The Smart Home – Third time lucky!

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For most of us the smart home concept has stayed on the edge of our consciousness in the absence of a good reason to invest, regardless of the fact that home users do not need a watertight business case and will buy exciting useful products at almost any cost.

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About the event

The smart home has promised to be the next big thing in technology for some time now with the potential to drastically change how we conduct our day to day lives. Join us for this insightful half day Cambridge event bringing together a host of experts to discuss how the latest influx of new home automation products may well change the market and tempt consumers to open their purse strings

A change is coming, and exciting home automation products are beginning to enter the market and sell. The Nest learning thermostat and Philips Hue personal wireless lighting are some of those leading the charge, or are they? Do we need new business models to make smart home technology really useful and compelling? Are all the technology building blocks now available at a price point that will compel home owners to invest in this technology, or are there gaps in the technology and standards that will keep home automation just in the realms of the enthusiasts?

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Hosted by Cambridge Consultants

The deep tech powerhouse of Capgemini

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Jeff McKeown - Director, Semtech

Marius Munder

Norman Niven - CEO, Protelhealth

Dipak Raval - Commercial Director, Cambridge Consultants

Derek Roddy - Director, Climote

Mark Wharton - Chief Technology Officer, Iotics

Engineering creativity coupled with forensic thinking about ‘things’, Mark is maddeningly tenacious until he has got something that really works. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens at his Zumba class – which isn’t pretty. He has a flair for building engineering teams to turn concepts into working reality and communicating in a way that ordinary mortals can understand. Unsurprisingly, Mark is the experienced engineering brain behind the Iotic concept.

SIG Champions

Paul Green - Creative Director, Iotics

Paul originated Arkessa in 2006 - the business that provides remote internet services to multitudes of machines. He is currently creating the services Arkessa will offer in five year's time. His professional life combined engineering and science has taken him through a variety of roles, including design and production engineering, business planning, marketing and corporate sales, mainly in the telecommunications sector. Interestingly, the first product he introduced to manufacture is now is in the Science Museum in London. A passionate and committed Christian, Paul is as excited about materials science and quantum physics as he is interested in railways, walking, skiing and the natural world.

Nick Hunn - CTO, WiFore Consulting

For the past thirty years Nick has been closely involved with short range wireless and communications, designing technology that helps to bring mobility to products, particularly in the areas of telematics, M2M, IoT, wearables, smart energy and mobile health. He is closely involved with the Bluetooth SIG, the Continua Alliance and other medical and wireless standards bodies. He is the author of 'The Essentials of Short Range Wireless' - a book attempting to explain the application of wireless technology to product developers.

Tim Whittaker - Head of Professional Audio Visual, Wireless & Digital Services, Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants was started in 1960 to pioneer the delivery of independent design and development services in electronic, mechanical and product engineering: we are one of the founder companies of the high-technology Cambridge Phenomenon. Our history of world-class services is augmented by our development of intellectual property in areas including telecommunications, software, silicon, medical devices, machine learning, and by more than 20 successful spin-out ventures. Today Cambridge Consultants employs over 900 world-class engineers, scientists, project managers and technicians with offices in Cambridge UK, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Singapore and Tokyo; we provide the full range of services for excellent product design to a worldwide client base in the wireless, consumer, industrial, energy and medical markets. Tim Whittaker is a System Architect in the Wireless business unit, where he has taken the technical lead in projects using radio
standards like Bluetooth, ZigBee, DECT, and in the creation of specialist communications schemes for new applications, or to use new spectrum allocations.

Event Location

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Cambridge Consultants Ltd, Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0DW, United Kingdom

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