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  • Developments in Motion Control Technology streamline Industrial Automation Design

    Accurate motion control is the heart of modern industrial automation. Whether it's a robotic arm assembling intricate electronic components or a conveyor system managing the flow of goods, this technology plays a pivotal role in achieving seamless operations. It is like the invisible but ever attentive servant that delivers precisely, accurately and predictably the movements that the system mandates, bringing robots, CNC machines, and numerous other automated processes to life. The quality of its design has a huge impact on the speed, efficiency, quality and material consumption of the industrial process as a whole.

    added by Anglia 6 min Read
  • Technology Briefing: Artificial Intelligence – Transforming the world as we know it

    It seems that AI is everywhere and in everything: it’s critical for managing complex infrastructures like vehicle charging networks and the green grid; it’s getting things done in business; and it’s the essential ingredient needed to sell high-tech products. Although we may now be familiar – maybe even bored – with the acronym, the technology is here to stay and is already embedded in many products and services we use daily. Services like email filtering, shopping recommendations, and virtual assistants typified by Alexa and Siri have incorporated AI for some time. They deliver natural experiences that many of us take for granted. Interactive applications, like chatbots, may soon pass the Turing test: that an AI’s imitation skills can consistently convince an evaluator that it is human and not a machine

    added by Anglia 4 min Read
  • Intelligent, Efficient and Precise Motor Control

    The proliferation of electric motors in industrial and consumer applications has revolutionized the way we operate machines and equipment. This has helped to speed up the adoption of the intelligent manufacturing equipment used in Industry 4.0. These motors require sophisticated electronic control systems that need to be highly integrated and cost effective whilst at the same time provide the necessary current and voltages and achieve precise control and efficient operation. Josh Barton, Field Applications Engineer at Anglia gives an overview of the STMicroelectronics STSPIN and STDRIVE product families, their features and advantages, and how they can be used effectively to drive and control electric motors.

    added by Anglia 6 min Read
  • Delivering long battery life in tiny devices

    When you wear your earbuds for a long hike or an afternoon at the gym, you don’t want to be interrupted by having to stop and recharge the earpieces. You expect your hearables, wearables, and other tiny, battery powered electronic devices to perform reliably over long periods of time. From a design standpoint, these user expectations are a tall order to meet. The form factor constraints dictate the need for a small Lithium-Ion battery, which must last a long time between charge cycles and be utilized sparingly. Power supplies, in turn, must meet the distinct and diverse voltage requirements of the sub-systems within the design.

    added by Anglia 4 min Read
  • Simplify power designs with versatile DC-DC converters from TDK that offer unrivalled power density and ease of design

    System power architectures can be very complex with semiconductor devices or subsystems operating from different voltages (1.8V, 3.3V or 5V) with current demands ranging from many amps in to microamps. An increasingly popular approach to this challenge is to employ a Point of Load (POL) power system architecture which allows a single power supply bus of typically 12V to be set up, where the voltage is then stepped down to the correct level locally using POL converters for each subsystem circuit or IC.

    added by Anglia 6 min Read

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