An Advanced Introduction to 5G Technology - March 2020

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An intensive full-day training on 5G requirements, architecture and applications given by Zahid Ghadialy. Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

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About the event

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This intensive full-day course is ideally designed to provide a high-level technical overview of 5G technology: looking at requirements, end-to-end architecture & applications and helping to align the different pieces of the puzzle together to create a complete picture.

Why should you choose this course?

Mobile technology is moving at an unbelievable pace. The first data service for the mobile phone was launched in 2000. Since then we have had 3G & 4G roll outs. After a slew of trials and announcements in the last few years, this year 5G is fast becoming a reality. 5G launches from many national, European and International operators have shown that this is going to be the next big battleground. This is just the start, 5G will be differentiated not just on speeds but on the different services a network will be able to offer.

Back when 2G & even 3G networks were rolled out, nobody could have foreseen the impact smartphones would have in our daily lives. Mobile devices have not only become the primary medium for connecting to the internet, but these small devices have computational power far greater than the computer used in Apollo 11, the spaceflight that first landed man on the moon. As mobile technology-based devices are evolving, they can do far more than just messaging, calling and mobile broadband. For example, Machine-to-machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile TV, Public safety, etc. are some areas where this technology is also being used.

This intensive day-long course is ideally designed to provide a high-level technical overview of the 5G technology: looking at requirements, end-to-end architecture, use cases & applications and help align the different pieces of the puzzle together to create a complete picture.

Who should attend?

This course is ideally designed for people who are familiar with mobile technology, especially 3G and/or 4G technology. While a more detailed technical knowledge would be helpful, it will still have plenty to offer to others who may not be very familiar with the details.

The following people would benefit by attending this course:
• Senior Managers / Directors
• Project/Programme managers who are new in their role
• Sales/Marketing people
• Coders, Testers and Technicians
• Anyone else wishing to learn about 5G technology in general.

What is the course outcome?

By the end of the course you are expected to understand the motivation for moving beyond 4G, onto 5G. You will become familiar with the architecture and the different technical options. If you are attending it for work reasons, then this should help you in your daily work and if you are attending it just to understand the technology then it should help you understand many new topic areas.

Who is the course leader?

Zahid Ghadialy is the Founder and Principal Consultant at 3G4G. He is also a Senior Director at Parallel Wireless and a SIG champion at CW. He has been involved with both innovative start-ups and established, public industry leaders from chipset and handset manufacturers to network equipment vendors, research, small cells and Wi-Fi companies, analyst and consulting firms. He is widely recognized as an evangelist for new technologies starting early in his career as a team member of the group spearheading the first 3G network rollout in Japan and in Europe. Since then he has widely disseminated various ideas and information through lectures, talks, trainings and mainly through his blogs and websites. He is also a regular speaker at many national and international conferences and events.

5G Tech Training Jul 18

Zahid Ghadialy leading a previous 5G Tech Training course.

Attendees of our previous 5G Tech Training course led by Zahid Ghadialy had this to say:

The event was extremely useful. The first session covered a lot of background that sounded historical but really was a vital explanation of how the picture will evolve.

In the time available this course delivered an impressive amount of content and did well to deliver on being an "advanced 5G" course rather than just discussing 5G at a high level like many other events. The second half on the standards was impressively detailed and the speaker clearly had a deep knowledge of the technology, standards as well as state of the market which was very impressive and informative. I don't think there was anything else you could have covered in the time - content was great from my perspective.

You can follow @cambwireless on Twitter and tweet about this event using #CWTechTrain.

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The national innovation network dedicated to the promotion of research, collaboration and the commercial application of 5G in the UK.

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Legal and intellectual property advisers.

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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.


Registration & refreshments


Session 1: Introduction

• Quick summary of mobile technology evolution
• ITU, IMT-2020 & 5G
• 5G Motivation & Requirements (eMBB, URLLC, mMTC)
• 3GPP 5G Standards
• Spectrum basics and terminology (Bandwidth, Reliability, Latency, Jitter, etc.)
• 5G Spectrum
• UK, European and well-known Spectrum Auction from around the world
• Macrocells & Small Cells
• Introduction to Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)




Session 2: 5G Launches & Use Cases

• High profile 5G launches by different operators
• Major 5G announcements from MWC 2020
• 5G use cases (FWA, V2X, Connected Cars, Autonomous Vehicles, Platooning, etc.)


Refreshment break


Session 3: Technical

• CUPS and 5G Network Architecture
• 5G System (5GS) and 5G Core (5GC)
• 5G RAN Architecture (NG-RAN)
• 5G Network Architecture Options (Dual-Connectivity, Non-Standalone, Standalone, etc.)
• Other 5G related technologies: Slicing, Edge, cloud, fog, massive MIMO, beamforming, etc.


Wrap up and Q&A



Event Location

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Location info

Mills and Reeve, Botanic House, 100 Hills Road, Cambridge ,CB2 1PH

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