IoT – Internet of Things or Islands of Things?

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Will disruptive change driven by the Internet of Things render corporate data silos largely obsolete? Will it force cracks into silos and enable exciting new services? Are we democratizing data?

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About the event

Is it possible to enable beneficial insights by accumulating more data from more things in bigger silos, or will we struggle to make sense of a growing mass of unrelated sources? Join us for this stimulating event to explore and debate the practicalities of IoT interoperability, democratizing data and liberating diverse communities to interact and add insight to their business, operations and customer relationships. Our speakers may help us imagine a bold future where everyday objects – such as my clothes – could make more sense of the world than I can.

As businesses, public organisations and brand-owners try to make sense of IoT; many seek the benefits of a ubiquitously connected world, but fear the consequences of sharing data.  IoT may create a more efficient infrastructure, but that is hardly a revolution.  How does the enormous potential of IoT become a cauldron of creativity, cooking up innovative businesses, models and services?

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Co-organised by techUK

techUK is the trade association which brings together people, companies and organisations to realise the positive outcomes of what digital technology can achieve.

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Sponsored by Arkessa

Arkessa is a leading M2M managed services provider.

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Registration with refreshments


Introduction to Connected Devices SIG from Paul Green, Iotic Labs


Welcome from lunch sponsor, Iain Davidson, Arkessa


Welcome and presentation from event host Stuart Revell, techUK


Eat, Sleep, Innovate Repeat - Creating a Sensory Network; Che Smith, Head of Advanced Technology and Business Innovation, Virgin Media Business

Che will discuss innovation in the Public Sector and changing the innovation culture of a large company. He will outline some of the trials Virgin Media are running using sensors and data to meet various Public Sector challenges.




Technology for SMART people; how to make us more human; Andy Salmon, Deputy Dean, Anglia Ruskin University

How to create the fruitful place where games, medical technology, health care, well-being and entertainment overlap whilst building new education/business partnerships; introducing The REACTOR, a new international applied gaming incubation and acceleration facility in Cambridge.




Predictive Analytics in IoT: Lessons learnt from Aerospace; Robert Russell, Chief Technology Officer, Senseye Ltd

Rob Russell will talk about his vision for predictive analytics in the IoT sector and how Senseye is using experiences from the aerospace sector to guide the implementation of that vision.




Lunch and networking


Digital Events – Can IoT technology be applied to leverage legacy data?; Andy Harrison, Engineering Associate Fellow – Life Cycle Engineering, Rolls – Royce

IoT technologies offer the potential to extract huge value from current and future data streams. But what about the potential value of decades of prior experience and data? What would it take to leverage those information assets with IoT technologies? This talk will outline the challenge for Rolls-Royce in accessing more than 50 years of legacy operational data and some thoughts on a potential route to applying IoT technologies to this scenario.




The Internet of Fashion Things; Traveling Back to the Future of Digital:Lynne Murray, Director of the Digital Anthropology Lab, London College of Fashion

We have forgotten what the future looks like and what it could do. How can our bodies and the things we wear help us to explore new ways of being human and how can we design for the unknown known.




Networking with refreshments


The factors of Production in the IoT world’; Graeme Wright, Associate Director, Utilities, Fujitsu UK & Ireland

A presentation looking at how the traditional factors of production do not explain businesses that operate purely in the digital world and what that means for existing business models. Propose translated factors of production to enable companies to understand how business models will change as IoT becomes widespread, help them identify new areas of competition and understand what this means for implementation.




Unlocking the IoT sharing economy; Peter Whale, Director of Product Marketing, Iotic Labs Ltd

Once you have connected loads of things to the Internet, started collecting Terrabytes of data in your big data silo and done a bit of data analytics – well, then what? Is that really it?
In this talk I will argue that enabling Internet-connected things to share data with each other, on the fly as needed, is revolutionary and unlocks the full potential of the Internet of Things to transform society.




Panel session with all speakers chaired by SIG Champion, Tim Whittaker, Cambridge Consultants


Event closes


Andy Harrison - Engineering Associate Fellow – Life Cycle Engineering, Rolls Royce

Lynne Murray - Director of Digital Fashion, Centre for Fashion Enterprise

Stuart Revell

Robert Russell - CTO, Senseye

Andy Salmon

Che Smith - Head of Advanced Technology and Business Innovation, Virgin Media O2

Peter Whale - Founder & CEO, Vision Formers

Peter is Founder & CEO of Vision Formers, the specialist consultancy that supports and mentors leaders of visionary technology businesses get product to market and turn ideas into reality.

Vision Formers works with start-ups and scale-ups, providing significant expertise in accelerating business growth through a focus on developing a robust product strategy, growing and coaching product and development teams, and providing operational excellence. Peter has a long track record of conceiving, developing and marketing successful technology-based solutions, deployed at scale, globally. Innovative products Peter has brought to market in digital, cloud, AI, consumer electronics and telecommunications have been used by countless millions of people on a daily basis globally, badged by the world’s leading digital and technology brands.

Peter also works with Digital Catapult as Programme Manager for UKTIN, working with partners and stakeholders to deliver UKTIN’s mission to transform the UK telecoms innovation ecosystem, capitalising on the country’s strengths in technology, academia, and entrepreneurialism, while positioning it for growth as new opportunities emerge in the industry.

Peter is a board member of CW (Cambridge Wireless), a Fellow of the IET, a Chartered Engineer, and a member of the Association of Business Mentors.

Graeme Wright - IoT Director, Fujitsu UK

Graeme Wright is Chief Technology Officer for the manufacturing, utilities and services sectors within Fujitsu having joined in 2001 from the management consulting division of PwC. Highly innovative, Graeme is leading the development of Fujitsu's offerings and business growth strategy for the sector. With many years of experience in the IT industry, Graeme combines his software and engineering heritage with keen business skills by working in the area of emerging technologies and specifically how technologies can be adopted by industry to deliver positive business outcomes by understanding the impact they have on people and society.

SIG Champions

Paul Green - Creative Director, Iotics

Paul originated Arkessa in 2006 - the business that provides remote internet services to multitudes of machines. He is currently creating the services Arkessa will offer in five year's time. His professional life combined engineering and science has taken him through a variety of roles, including design and production engineering, business planning, marketing and corporate sales, mainly in the telecommunications sector. Interestingly, the first product he introduced to manufacture is now is in the Science Museum in London. A passionate and committed Christian, Paul is as excited about materials science and quantum physics as he is interested in railways, walking, skiing and the natural world.

Nick Hunn - CTO, WiFore Consulting

For the past thirty years Nick has been closely involved with short range wireless and communications, designing technology that helps to bring mobility to products, particularly in the areas of telematics, M2M, IoT, wearables, smart energy and mobile health. He is closely involved with the Bluetooth SIG, the Continua Alliance and other medical and wireless standards bodies. He is the author of 'The Essentials of Short Range Wireless' - a book attempting to explain the application of wireless technology to product developers.

Tim Whittaker - Head of Professional Audio Visual, Wireless & Digital Services, Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants was started in 1960 to pioneer the delivery of independent design and development services in electronic, mechanical and product engineering: we are one of the founder companies of the high-technology Cambridge Phenomenon. Our history of world-class services is augmented by our development of intellectual property in areas including telecommunications, software, silicon, medical devices, machine learning, and by more than 20 successful spin-out ventures. Today Cambridge Consultants employs over 900 world-class engineers, scientists, project managers and technicians with offices in Cambridge UK, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Singapore and Tokyo; we provide the full range of services for excellent product design to a worldwide client base in the wireless, consumer, industrial, energy and medical markets. Tim Whittaker is a System Architect in the Wireless business unit, where he has taken the technical lead in projects using radio
standards like Bluetooth, ZigBee, DECT, and in the creation of specialist communications schemes for new applications, or to use new spectrum allocations.

Event Location

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techUK, 10 Saint Bride Street, London EC4A

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