partnerships with many of the world’s leading wireless companies.

Session Chaired by Peter Love, 5G Densification Architect, Nokia

Alan Carlton, Vice President, InterDigital Europe
Thinking Beyond 5G: Projects and Initiatives

In this talk Alan will discuss the growing industry and academic initiatives in the area of Beyond 5G. He will discuss what use cases and drivers are shaping this next step for our industry. Alan will also provide some case studies on the various projects InterDigital is involved in this space.

Matthew Baker, Head of Radio Physical Layer and Coexistence Standardization, Nokia
5G Evolution: Progressive enhancement and new features for new markets

5G not only offers unprecedented performance in its first release, but also provides scope for extensive enhancements in a backward-compatible manner in subsequent releases over the coming years. An overview of the first sets of new features will be given, covering both enhancements of the initial features and the introduction of new capabilities to bring the benefits of 5G to an ever-wider ecosystem including Industrial IoT and non-terrestrial networks.

Mehdi Bennis, Associate Professor Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu
Wireless Network Intelligence @ the Edge

n just a few years, breakthroughs in machine learning (ML) and particularly deep learning have transformed every aspects of our lives from face recognition, medical diagnosis, and natural language processing. This progress has been fuelled mainly by the availability of more data and more computing power. However, the current premise in classical ML is based on a single node in a centralized and remote data centre with full access to a global dataset and a massive amount of storage and computing, sifting through this data for inference. Nevertheless, the advent of a new breed of intelligent devices and high-stake applications ranging from drones to augmented/virtual reality applications and self-driving vehicles, makes cloud-based ML inadequate. This talk will present the vision of distributed edge intelligence for resource-constrained devices accompanied featuring key enablers, architectures, algorithms and some recent results.

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