CWIC2022: The Hyperconnected Human

Press Release published by Cambridge Wireless

CWIC 2022 will explore the 'connected person' and how connectivity is now a ubiquitous part of our lives; from wearables in the Metaverse and smart devices to connected cars and smart city infrastructure.

Cambridge, October 11, 2022 CW (Cambridge Wireless) is bringing together global thought leaders for an event focussed on the hyperconnected human within a rich mixed reality world of immersive experiences in the Home, in the Enterprise, and on the move.

Communication has been fundamental to the human experience from the dawn of mankind, and the last few decades have seen an explosion in how we interact with each other. The latest Industrial Revolution is one of rich information pervading our senses, whether using advances in mobile communications technologies, or leveraging Moore’s Law to create computers in our hand more powerful than the one that put a human on the Moon.

As interactions go beyond simple peer-peer voice and visual messaging, which saw an exponential increase in usage during the recent pandemic, we are now entering a world of immersive experiences and hyper-connectivity, in part also driven by the recent technological advances in online computer gaming.

Leveraging the extensive community that CW has built over the past decade, this years inperson International Conference on November 2nd in Cambridge will bring a packed agenda exploring the evolution of Humanity, advances in immersive technology that allow mixed reality experiences, and aspects of hyper-connectivity that will necessitate strong identity and privacy principles.

Julie Bradford, Managing consultant in techno-economics of wireless options, Real Wireless, CWIC 2022 Conference Chair
“The way that people and devices are connecting to information and content is changing, as is the nature of that content. We have seen mobile devices evolve from delivering voice, to text messages, to download focused data services, to bidirectional video calls and social media and now increasingly 3D volumetric interactive content for immersive services. All of this has performance implications for the wireless networks delivering the connectivity behind this ever growing range of user expectations. In CWIC 2022, we’ll be hearing first hand from speakers delivering the key building blocks of the hyperconnected human – from user requirements capture, to application developers, to network solution providers, to end to end service providers and many more in between.”

Kumi Thiruchelvam, Chief Commercial Officer, My Voice AI, and CWIC 2022 Organising Committee Member
“Immersive technology will bring undoubted advances in society’s ability to live, work and play. Mixed reality also offers AI developers unprecedented access to another development platform to rival the smartphone of the past two decades. However, security by design is ever more important, and I am looking forward to bringing together a stellar set of speakers to discuss aspects of our identity and privacy in this evolving hyper-connected world.”

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