Virtual Networks

Realising the 'true 5G' dream

CW's Virtual Networks SIG and UK5G invite you to a series of events exploring, what does 'true 5G' mean?

The launch of the new iPhone 12 with support for 5G is being seen as a watershed moment for consumers starting to move across to a new level of experience on the 5G networks that have already been launched by operators over the past year or two.

But is providing faster download and upload speeds to consumers what 5G was meant to be all about?

Every introduction to 5G includes the obligatory triangle of services with the three corners of enhanced mobile broadband, massive density of devices and ultra-reliable low-latency critical communications. So, are the 5G services being offered by mobile network operators now 'true' 5G or just the tip of the iceberg (or should that be triangle!)?

Within 3GPP, there has been a fundamental change in architecture proposed for 5G networks to support the so-called 'Service based architecture'. This 5G standalone, flexible architecture with provision for more customised services via network slicing and dynamic use of network resources is arguably what 5G was always about and the 'true' realisation of 5G. It is this version of 5G that has the ability to give the mobile industry some answers to their current commercial challenges of flat revenues alongside growing data consumption and user experience expectations (and hence network investment) via:

  • New revenue streams via delivery of customised and bespoke services, rather than a one size fits all best effort consumer broadband focused service
  • Cost savings via virtualised networks and the new ecosystems this opens

Join us for one or all events in the series, see each individual event for full agenda and speaker details.
Please note: if you would like to attend all events in the series, you will need to register for each one seperately.

UK5GThis 4 part series is sponsored by UK5G, the national innovation network dedicated to the promotion of research, collaboration and the commercial application of 5G in the UK

What does 'true' 5G mean?
Tuesday, 20 April 2021
Delayed gratification? The hype around 5G has not yet materialised. Is this another bubble set to burst, or should we wait and be grateful for true gamechanging technology?

Open standards and orchestration to achieve end to end virtualised networks
Thursday, 22 April 2021
At a technology crossroads – which way should our industry turn? Bespoke, specialised, agile (and face more delay) or give the people what they want, open-source style (mass market lower cost, but slower speeds)? YOU decide.

Private networks, slicing and meeting the needs of industrial users
Tuesday, 27 April 2021
The commerciality question – could 5G be the open door to increased revenue? Maybe. Is it possible to create a scaled-down private network that doesn’t compromise user experience? That's the real question.

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Deploying virtualised 5G networks in practice
Thursday, 29 April 2021
Managing Expectations. Rolling out 5G in real life, on the ground situations, is of course a multi-step challenge (no more fixed hardware, density, creating standalone networks) but is the 'dream' too far fetched?

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Brought to you by the Virtual Networks Group

  • Julie Bradford

    Managing Consultant, Real Wireless

  • Mark England

    Associate Director, Cambridge Consultants

  • Ander Palmer

    Consulting Director, CGI

  • Justin Paul

    Senior Marketing Manager, Ericsson

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