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SEI Webinar: How Generg uses analytics to optimize renewables management

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Join Smart Energy International’s (SEI’s) webinar on how international green energy producer Generg uses advanced analytics to ensure renewable assets reach their full potential.

About the event


On Thursday, April 23, 2020, from 9AM-10AM EDT, Smart Energy International (SEI) hosts a global webinar featuring experts from Generg and CGI who will discuss the value of using advanced analytics in renewables management. Speakers include:

João Sardo

GenergInternational Asset Manager & Wind Turbine Expert

Sara Pires

CGIRenewables Solution Specialist & Business Analyst

Rita Burnay

CGIDirector of Consulting, Renewables & Smart Grids


The Generg Group has been building and operating renewable power plants (including wind, solar and hydroelectric) in Portugal for more than three decades and is now expanding across Europe. CGI partners with Generg to support their operations and increase production across their multi-technology portfolio, while keeping costs down.

In this webinar, you will learn how Generg uses the advanced analytics of CGI’s Renewables Management System (RMS) to ensure their wind turbines perform to their full potential, while guaranteeing availability and efficiency contract targets.


  • Downtime Allocation looks at the correction of event allocation in the control center to determine monthly asset availabilities. This data is used to examine the contractual responsibilities of manufacturers that are on a “guaranteed availability” contract. 
  • Power Curve Analysis examines wind turbine efficiency and reveals any deviations from the expected asset performance. We will show how Generg uses reports demonstrating these deviations to support discussions with manufacturers who are on a “guaranteed efficiency” contract.
  • Real-time detection of deviations from the OEM’s expected power output enables immediate action to minimize production losses. We will review how Generg achieves these insights.



  • The role of data analytics in improving the performance of renewable energy assets
  • How your utility peers are empowering themselves to have constructive conversations with asset manufacturers
  • How to detect underperforming wind turbines on an operational wind farm
  • How a utility with wind, solar and hydroelectric generating assets across several countries can operate their portfolio from a single platform
  • How an end-to-end service can streamline your operations and improve efficiency across the business
  • How mobile solutions allow you to monitor power plants remotely

All of these capabilities are good for business at all times, and take on a sharper focus during challenging times. We hope you can join us.

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